Monday, November 28, 2011

Tired Monday

Hello peeps!

How was your weekend? I had lotsa fun! But that also made me so exhausted, slept almost the whole day yesterday but just couldnt regain my energy back, LOL.

Went for a short trip to KL to attend my friend's wedding as well as feast on a nice Japanese buffet, will blog about it soon.


Christmas comes early this year (for me)! Picture taken at Starhill Gallery

Til then, enjoy your Monday!


  1. Oh yeah, shopping malls start their decoration already. I'm so in love with this season XD

  2. Japanese buffet?? hmmmm, you went to Jogoya?? since you were at Starhill, hehe~~ :p

  3. Haiya very strange one - your blog was mentioned as "not found" during lunch

    It'll be always be blue monday unless....

    & hohoho may your pressies collection for this christmas grow by leaps & bound

  4. Me too had the same "blog not found". This is the time Bananaz loves to see lots of ornaments on X'mas trees.

  5. Hayley,
    I had fun with my eldest son, photoshooting some hot chicks. lol. At least you got a day off today. I am back at work here in kulai. Drove down this morning. It's a wet monday here.

  6. Hi pretty,

    If not mistaken, I saw you on Saturday night at Shell Mart after Jln Duta toll, I was there too, heading back to Ipoh. :)

  7. Now christmas tree is everywhere!! the atmosphere is on....

  8. Brought my family to Sepang for picnic on Sun and shopping at Mid valley tired!

  9. Great three. My wife placed our own three this afternoon. A bit early but ok.


  10. Hi Hayley, Holy Smoke! You already in the X'mas spirit?
    Ya, stores already putting up their X'mas decor.
    You'll love the X'mas time here, seeing snow falling on X'mas eve evening, or going X'mas shopping in the snow, bundled up in your fur parka.
    Have fun, Hayley.

  11. Yvonne, me too!

    SK, yea right!

    Robinson, Bananaz, huh really? Blogspot has so much problems lately, makes me wanna give up blogging la!

    Johnnie, it's a wet day everyday here...

    YY, yea I was there!! How come dint call me?

    Claire, yep! It's getting close!

    Pete, looking forward to that post!

    Filip, wow so nice ya!

    Lee, yes I always love Xmas, so romantic and calm... ;)


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