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Hubby and his snoring

Hello peeps! Thank you once again for the birthday wishes! I had tones of fun over the weekend but before I blog about it, I would like to seek for advices/tips on how to stop snoring problem! >=(

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I know it's pretty normal for people to snore (especially men) but sometimes it really drives me crazy! Many times I became sleepless and tired cause hubby snores the whole night. I even read about a real life story that a couple divorced because the husband snores so badly!

I gotto admit I'm very particular in sleeping, I require total darkness (not really a big issue anyway) and most important of all, total silence.

I googled and found this website which offers solutions but I think hubby tried most of them and still not working well. I know it's not really his fault for snoring but if you know any tips to share, I'll really appreciate it!


  1. Seriously, There's these TV advertisement on stop-snoring strap on the nose thing - cannot remember what brand but you can goggle LOL

  2. Hayley:

    My tips? Get used to it! hahahhahha and it will not happen in a night :P

    I too Prefer to sleep in a DARK and VERY QUIET room but my hubby sleep in a Bright room and he snores. So in the end we agree just left a dim of light in the room. And as for the snores? Get used to it lor... But hey, thnx for the website. No wonder he snore lesser these days as he sleep side way now and he use 2 pillow so that his head is raise while sleeping.

    Good luck =)

    p/s: Another good thing abt snoring is that he's still alive ;)

  3. Hahaha.....laughing at Vernie's comment! And she is right! Get used to it. I'm same like you. I need DARK room and QUIET room to sleep. Our room are dark - so ok. But hubby snores too. So, I already got used to it. haha

  4. I don't think we can stop snoring..hehe. Make sure you fall asleep first before your Hubs.

  5. Sorry can't help. YM snores sometimes (not too often), but I m a heavy sleeper, and it doesn't affect me much.

    If I am still awake, I usually kick him LOL

  6. My hubb snores too, which sometimes, like YT does, kick him hard. LOL!

    I know the sound is kinda irritating, especially when I'm having insomnia nights.

  7. My dad also have the same problem ever since dinosaur age...

    I too wanted to know if there is any way out of this problem... pity mom cant really sleep well...

  8. gosh, i understand your situation because i'm facing the same thing. my solution for now is.....hubs sleep in another room because i cannot have the snoring keeping me awake every night. it's getting worse :( let me know if you can find a solution that doesn't need him to go for surgery :D

  9. LOL at Venie's comment that the good thing about hubby snoring is that it means he is still alive! ^_^

    I can't really give any good solution to you other than getting used to it. Btw, my husband is not a snorer at all. In fact, he says I'm the one snoring, though I'm not always snoring when asleep.

  10. Try to cut down on meat and alcohol,,,,,i think it will help....and do take some probiotic pills too...ok only my suggestion.

  11. hayley~ happy belated birthday, wish you all the best ^^

    for this issue, i dunno ler, my husband only will snore when he is reli tired....

  12. Ah yea I had that problem once when I travelled with a colleague, who is a lady! And I totally hate it!
    Anywayz, I always thought this will only happen on fat people but your hubby isn't!
    I think it could be the diet...

  13. Snoring is very common... both hubs and I snore too :p If I'm still awake and his snoring is bothering me, I usually just give him a push and he'll stop... temporarily. Once I'm asleep, I usually can't hear a thing.

    Ear plugs are very helpful. Maybe you can try using them?

  14. gosh... snoring ah? normally if sleep sideways, wont snore one.. if sleep facing ceiling, sure snore.. haaaa...

  15. Thought they advertise on TV something clipped on the nose. Tried that before?

  16. After seeing many merry remarks, may i suggest employing cloth peg?? Then it'll be breathing via mouth LOL

    Just joke -silly joke Dun KILL me!!

  17. hmmm, there's something like plater that you can paste on your nose to prevent snoring.. can get them from pharmacy..

  18. Hrm... my hb snores too, sometime really feel like sumbat pillow into his mouth!:p

  19. thank goodness my hubs doesnt snore but that also means i dunno how to help u here. But u know, my hubs requires a very cold room to sleep in while I need a warm room so we ended up sleeping in separate room just so that we both can have our beauty sleep :)

  20. oh gosh! I never thought that ur husband will snore because snoring is always associated with fat ppl. but your hubby is thin? I used to snore quite loud before, but my wife was used to it until 5 years ago when a miracle happened . i suddenly stop snoring! that was after i lost weight and took food supplement.
    maybe ur hubby need to control eating too much meat and take suitable food supplement.

    Good luck.

  21. Robinson, Bananaz, SK, I know, but heard that it wont work forever =_= But, I guess no harm trying right?

    Venie, LMAO! :D Well, it's good to always think positive :P

    mNhL, I tried my best already, LOL.

    Mummy Gwen, but I rarely sleep before him...... =_=

    YT, in this case, being a heavy sleeper helps. But I'm totally opposite, I'm a very light sleeper.

    Yvonne, kicking only works a while =_=

    Daniel, I understand how your mum feels...

    Barb, Merryn, may be I should consider sleeping in separate room...

    Alice Phua, LOL you are the one snoring...

    Eugene, probiotic pills, ok, will check it out. Thanks.

    珊姑娘, thanks. Yea I know about it too.

    Shirlexia, I thought you are refering to your bf... :P

    ChloeRuoyi, I put on earplugs too, but feels abit uncomfortable having things stuck into my ears for the whole night... haha. Thanks anyway.

    Claire, I know. But sometimes it's uncontrollable especially when he's deep in sleep.

    Alice Law, yea right, really feels like doing that...

    Willie, yep he is thin. I guess there're just many other factors....

  22. I am sure whether you know or not, as I mentioned before, I use ear plug when sleeping. Ear plug has become a very important thing in my sleeping kit now. I bring ear plug to hotel too when I travel.

  23. You can try these methods

    1) Push him to sleep on his side. The snoring will stop

    2) Body fats accumulated near the bottom of the tongue block our air passage when we lie down....need to do 'tongue' exercise. Press the tongue to the upper part of the mouth and than relax the tongue....keep on repeating this a few times a day.....hopefully the snoring stops

  24. Yan, I did use ear plugs. But I feel a lil uncomfortable having something stuck into the ears for whole night, hehe.
    But anyway, thanks!

    Pete, method 1, heard bout it and tried very often. But when he's sound asleep, it's hard to control his 'direction' of sleep.
    Method 2, I guess we'll do it naturally, no?
    Anyway, thanks!

  25. Breathe right - just saw the brand in Guardians recently (as advertised on TV previously)-total recall!!!

    Not sure if it's helping but FYI in case u r still searching :)


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