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Hungry eaters at Jogoya

Friends and I had the chance to feast at Jogoya Japanese Buffet last weekend. This is my second time there, the first time was years ago while I was studying at UM. Obviously, there's more varieties now! ;)

Took quite alot of pictures but I will just share a few here.....

I We ate alot of New Zealand and Haagen Dazs ice cream, haha

Sushis are my favourite too!

Glutton us....

We left the restaurant with our tummies FULLY loaded. To help digest, we shopped a while around Sg Wang Plaza before hitting the highway.... (Starhill is absolutely not a shopping place for me =_=)

Malls are filled with Xmas decor already!

Us at Starhill Gallery. Saw even nicer Xmas decor at the entrance of Pavilion but the crowd that night actually scared us away, LOL

Despite the price and the bloated tummy, I actually dont mind for another round of Jogoya ^^

Tired Monday

Hello peeps!

How was your weekend? I had lotsa fun! But that also made me so exhausted, slept almost the whole day yesterday but just couldnt regain my energy back, LOL.

Went for a short trip to KL to attend my friend's wedding as well as feast on a nice Japanese buffet, will blog about it soon.


Christmas comes early this year (for me)! Picture taken at Starhill Gallery

Til then, enjoy your Monday!


To some, 20.11.2011 is an ordinary Sunday but certainly not for us! My SIL became the official Mrs Lai and hence we've got a new member in the family ;)

The engagement ceremony was held at Taiping Buddhist Temple.

The handsome, Andrew and the pretty, Siew Li ^^

Some praying ceremony

SIL's friends came over

Hubby and SIL, look alike or not? :P

FIL and Andrew's mum were the witnesses that day

The moment.....

Both families (except for FIL and elder BIL)

Busy entertaining ourselves haha

The couple in the ceremony hall

What happened in the hall: a simple praying ceremony, vows reading, rings exchange and marriage certificates were given

A total of 22 couples were being engaged on this special date (but only 20 pairs in the photos). SIL and her hubby were at the far left. Congratulations to all of them!

Later on, Andrew treated both families to lunch at SSL traders hotel.

Thank you Andrew!

Once again, congratulations to Andrew and Siew Li! Hmm, wondering when will be the actual weddin…

KY's wedding dinner

Last weekend was indeed a good time to celebrate something happy. I attended an ex school mate's wedding dinner with a few friends.

l-r: yours truly, Crystal, Annie

A close up shot with the pretty bride, KY

Other single shots

Only us at Taiping were invited so it wasnt so happening. Actual dinner will be held this weekend at Puchong, so, another weekend to look forward to! ;)

The bride and the bridegroom

A group photo with the newly wed. Dinner was normal 8-course meal so I din't take any photos

Last but not least, the beautiful bride. Her figure makes people envious :P

Most of my friends were married, some even become parents already. The rest are queueing up to getting hitched too! Well, it's the life cycle. We do certain things when the time comes, right?

Next thing to blog, my SIL's important moment in her life! ^^

Weekend wishes

School's out and weekend is here!

The in laws and I are looking forward to something happy this Sunday! ^^

Image from here
Guess many of you will soon off for a holiday/vacation! Anyway, do enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Sense Yoga Grand Opening

As mentioned, I involved in a yoga demo for Sense Yoga Studio grand opening last Sunday.

With some of the friends, and that's the instructor Susan on the second right

With Angie, the owner comes instructor for the studio

Lion dance performance

The owner. This is not really a newly opened yoga studio, just changed of management and renovation

Having some fun after the demo ;)

There were quite alot of guests that morning. To be honest, I felt nervous to perform in front of the crowd, but I told myself just take it as normal practise.....

The demo ended quite successfully I must say ;) Here's my instructor Susan and her cute baby boy

A group photo with some of the members. Notice most of them are aunties elder than me? They certainly have better yoga skills that me!

And I get these for lucky draw, a wrist sweatband and free-1-class coupon

Refreshment after the demo. Phew, finally~

Anyone at Taiping, here's the address:

Sense Yoga Studio
251, Jalan Tembikai,
Kampung Jambu,
34000 Taiping.

A cloudy Monday

Yep, totally din't see Mr Sun today.

Anyway, how was your weekend? I had a great yet tiring ones. Will blog about the yoga demo later ;)

On a unrelated note, friend's son is one month old now and I was looking forward to this......

Yumz~ Full moon package! My favourite turmeric rice with curry chicken! Seriously I can have this whole day haha! I know some hawker sells turmeric rice but when you're eating this full moon package, the taste and feel are different! *self assured*

Ok, have a great evening ahead!

A special day

Just wanna write something on this special day! 11.11.11 ;)

I think many people are getting registered/married today cause of the auspicious date! And it falls on a Friday!

So what's your planning today and for the coming weekend?

My yoga instructor wrote me some yoga steps to practise for this Sunday's grand opening. I am joining a few members to do a 20 mins yoga demo ;) No problem for me as I learn yoga for years already ^^

For those at Taiping, feel free to come to Sense Yoga grand opening this Sunday at 10.30am. Refreshment is provided ;)

Sense Yoga
251, Jalan Tembikai,
Kg Jambu,
34000 Taiping.

Til then, enjoy your weekend!

Oh no!! :(

Just read Robinson's blog about this warning message and it really give me a shock! Seriously I din't know about it at all, as I still can access my own blog and leaving comments to others.

* Photo credit to Robinson*
How many of you faced this problem when accessing my blog? Specifically the previous post about the versatile blogger award? I think this is the cause for the dropping number of comments in my previous post.

I'm sorry but I really don't know what is the cause. Submerryn seems to know about it and I hope everything is working fine now! :(

Do let me know if you are still facing the same problem..... (You can mail me at york[underscore]mei[at]yahoo[dot]com). Thank you!

p/s: Thanks Robinson for the information!

The Versatile Blogger Award

First of all, thank you Venie for the award! Come to think of it, I've actually blogged about this last year but I don't mind doing it again.

Here's the rules:

1. Post ur acceptance of the reward on ur blog and link back to the person that gave you.
2. Tell 10 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 7 Versatile blogs and let them know that you have award them.

So here's another 10 random things about me:

1. I used to join a choir team during school time for years hence singing is my hobby. Basically Mandarin, Cantonese and English songs ;)

2. I hate people queueing in between 2 lines just because they wanna see which line is faster to their turn. Excuse me, din't you learn in school?

3. My next destination to visit is New Zealand and I hope hubby reads this, LOL.

4. Hubby is my 3rd love and I'm his 3rd love too, how coincidence ya? haha :D

5. I don't read. The only book I read is Facebook ^_*

6. I'm the only daughter in the family and have 2 elder brothers, hence peop…

Eat to live

Just a random post about food.

Went to the Sushi King RM2 bonanza yesterday with Yan and Yvonne and this round, I had only 4 plates. There were not many choices so not really in the mood to eat, LOL. Yan had blogged about it HERE.

Friend said it was kinda waste to eat only 4 plates during this promotion haha. My usual record is, 5 plates above, LOL.

Next, to me, the best claypot chicken rice in my hometown.

Sizzling hot claypot chicken rice! With add on salted fish and mushroom! The restaurant is called 'Ba Li' and it's located opposite Popular bookstore Taiping. But be patient if you going there cause the service is pretty slow..... But it's all worth~

Hubby went to a seminar at Ipoh today and all I can think of are the famous 'yim kok kai' (salted chicken) and JJ swiss rolls. But for him to locate the JJ swiss rolls shop might be abit troublesome so I settled with kok kok keh (chicken)... haha :P

Can't wait to eat! RM17 per pack

It's cold already but the …