Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random post

Happy Diwali and happy holiday! (Which almost comes to end soon....)

Just came back from Penang, spent hours in Neway singing my lung out, ate like there's no tomorrow, and took a walk at Straits Quay which I've never been before (jakun).
That's how I spent the Deepavali holiday.

I could have had a few photos to share but I dint take any photos this time and the camera was sitting nicely in my bag. I think I really lost the mojo to blog because last time, I used to take photos everywhere =_=

Enough ranting, time to bed now. Good night everyone!~

Image here


  1. wah, all the way to Penang just for singing in Neway?? :p

  2. Wah I have been reading a lot of Penang trip by other bloggers that I know too... I should really plan a trip for myself, haha.

    Rest well Hayley =)

  3. penang is a nice place to visit, but the airfare for KK-penang sector is on the high side..*sigh*

  4. Straits Quay is not bad, right? I wouldnt mind going there again.. for what.. no need to say.. hahaha...

  5. Super super picture, so cute.


  6. Straits Quay is a nice place to hang around actually but a little far from my place so I seldom go.

  7. Mmmmmmm, wish i could bump into you the next time you happen to be in Penang,, I like Sraite Quay, go there like once or twice a month for the German food and Italian foods, good real good

  8. LOL, you are sure sporting! Speaking abt Penang, I miss it a lot, may b plan a holiday in Penang soon!;D

  9. happy belated holiday =p

  10. Oh penang, my hometown nostalgia

    christmas & year end holidays coming soon - so start counting & cheers!!!

  11. Never been to Straits Quay yet. What happened to you my dear so down one nowadays? Cheer Up.

  12. ahh..a nice short getaway huh? hope you are feeling refreshed :D

  13. SK, yes! Hehe :P But also jalan jalan and makan makan la!

    Daniel, oh you've never been to Penang?

    Agnes, oh what about during promotions!

    CLaire, environment is nice but nothing much to see/shop.

    Filip, thanks!

    YT, I guess it's more happening during night time..

    Eugene, yes I passed by the German and Irish restaurants..

    ALice, haha yea!

    珊姑娘, hehe thats good for you!

    Robinson, yea you're right!

    Bananaz, I'm not feeling down la.... ;)

    Barb, yes now I wish for more holidays, kekeke :P

  14. Sometimes I don't feel like blogging too. Nice short getaway to Penang. I have no idea where is Straits Quay. I only know Gurney Drive.

  15. Short holiday to penang in 3 weeks. Hoping to meet up Eugene and maybe drop by Straits Quay....Looking forward

  16. haha me too. Sometime I purposely brought my nice camera hope that to snap a couple of new photos. But it just hiding nicely in my handbag. Thus no photos = no new posts....aiks

  17. We had 2 off days in a row too. I got to rest and did the thing that I like.

  18. Yes, it's nice to have a getaway to a place where you can enjoy yourself, do all things you enjoy and relieve yourself from life's stresses.

  19. Mummy Gwen, SQ is somewhere behind Island Plaza ;)

    Shenny's mommy, yaya ;)

    Kian Fai, LOL. YOu should wish me happy holiday :P

    Daddy, ok looking forward to your updates then.

    Vicky, I guess it happens...

    Yan, good to hear that!

    Alice Phua, yes right. Feel refreshed after that!

  20. Get the 'kick' to blog again. Don't give up.

  21. Happy Belated Deepavali, hope u enjoyed the holidae and can go all the way to Penang for karaoke again XD

  22. mNhL, just some ranting, I wont give up, hehe ;)

    Fish, thanks!


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