Monday, November 14, 2011

A cloudy Monday

Yep, totally din't see Mr Sun today.

Anyway, how was your weekend? I had a great yet tiring ones. Will blog about the yoga demo later ;)

On a unrelated note, friend's son is one month old now and I was looking forward to this......

Yumz~ Full moon package! My favourite turmeric rice with curry chicken! Seriously I can have this whole day haha! I know some hawker sells turmeric rice but when you're eating this full moon package, the taste and feel are different! *self assured*

Ok, have a great evening ahead!


  1. i miss the red eggs :) so long didnt eat


  2. Surely will be very stomach full esp turmeric rice & curry

    Happy monday :)

  3. hey, now even full moon packaged has come so commercialized already hor?? but i don't remember i have that many times if compared to the wedding red-bomb lor~~ :p

  4. Hi Hayley, just dropped by say hello.
    Love that full moon package.
    I guess only where you are. Here in Canada, full moon package means other things, *wink* ha ha.

  5. Hi Hayley,

    Ayam mas has a nice full moon package. next week will be my grand daughter's full moon. wonder what package my son will come out with.

    Hey Lee- I know what you mean, the full moon and the half moon part. I learnt that from my taiwanese american friend. :D

  6. Yes, it's true.... tumeric rice from full moon package is more delicious than those selling outside.

    Too bad this round Angeline is not distributing tumeric rice. Waiting for yours, kekeke

  7. So long did not eat tumeric rice. Wonder when was the last time.

  8. I miss nasi kunyit so much. Don't know when only I can have a feast on Nasi Kunyit.

  9. Fish, actually it's just normal boiled eggs but with red, looks more iinteresting, LOL.

    Robinson, yep!

    SK, you're right!

    Lee, haha really? :P

    Johnnie, yes I heard too! Even Kenny ROger's has too!

    WIllie, may be not popular at your side..

    Yvonne, oh really? Hmm, mine? Still months to go..... LOL.

    ChrisAu, me too!

    mNhL, oh then it must be some times ago already...

    Yan, Tai Chien has ma... the 'chio' uncle... LOL.

  10. Agree with you. The turmeric rice is very yummy when eat with the chicken curry.

  11. It's nice but don have too much of the rice, cos it's glutinous rice and it's not really good for digestion.

    But I know, it tasted AWESOME~

  12. Mummy Gwen, yea, taste so good~

    YT, yep I know! But once a while is fine!


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