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Latest addiction

I'm currently addicted to cooking programs showed in Astro channel 703 (AFC) and 711 (StarWorld). Here are my top 3 favourites:

Licence to grill

Image taken here

Though some of the episodes are of few years ago, I love watching how Robert Rainford prepares and grills all the dishes. Of course most of the dishes he cooked are of high cholesterol, but I wont gain any weight just by watching, LOL. He's really a good host and good cook, I always think that man who cooks well is very sexy! :P

Masterchef US

Image taken here

Host by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot. This is another exciting reality show to watch. It's fun watching how the contestants compete with each other and come out with their own ideas, as well as back stabbing and critic about others. Sometimes I really salute the contestants because they are so creative in cooking even though the time is short, and they know lots of cuisine! I will definetely fail, haha :P

Hell's Kitchen

Image taken from here

Host by the famous Gordon Ramsay, I enjoy watching this very much! He is just too strict and fierce in front of the contestants, don't make him mad because 4 letter words would come out from his mouth anytime! Whether they do it on purpose for the show, as long as the audiences enjoy, I guess it doesn't really matter.

I love these shows, but when it comes to cooking on my own, I'll probably give some excuses and run away, LOL. Well, it all depends on the mood la actually :P

Anyway, weekend is here, enjoy yours! ^^


  1. AFC is the channel I missed the most in Astro! Hahha yes license to grill is awesome! The best! mouth watering.... okay now im hungry XD

  2. maybe the more you watched these cooking show, the more you'd run away from the kitchen.. haha!!

  3. Hahhahah! I was just wondering wat American TV is nice and U give some good suggestion. Thnx I'll look for Hell Kitchen... The other two I don think I can get their DVD...

  4. I also like to watch Masterchef but prefer the Australia one. Actually I'm tuned in to food channels most of the time until one day Chloe asked me "why you always watch cooking shows but never cook any of these food for us?" Haha!

  5. I like to watch Chef at Home. His style of cooking without recipe is really interesting.

  6. Yes yes yes,, License to grill is Jovial's fav program..... the other guy i like is Micheal Smith....

  7. I don't like Kylie Kwong,,,and lately i found out another one,, AFC juga,, the indonesian girl,, cantik lah,, tapi masakan tak tahu lah

  8. Never watched these cookery programs before.. no masa.. hahaa... but got masa to eat only! oh, tonight got badminton..
    sorry, out of topic! :p

  9. Hayley, then, do you steal one or two skills from them? Please don't forget that I will be a good food tester. Kekekeke!

  10. Aaa~ I like watching those foodie channel too. Although can't cook like a pro, still I enjoy their meals mentally. Love both MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen.

    But cannot watch too much of Hell's Kitchen because there was one day my girl asked me why the tv **tuuut** those words from Chef Ramsay. That was bad, bad word, I replied. kekekeke!

  11. I like this quote "but I wont gain any weight just by watching" *clap clap*

    Sometimes I watch Hell's kitchen too, super stressed up one!!!

  12. i only know Gordon ramsay (grin)

    "everyone can cook" - so said ratatouille mouse character's "sifu" - It's a matter of interest

    Happy weekend with hubby & friends & stay chill

  13. hubby loves to watch these shows too, but I will try to avoid because can see cannot eat. Very torturing. ahha

  14. All 3 cooking shows that you mentioned I love to watch too! My fave is Hell's Kitchen. I never miss a season.

  15. LOL, all used to be my top favourite show, nowadays spending more time on reading fiction thn surfing or watching TV, thx to Big Bad Wolf lar, lol!

  16. I used to be addicted to Jamie Oliver's show but not anymore :) So did you get to learn some recipes from watching these shows?

  17. for me, paiseh....I never get to watch these cooking programmes (except for Hell's Kitchen, but that also was like 2009 or 2010 when still staying with the in-laws). Reason? Becos I just don't have the time to watch them, let alone complete watching a full movie. Reason? Becos of work plus come back home have to layan anak play who is not too keen on watching movies and then do some household things as well. Tsk, Tsk, really no time. *Sigh!*

  18. You can do it, Hayley- Practice makes perfect :)

    Good weekend again (say so many time)

  19. Always like cooking show~
    but recently my hostel gt no astro n tv ~ so cannot watch lah~

  20. Robert Rainford always love to call his food 'these guys', which is to me very funny...
    'These guys' will be done in 5 minutes!

  21. Bananaz certainly not sexy at all can't cook.

  22. Sometime I feel weird how come the best cook normally is man chef. Watching those fashion program, mostly makeup artist are men too. @.@

  23. Oh yeah oh yeah forget this paramount question : Your hubby cook?? Hehehe...I guess everyone likes to know :-)

  24. For me, I simply adores Junior Masterchef Australia..The children were all awesome and amazing....put us all the shame with the meals that they are able to churn out....

  25. Hey all, thanks for sharing! I think many of us love to watch those programs ya!

    Erm... I do learn some skills/recipes from the programs but din't utilise them haha :P


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