Friday, November 4, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

First of all, thank you Venie for the award! Come to think of it, I've actually blogged about this last year but I don't mind doing it again.

Here's the rules:

1. Post ur acceptance of the reward on ur blog and link back to the person that gave you.
2. Tell 10 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 7 Versatile blogs and let them know that you have award them.

So here's another 10 random things about me:

1. I used to join a choir team during school time for years hence singing is my hobby. Basically Mandarin, Cantonese and English songs ;)

2. I hate people queueing in between 2 lines just because they wanna see which line is faster to their turn. Excuse me, din't you learn in school?

3. My next destination to visit is New Zealand and I hope hubby reads this, LOL.

4. Hubby is my 3rd love and I'm his 3rd love too, how coincidence ya? haha :D

5. I don't read. The only book I read is Facebook ^_*

6. I'm the only daughter in the family and have 2 elder brothers, hence people always think that my parents sayang me more. But no, my parents' love is equal ;)

7. I love all kind of fruits except for durian.

8. I shop for clothes more, compare to bags and shoes.

9. Daydreaming is what I do best, haha :D

10. I miss my schooling times and always wanted to make a visit to my former schools.

Phew, this is harder than what I thought, haha.

Anyway, I'm not going to nominate any bloggers in particular because to me you all are great. However I do wanna see my frequent commenters to do this tag! And that means YOU!

Til then, enjoy your weekend~


  1. Hehehe, paiseh I like to instruct my hubb to queue in the other line (point#2) because I'm always very unlucky during queuing. Either the person behind the counter is a slow noobie or the person in-front of the counter is very demanding and spend 10 minutes to settle to what s/he wants. And I'm pulling my hair waiting for my turn to reach!!

  2. Thx for letting us know more about yourself -esp the youngest in family & 3rd love

    Nope i'm NOT taking your challenge or ULTIMATUM LOL

    Hope you & your hubby have a great weekend as usual

  3. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Doing tags can be quite fun if you happen to enjoy it.

  4. Yvonne, well sometimes I did that with my hubby too. At least this way means 2 people at 2 separate lines... Unlike certain people, he himself already stand in between =_=

    Robinson, hey do it la! It's fun~

    YT, you too! Looking forward to your post~

  5. have been ling time dint playing the tagged with blogger le~
    oh ~ like 2 year ago very popular one!congrz anyway~

  6. Nice article, I will have a look at this website.


  7. When I was young, I love day dreaming too, but I found day dreaming is over luxury for me after being a mother. Instead I love beauty sleeping more now.

  8. min~aris, yea.. Do it when you're free!

    Filip, it's a tag anyway.. Not article ;)

    Yan, haha I can understand! ^^

  9. WHAT? You don't like durians? And you come from Taiping noted for its fantastic durians?
    Okay, now we enlightened about you. Ha ha.
    Have fun.

  10. ChrisAu, thanks.

    Lee, haha I used to eat durian when I was a kid, but not now :P

  11. Sometimes I do that too...ask my Hubby to queue at the other line while I wait in line. *hide face* don't like to eat durian? Gwen loves to eat durian..hehe.

  12. Mummy Gwen, ya I don't like durian... weird huh? :P

  13. Hey, I'm the only daughter too in my family but I have 3 elder bros :-) I was once treated like a princess when I was little!


  14. i don't read too ! haha....and same like you, i only facebook. hahah


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