Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October in point forms

1. Good day to all my friends! Hope you're having a great Tuesday~

2. Life has been busy lately, but I'm enjoying what I do and what I have.

3. Turning another year older in few more days but hey, age is just a number right! :P

4. Looking forward to this weekend, it's my best friend wedding which falls on the same day as my birthday! Double celebration! haha ;D

5. Ok, just these few things to share so that this blog doesn't look so dead. LOL.

Til then, take care peeps!


  1. My hands and legs up for," age is just a number" always like this saying,,,, You know,it is only when we believe 'we are old "then truly we are,,hahahah.... Next year,I will be going for my full marathon and I hope to do more Marathon in years to come,,,,,

    and I also want to look more handsome hahahahahahah

    take care now ya

  2. HAHAHA Happy Birthday in advance?

    Jia you with all the weddings that you need to attend!

  3. I guess your schedule will be very tight till end of this year ;)

    I'm hoping mine would be freed up XD.. really need a long rest.

  4. oh your best friend's wedding falls on your birthday?? is she going to sing you a happy birthday song on her wedding?? keke~~

  5. At least you have something to look forward to... a weekend of double celebration. Enjoy yourself! :)

  6. good day to you too Hayley,
    your birthday is in oct too? mine too. so many of my friends have theirs in oct too , some even a few days apart. my eldest son is only a day a part. so we normally celebrate together.

  7. Kinda miss ur daily updates :P

    Have a great bday celebration. And congrats to ur bestie on her wedding too.

    Hope to hear more from u soon !

  8. Agree wholeheartedly on all "bullet" points :-O & :-)

    OH you birthday coincide with wedding - can ask the MC to arrange sing birthday song or not??

    Good day & may u stay positive & cheerful as always

  9. Happy October ^^ hehe me oso busy but Will spend time to enjoy myself such as play computer games ^^

  10. Happy Birthday in advance to you... so much of celebrations. Great feeling ya.

  11. Glad to know you are doing fine. Hey..you are a Libra too..hehe. Happy Birthday in advance to YOU!!

  12. Yup, is your birthday month! Glad you are doing great over there. Wait till my maternity leave, I can chat with you everyday...hahaha

  13. Lol i dint really updated everyday~
    u ard very active in blog d what?
    u r oct baby too?

  14. Happy advance birthday to u this weekend :) My cousin is getting married too this weekend :D

  15. Hi Hayley, They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.
    Have a great birthday.....
    And remember, like a good Brandy or Champagne, age counts.

    Your Canadian friend.

  16. Hi Hayley, happy birthday to you... hope you have a great blast on that day and of course, wish you many happy returns. :)

  17. Good to know you are doing ok. You stay beautiful and miss you.

  18. October sounds merit to you!^^ I'm a big spender in Oct, lol!

  19. Eugene, yea its good to do what you enjoy!

    Daniel, ChloeRuoyi, YT, mNhL, Mummy Gwen, 梦旅飞, Merryn, Lee, Ying Ying, Yan, thank you! ^^

    Yvonne, yep tight and big hole in the pocket..

    SK, nop.. but we had a celebration later that night.

    Johnnie, yea we are Librans!

    RObinson, no I dont want that, paiseh la :P

    Kian Fai, good good..

    Angeline, ok looking forward to that!

    min~aris, yep I'm a Libran!

    Alice, I love Oct! ;)


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