Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Burfday 2011

Birthday this year was a blast, having to celebrate it with the whole gang of good friends and best of all, it's the same day as my best friend's wedding! Such a special celebration!

My ex colleagues had given me an advance celebration as well, they treated me to a good lunch and bought me a cake. You can read about it at Yvonne's blog. Thanks and really appreciate it, ladies ;)

Anyway, on the actual day, apart from helping out my friend Annie on her big day, she arranged a birthday celebration at a leisure house at Taiping, after attended her wedding dinner.

Birthday cake from the bride, a 1.5kg blueberry chocolate cake

Before the clock strikes 12, the whole gang sang song for us (another guy friend celebrate his birthday on the 9th) in 3 different languages, LOL

And I wished myself a happy birthday too

Hubby was as happy as the birthday girl that night haha

A candid shot

Make a wish

Ready to blow the candles. The guys got crazy and started to play the icing cream on people's faces =_="

A group photo with the ladies and the bride (in denim vest in front). The guys were having their party outside while us chit chat in the room

It's been a while since I last receive so much presents.... Cause to some of us, the older we get, the lesser presents we receive, it feels a lil odd to receive presents when we are actually growing older (unless from closest family and partner).

Angry Birds biscuits from a guy friend (so cute I actually plan to keep it :P)

Lovely travelling photo album

Little black dress

Sun block

Sleeping mask

Souvenirs from Bali and swiss rolls all the way from Singapore, from Evelyn

Now you must be wondering what did my hubby gave? Haha, sorry no special present from him cause I get cash from him daily so I guess that's the best present, LOL.

Anyway, it is definetely a memorable birthday celebration and I would like to thank you (you know who you are) once again for all the wishes, celebration, thoughts and presents! Muacksss~


  1. Happy birthday and you had a nice dress.


  2. Happy birthday to you, Hayley, may u always stay healthy and beauty :)

  3. Happy sweet birthday to you, Hayley!

  4. Happy birthday to u again Hayley...

    I got one question, why the photographer cut off the head of the guy who had same birthday with u ?!!!

    Anyway, it's not that important =)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to you Hayley. I will always remember your b'day coz same day with hubby!

    That angry bird biscuits look so cute.

  6. That looks like a hell lot of fun!

    Yor, ur hubby is so good, giving u money everyday!

    Haha. Yes, that is the best present :P

  7. nice party. glad you had a blast.

  8. I hope you enjoy the sweets ^^

  9. Happy celebration with lotsa gifts:) May it etched into your ROM happy memory for long time!

  10. No, seriously, you wanna keep that angry birds biscuits? Later attracts ants and roaches.

    Nice double bday celebration with lots and lots of friends :D

  11. It is really wonderful to celebrate with friends rite. ^_*

  12. Such a nice party with so many presents... must be very sweet and memorable for you :)

  13. It has been a great pleasure to have made a friend out of you over the cyberspace,,,,,, and sincerely I am here wishing you great birthday,joy,health,laughter and good drinks always...again and again

  14. So many pressies and a very memorable birthday celebration.

  15. wow so nice, so many people celebrated your birthday for you!! and so many presents.. the angry bird biscuits look cute leh~~

  16. What an awesome birthday party you had. :) Lovely pressies too.

  17. Hi Hayley, many happy returns of the day.
    Nice pictures and you looking really beautiful.
    Have fun.

  18. Sweetie, that's just simply a simple yet fun birthday :)

  19. Thanks again everyone. I enjoyed and it was truly a celebration for me! ;)

  20. Happy Birthday! I love the little black dress!

  21. Hey Hayley, Happy Belated Birthday to you, dear! I'm late but better than none. hahaha....I know, what an excuse! Anyway, wishing you all the best & may many more happy returns.


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