Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sushi 2.0

The last sushi making session was 2 years ago which I've blogged about HERE.

Now, after the movie Nasi Lemak 2.0, we lauched our own Sushi 2.0, LOL :P

Some of the ingredients, not all are bought here, most of them are bought from Jusco Penang

Preparing the food....

Yay :D

Let's start shall we?

Almost there.......

Of course they key thing is to make a good sushi rice, but I'm not going to elaborate on this as I've already mentioned in my previous post. Alternatively, you can search for the steps online.

Tada! This time sushi session was faster and smoother, as we already learnt how to cook a good sushi rice, and with the RM5 sushi mould from Daiso, it actually speed up the whole process

We cooked the whole pack of sushi rice and utilised all the ingredients, these able to make about 5 big plates of sushi altogether

Panda look alike sushi, LOL

Last but not least, a group photo to end this fun event!

Are you a fan of sushi? Hungry now? :P


  1. wow, what a great fun & pretty sushi u all made , i made lastime, but turn out ugly :(

  2. That really look like pandas, lol! Great idea!

    Er, I notice the octopus shaped sausage. How you make one?

  3. Making one's sushi is much much cheaper than eating outside definitely! hahaa..

  4. Wow!! Not bad leh!! I always wanna try to make sushi but I don't have the equipment, plus LAZY. hahahaa

  5. You guys are so expert in making sushi! I like the panda sushi. Really cute! I'm gonna make sushi this weekend, cos Calvin ask for it...

  6. Any tips to cook the Japanese rice for sushi?

  7. hehehe, happy making sushi huh.. i like that panda sushi, and the sausage octopus sushi.. so cool!! :p

  8. I love sushi!!! and that salmon look so tempting...

  9. That looks fun! The outcome looked great too. I bet they must be very yummy :)

  10. love the Panda look. did it end up mostly in the stomach before it end up on the table LOL?

  11. remember i do this before with my family! miss nyaaaa!....
    i love the panda sushi! hahahah! so cute!

  12. wow, it must be fun to make sushi with all your friends. Is that all you had that day? anymore japanese food?

  13. Hi Hayley, Love the pics here. And I guess its fun with so many cooks helping, learning.
    The sushi looks great, delicious.
    But regret I have not eaten any, as Japanese food is not in my personal menu, ha ha. But my wife loves it.

    Love the interesting creations.....
    Any chillie sauce to go with the sushi? Ha ha.
    Have fun.

  14. That is truly fun to make sushi in group.

  15. 哇!!!你们好厉害啊!!!看到我肚子饿了呀!最爱吃寿司了的 >.<

  16. So much fun, I always enjoy baking with a group of friends!^^

  17. Anggie, its ok, practice makes perfect!

    Yvonne, that's easy! Just cut the sausege into three, and cut a '十' at the bottom and boil them! This will form the 'legs' automatically!

    Claire, definetely!

    Yvon, if you have bunch of friends who are interested, I think you wont feel lazy...

    Princess Sarah, yea yummy~

    Angeline, ok good luck!

    Yan, in short:
    1. Cook the sushi rice similar to how you cook the normal rice.
    2. Once they were cooked, pour them out onto a flat plate, let them cold a while.
    3. Pour some boiled rice vinegar onto the rice and blend them well (the portion of the vinegar plays an important role)

    SK, Shenny's mommy, yea a happy event!

    mNhL, yep the salmon is fresh, but takes some times and skills to remove the bones...

    ChloeRuoyi, yea they are yummy!

    Johnnie, yep of course! :D

    min~aris, haha thanks.

    Barb, no more japanese food but we had dessert like 'sai mai lou' and jelly!

    Barb, no chili sauce but the special sushi sauce. hehe.

    珊姑娘, 你有时间也可以学做啊!

    Alice, I love baking too!

  18. Hello Hayley,
    Shame on me because being a Malaysian myself, i have not heard about mid autumn festival. But one thing for sure, i just love moon cakes. Sad i missed playing lantern with my son this year.

    I think i have came across your entry on the restaurant before. The food was surely nice looking food. Just like u, my favourite is fried rice. In my place, there's a restaurant i like because they cook good fried rice. The name is Liang kong restaurant. Maybe someday u can go there.

    And hey! I thought sushi is hard to make and you made it! Congrats!

    Have a nice day yeah?

  19. Eh, me like the Panda ones!!! Super cute!

    OMG... fainted in syokness. Hahaha.

  20. Looks like so much fun! U guys did great sushi!! it's so nice to have friends together-gether masak-masak :D

  21. you gals were having fun there! did you finish up all the sushi in the end?

  22. Willie, it's not hard at all~ hehe

    YT, I like them too, though not really looks like panda, LOL.

    Merryn, yea it was fun!

    Ying Ying, we 'tapao' the sushi back home ^^

  23. Hmmmmmmm..the "sweat & blood" put to the making makes it nicer to eat than sushi king :)

  24. You can work for Sushi King already..hehe. The sushi looks marvellous. I love sushi too.

  25. Robinson, yea right, got sweat, no blood :P

    Mummy Gwen, haha as part timer right? :P

  26. Wah, sushi feast! You guys' sushi can bet sushi restaurant :)


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