Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hungry eaters at Jogoya

Friends and I had the chance to feast at Jogoya Japanese Buffet last weekend. This is my second time there, the first time was years ago while I was studying at UM. Obviously, there's more varieties now! ;)

Took quite alot of pictures but I will just share a few here.....

I We ate alot of New Zealand and Haagen Dazs ice cream, haha

Sushis are my favourite too!

Glutton us....

We left the restaurant with our tummies FULLY loaded. To help digest, we shopped a while around Sg Wang Plaza before hitting the highway.... (Starhill is absolutely not a shopping place for me =_=)

Malls are filled with Xmas decor already!

Us at Starhill Gallery. Saw even nicer Xmas decor at the entrance of Pavilion but the crowd that night actually scared us away, LOL

Despite the price and the bloated tummy, I actually dont mind for another round of Jogoya ^^


  1. Wow! Lots of food. I miss Japanese buffet like this.

  2. Starhill is for rich tai-tais, hehehe... I think I went there once only.

    I think I would go for branded ice cream at Jogoya, too :p

  3. The ice creams are to die for..hehe. Gwen and I love Japanese food but not the Daddy.

    Most of the time I go Sg Wang plaza or Lot 10 (Isetan) if I'm around that area.

  4. I have been there once! Oh, how i wish I can go again.. the food are so abundant there... worth going actually.. why IPOH doesnt have this kind of yummylicious buffet??? :)

  5. hehehe, i was right!! you really went to Jogoya.. i was there couple of months back too, so full that i cannot afford to eat buffet anymore, haha~~

  6. Yan, I also miss it already~

    Yvonne, yep, only for fu tai and fu lou.. haha.

    Mummy Gwen, well, I go Sg Wang most of the times..

    Claire, thinking at the bright side, Ipoh has much varieties than Taiping!

    SK, yep, bingo! LOL.

  7. Jogoya has been popular for quite some time already but I've never tried it before. Feel that my eating stamina has dropped haha... feel rugi to pay so much yet can only eat a little :p

  8. so many yummy foods lo. Especially...Haagen Daz!!!my favourite leh~~ Hope I could be there one day...

  9. ha ha ha, extra energy to shop longer.....lol!

  10. Oh yes I find Jagoya is better compared to Tenji. Keke everytime I will wallap few scoops of Haagen Daz, money worth mah, kan.... ;)

  11. ChloeRuoyi, oh then not worth for small eater like you.. hehehe :P

    Evelyn, yea plan for it one day..

    Pete, true...

    Vickylow, never try Tenji before so cant really compare..

  12. yep Jogoya is fames for their haagen daz ice cream! hehe.. tenji oso. these two are neck to neck lah. stiff competition..

  13. I went there once, long time ago. I actually like Jap food and their concept is nice too.

    But recently I am avoiding buffets cos I tend to overeat if I am at buffets :P

  14. miss jap food. love the desserts.so many choices..yummy

  15. Yummylicious - spoilt for choices!!

    Ok engage "first gear" now for christmas mood :)

  16. Merryn, haha guess it's normal, business...

    YT, haha, eat first and exercise later ;)

    Angeline, Barbara, truly yummy but not all are my favourite though..

    Robinson, haha, first gear ya? :)

  17. Yeah yeah yeah! I also don't mind another round of Jogoya! In fact looking at your blog makes me wanna go now!!!

  18. Shirlexia, haha you're quite near wert! :P


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