Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sense Yoga Grand Opening

As mentioned, I involved in a yoga demo for Sense Yoga Studio grand opening last Sunday.

With some of the friends, and that's the instructor Susan on the second right

With Angie, the owner comes instructor for the studio

Lion dance performance

The owner. This is not really a newly opened yoga studio, just changed of management and renovation

Having some fun after the demo ;)

There were quite alot of guests that morning. To be honest, I felt nervous to perform in front of the crowd, but I told myself just take it as normal practise.....

The demo ended quite successfully I must say ;) Here's my instructor Susan and her cute baby boy

A group photo with some of the members. Notice most of them are aunties elder than me? They certainly have better yoga skills that me!

And I get these for lucky draw, a wrist sweatband and free-1-class coupon

Refreshment after the demo. Phew, finally~

Anyone at Taiping, here's the address:

Sense Yoga Studio
251, Jalan Tembikai,
Kampung Jambu,
34000 Taiping.
Tel: 05-8066822
(They offer full yoga lessons and aerobic dances)


  1. Hayley's gonna rock the yoga class & be fitter. Just want to laughed at last sentence when saw the food(normal response)

    Cheers & good day

  2. Makan kuat kuat and do double yoga next day..haha.

  3. 我一直对yoga很感兴趣,可惜没机会学。。;(

  4. so nice to see the flexible body performing the yoga movement.

  5. hope to join Yoga~
    but no extra money to go la~

  6. Ohh, is this ex-Meiji studio? I may interested in the aerobic class. Can help me to get the timetable?

  7. Girls just wanna have fun.. cyndi lauper sings that.. and indeed there will be fun when ladies get together!!

  8. looks like it was a lot of fun. how long have you been taking yoga Hayley?

  9. Good demo that you had that day. Nice pose that you had shown. Keep up the good work in Yoga.

  10. Your pose looks so professional. I can't do that. I'm qualified as auntie already lor.

  11. Your pose are so flexible and pro. I can't really bend the way you do and that's the reason why I dropped after 6 months joining Yoga. :(

  12. Wow Hayley... looking good! Attract a lot of people too!

    Congrats sensei :D

  13. Robinson, yea fitter!

    Bananaz, LOL...

    Evelyn, guess you're too busy....

    mNhL, thanks but me not flexible enough!

    min~aris, hmm may be wait til you earn more? It's never too late!

    Yvonne, correct! Actually it's half aerobic half yoga, every Tuesday(6.15pm), Thursday(6.15pm) and Saturday(3.30pm)!

    Claire, yes fun and healthy!

    Barb, nearly 9 years but stopped for 3 years in between ^^

    Yan, thanks! You too!

    Mummy Gwen, hey some aunties can do better than me!

    Inspired Mom, determination!

    Daniel, thank you~

  14. Impressive giving yoga demos. You must be good at it.


  15. wow looking good Hailey in your yoga pose.enjoy your exercise.

  16. wow, all the twists and turns!!! and so crowded there in the studio, are those people for the demo or for the free food?? haha~~ :D

  17. Filip, Johnnie, thanks~ Not very good, but ok :P

    SK, abit from both I must say, LOL.

  18. I cannot do yoga, my body is as stiff as a slab of cement! Darn! Haha...

  19. Your body is so flexible :) I'm sure you did well in the demo. I would have felt very nervous too if I had to "perform" in front of so many people!

  20. YT, haha nvm, other exercises are ok too!

    ChloeRuoyi, yea sure we will ya?

  21. do i have discounts if i mention your name and register there? hahas

  22. so nice to see you flexing here and there. i cant even bend down to touch my toes :(

  23. Hi Hayley, nice pics, and yes, yoga is very good, mentally as well great for body.
    Have fun.

  24. Fish, sadly, no.... hehe.

    Merryn, hehe thanks.

    Lee, yes, very healthy too ^^

  25. Bravo Hayley!

    Luckily the audiences were mostly women. Ahaks!

  26. wow the mom is so flexible even can do yoga while holding her baby. Yoga is a nice exercise good for you Hayley as I hardly move my toe nowadays haha.

  27. hmmm now a days heng Yoga, my working area I saw lot of Woman and Ladies like to go Yoga when it was evening and night time lol :X

  28. Willie, haha right!

    Vickylow, yes she is my friendly yoga instructor ;)

    Kian Fai, it's a good exercise!!

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