Monday, October 17, 2011

Best friend's wedding: Morning session

Just realise that I have not blog about my best friend's wedding which happened a week ago.

Went to her bachelorette night, she served buffet dinner which I think most people does...

The next morning, we arrived at her house early to get things prepared.

Obviously, the theme color is purple ;)

Single shots with some of us. Love her make up and hair style

4 stages of games for the brothers (heng dai)

This is none other than the best part of the whole session ;)

Porridge with Guinness Stout, the taste was horrible =_=

The bridegroom, WN, is a joker in our gang. He sang the declaration of love to his wife, instead of reading them ^^

Yay finally! ;)

The newly wed with their handsome heng dai and pretty ji mui :D

Hubby and I with the wedding car

Later on, we moved to the groom's house and took more photos in their room.

Love this shot!

Flying kisses

Some final photos before leaving the couple to let them take some rest. I understand how tired it is. Attended this reminds me alot of my wedding last year ;)

Hope you enjoy the photos and I shall blog about fun wedding dinner next~


  1. Congratulations to the bride and groom. You look so beautiful in the pictures.

  2. I've always think Tiffany blue and purple are the best theme color for a wedding, sweet, romantic yet not too stereotypical :)

  3. whatta successful celebration! Everyone's happy in the photos...

  4. It look like you had a great time and everyone looks top.


  5. Congrats to the newly wed. Purple is such a lovely theme color.

  6. congrats to your best friend. she's very pretty :)

  7. Nowadays, becoming a "heng dai" in weddings is pretty scary... they are made to eat all sorts of yucky stuff and do silly stunts or actions as well haha. Congrats to your best friend. All the ji-muis in purple are so pretty :)

  8. wah!!Guinness Stout porridge!!Thumb up for all jimui.. geng neh!!! haha

  9. Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all - The answer is the bride first, Hayley second & the rest of the gals!!

    Ok - just joking

    Oh your first anniversary coming soon?? Well hope you have a nice celebration then

  10. Reading your blog lately is like visiting a wedding planner's site XD

    Purple... lovely on you =)

  11. i am curious how the sisters make fun of the brothers, just photos can't really see the "cruel" story, haha.. :D

  12. Hayley:
    You looks so pretty! Congrats to the wedding couple btw !!!

  13. Attending friend's wedding is always fun! And, you look great!

  14. Congrats to the lovely bride and groom! :)

  15. Congratulation to the newly wed! I love your dress code, purple looks great!

  16. Lovely! nice and sweet pictures ... soooooooo lovely :D

  17. Hayley, Congrats to happy couple! You looks beautiful in the purple dress. You are very photogenic my dear:D

  18. Congratulations to your friends.

    The ladies look lovely in dresses.

  19. No Hayley, we didn't stop by Taiping, mayb some other day!^^

  20. Thank you for the compliment my dear readers!

    Robinson, my first anniversary is over, it's in March, thanks anyway!

    SK, we were not really cruel la, that's why I'm too lazy to elaborate more :P


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