Monday, October 24, 2011

Just won't give up

Facebook is being widely used these days so I think we all should exercise precaution when accepting friend's requests and also not revealing too much personal information.

Surely we'll receive friend's requests on and off and for myself, there're these several people who came requesting as friend over and over again, even after I've rejected the requests =_= Til the extend I directly delete the request when I see it's the same person (even though we have some mutual friends).

*for illustration purpose only*

You see I don't simply accept requests (call me one kind, lansi or whatever) unless I know that person or he/she leaves a personal message of who he/she is (may be he/she is a friend of my friend or may be we've seen each other before). And I won't simply add others as friends just because they're popular but in actual fact we don't know each other (or I'll at least include a personal message).

I mean, no doubt FB is a great way to keep in touch with people from everywhere but if too much, that's not the meaning of it already. It's not that we're competing to see who has the highest number of friends......

And one more thing I'd like to share is, some people are just weird. They came requesting as friend but they keep their profile limited (so you can't see their infor and other photos of their faces), and worse of all, the profile picture is a cat/dog/scenery/a celebrity face/a quote and you-name-it! And they also don't include any message telling who they are. Funny don't you think?

Have you encounter similar cases? What's the key thing that make you accept that request if you don't know him/her? Mutual friends?

p/s: This post is just to share my personal experience and not intend to offense anyone.


  1. Haha pretty girls always have all type of friends who sent request.

    Ignore them!

  2. No, you're right- you have your own right to protect your privacy - much what you said here's true - I mean on FB, anyone can sometimes disguise as others & potentially hanky panky or ill element. You can set your own standard of accepting friend's request :-)

    but it's kinda indication of your popularity based on what you said here but yeap definitely not competition who have the most friends either

  3. I don't ignoring someone request to be your friend on FB whom you don't know is lansi. You are doing the right thing. I agree with Daniel, pretty girls like you sure get lots of friend request lah. hehe

  4. I like blogging and facebook but indeed, you should not accept any friendship request if the person is not showing his own name. This is certainly the case for children who are more open for inappropriate influences.Good article.


  5. Hayley,
    I know how you feel. I too dont accept people without a proper face. those who hide behind an icon, cartoon or what ever. if they are afraid to show their real face, then I doubt their intention of making friends. For acquaintant, I will only approved them if I had met them for at least three times. Some of course whom i met during my outdoor activity , our of convenience I accept them because i need to tag them or they have tag themselves. easier they tag themselves rather than I having to approve every request for the photos they tag. Over a certain period if they don't keep in touch or even say hello it's goodbye when it comes to spring cleaning.

  6. I just "cleared" my friend list on FB, deleted a few that I "accidentally" approved LOL.

  7. ya me too i will ignore all the request tat i dunno....& yes the pic with not thier look zzzzzzz
    unless they coem leave msg & i know them then oni will approved.

  8. yeah, never reveal too much about yourself and be cautious when accepting friend requests..

  9. I share your concern, too. I do housekeeping on my friends list and delete those on pending list.

    I don't simply accept new friends, unless we know each other.

  10. So far I've never come across people who are that thick-skinned to send requests over and over again. Come to think of it, I haven't added you in FB. Can I? ;)

  11. Last time i simply added anyone who sent requests.. but after hearing so much, now i m being more cautious.. dont know too late or not and i m not good in fb-ing actually.. how to delete their names, i got to check it out.. thanks for reminding!

  12. Got fb account but not active at all..

  13. Same here..I don't add people whom I don't know. Anyway, I'm not that active in FB.

  14. Huhu...I was just about to add you in FB.

  15. *nod nod! Agreed with others, u to leng lui jor, thus everyone pick on you! XD

    I will do spring cleaning on and off, I don't accept friends even thy used to be my ex classmates and I didn't remember their face or if we were not close, lol!

  16. Hi Hayley, I do not have FB as I have read the many horror stories here, include blackmail, etc. And unscrupulous people hacking in.
    You take care, ya.
    Have fun.

  17. Daniel, Quay Po Cooks, haha no la... I think some people just wanna simply add friends..

    Robinson, Filip, agree with what you said ;)

    Johnnie, Alice, I do spring cleaning my friend lists after a while...

    YT, LOL, accidentally approved? :P

    珊姑娘, high 5, thats what I'm doing too.

    SK, Yvonne, yea I think we all should do that.

    ChloeRuoyi, haha sure can~

    Claire, no problem!

    Bananaz, Mummy Gwen, oh, I think many people is not that active too.

    Willie, haha you can..

    Lee, thats a smart move ^^

  18. coz they see u r very pretty so they kept on sending request.. aunties like me don't get that :D

  19. Merryn, LOL.. not really la :P

  20. Hayley, I kept removing friends which I didn't interact with at all within a time frame. I will do this type of housekeeping once in a while. I don't like to have big network in FB too.

  21. Yan, yes I remember you did house keeping on that! Good!

  22. They came requesting as friend but they keep their profile limited ... hahahhah~!! I agree!!! I will delete / ignore that person.


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