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Year 2011, to me...

1 more day and we'll be welcoming 2012, the so called doomsday year =_=

I'd like to do a quick recap of something memorable throughout the whole 2011.

- Black Dog Society's first charity event to the orphanage and old folks home.

It was Chinese New Year and my first year distributing ang paosto the youngers...

First wedding anniversary with hubby ;)

Made up my mind after a long consideration and battles within myself, and tendered my resignation letter to my superior.

-Visited one of my favourite tourist place, Hatyai.
-All girls happy trip to hot spring, Sungkai.

-Time flies and it was 3 months since I tendered my resignation letter, bid farewell to all my colleagues on the 14th. It has been 4 years 1 month and 13 days since I worked at Silverstone, my first working place ever since grad.

-Became an ex colleague's make up model at NYX and won the best model ^^

Thanks to father in law, hubby and I got the chance to travel again. This…

A last minute decision

Since hubby got off from work a little earlier than expected, we made a last minute decision to Penang a day after Christmas ^^

Reached Queensbay Mall late in the evening and the traffic and crowd were still horrible!

Anyway, we settled our dinner at Sakae Sushi.

Had some sushis and I ordered a set of Katsudon while hubby had Tomi (with beef)
We managed to grab some clothes since it's mega sales. I din't really buy maternity clothing yet except for those maternity pants since I hardly fit into my short pants now. I opt for loose type of tees/dresses so that I can still wear them after I give birth ;)

Also bought a set of MAM baby bottles and Medela breastpump and sterilizer. Thats what we got so far for our 'coming soon' baby since I have the discount vouchers which will expires this 31st

Hubby and I are the first to get married and have kids among our siblings. It means there'll be no hand-me-downs and we have to buy all the baby necesseties on our own (unless friend…

Christmas without hubby :(

Christmas this year wasn't of anything special. Hubby is working so it was quite a lonely christmas for me :(

Anyway, as usual, I prepared some small Christmas gifts for a few friends...

Inside were Tango chocolates

In return, I got these back ;) It wasn't really a gift exchange session, just.. coincident ;)

I joined a few friends for lunch on this hot afternoon....

Just snapped some of the food photos... Service sucks that day!! Only one gal was doing the ordering, drinks and serving... No more next time! And by the way, we went to Sentosa Villa

Here's my blogger friend Evelyn and her hubby and cute son, Ethan

Nickson and family

The babies that day. Yep, all boys! ^^

3 super dads, LOL

And the ladies... Here, 2 more babies on the way next year :D

Just can't get enough of Ethan, he is super chubby and cute!!

Random notes

Christmas is approaching and Monday is a holiday! But I'm not in the mood at all..

Hubby is working on Monday so our shopping trip to Penang is officially cancelled T.T Goodbye mega sales :(

I'm still in my second trimester of pregnancy and to be honest, I'm enjoying all parts of it except for insomnia. The need to run to the bathroom constantly in the midnight is driving me crazy and it has happened since many weeks ago, and people told me it'll get more frequent in the weeks to come =_=

I've tried several methods which I believe will make me sleep better but these days, none of them work anymore. Guess the only thing I can do is, to get used to it....

Anyway, I shall not bored you anymore, here wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas!! ;)


Just had my first bowl of tang yuan and I want more! ;)

Here wishing my dear readers Happy Winter Solstice! 冬至记得吃汤圆,愿你一家庆团圆~

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011)

Image from here

Starring: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team are tracking down a dangerous terrorist Hendricks, who has the access to launch Russian nuclear codes. They without any helps or back up, must fight to accomplish the mission.

Well, this is the 4th installment of MI series and I must say no regrets watching it. I don't remember if I've watched the previous 3 installments but this one is definetely one of the best! Apart from all the exciting scenes, there're a few funny parts which I remember vividly ;)
Of course, Mr Cruise doesn't look young anymore compared to the previous episodes but he's still looking good and acting professionally. And by the way, the movie was filmed mainly at the incredible Dubai and Mumbai India.
Personal rating: 4/5

Another married couple

So hubby and I attended my ex colleague's wedding reception last Sunday. This is supposed to be the last wedding reception we attended for this year, but hubby received another ad-hoc wedding invitation (verbally) from a not-so-close friend last week (another hole in hubby's pocket, LOL).

So that means we have another wedding reception to attend this coming Sunday..... =_=

Just to share some photos we took that night.

It was nice to meet and catch up with some of my ex colleagues

Here's with Yvonne, Celine and Cherry (my former lunch mates). Yan wasn't there as I heard she wasn't feeling well....

And this is the newly wed couple, Yu Ching and Yew. Yew is my ex colleague and he has resigned from the company earlier than me, hehe

With Karen

And Cherry

The food served that night were nice and dinner ended at around 10.30pm. Not sure when we are going to meet again, but the newly wed certainly have my best wishes! ;)

Homemade goodness

Many commented to drink soy milk/soya bean during pregnancy so that the baby has fairer and smoother skin. I'm not really a soy milk drinker but if it really has nutrition values, no harm trying right!

Soy milk selling outside has preservative and some are too sweet so I reckon homemade is the best!

Simply soak some soybeans for 3 hours and above or preferably overnight (Here I mix with small amount of black beans). Then blend them well with some water. Note: I used normal fruit blender.

And here's the look after blended. Continue to blend all the beans and strain the puree several times until you get a pure soy juice. Here I use the normal coffee strainer

Here's the soybean dregs trapped in the strainer. To not waste them, I pour in more water and strain them again ;)

So I get a big pot of homemade soymilk! Next is to boil them at medium heat and keep stiring until it's fully cooked. Add in some pandan leaves for more flavor, you can put in some sugar if you want.

I do …

Just to share..

First of all, thank you my dear blogger friends for the wishes! ;)
Might need sharing/advices from mummy bloggers in the future!

On an unrelated note, I want to share this piece of news....

Picture taken from FB
We all know too much of everything is no good, especially processed food like instant noodles. This article says our liver need 32 days to detox for a pack of instant noodles.

I remember instant noodles were my buddy during University and working life. They can be so delicious, and most important of all, it's fast and convenient. They are also great when it's raining out there and when you don't feel like going out....

It's been a while since I last had a pack of instant noodles, and now after reading this, I think I'll think again before opening the pack. Plus now, it's a crucial time for me to eat healthily ;)

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon is approaching and according to the Chinese, it's an auspicious year for many happy events such as marriage and getting a baby ;)

Image source

And speaking of getting a baby, as at today, I was told many of my friends are going to become mummies and daddies next year! Wow is that so auspicious?

And in case you're wondering, I'm one of them :)))

But hubby and I din't really plan for a Dragon baby in purpose, we just let things natural and not thinking too much. I'm now in second trimester and to be honest, pregnancy so far has been very kind to me. Apart from the common symptoms like feeling nauseous, fatigue, sore breasts and heartburn (occasionally), the rest to me were all tolerable (I've heard even the worse!) Thank God!

Baby bump at 16 weeks. I've gained about 1.5kg so far ;)

I know pregnancy is an exciting yet nerve-racking journey and I'm not sure what's installed for me, but I think I'm ready ;)

Best of luck to me! ^^

For a good change

Was doing some spring cleaning to welcome CNY and I realise I actually keep alot of plastic shopping bags/paper bags and recycle bags.

Few years ago when recycle bags are not so popular, most people use the typical kinda plastic shopping bags (with their brands on it) and whenever I go shopping, I actually requested the sales person to give me one, haha. But now, they are something too much for me, as they're not so environment friendly.

So I think I'll just throw the extra ones away, and keep those recycle bags

But these one is ok. I collect these pretty mini gift bags as they come in handy whenever I go travel, can use to keep my jewelleries/make up cotton and so on

Do you collect these kinda bags like me? I bet you do.. :P

Now, to be more environmental friendly, I bring my own shopping bags to shopping and my own tupperwares to tapao. Also, cut down on tapao time and dine outside instead.

Just one more to go

Attended quite alot of wedding dinners this year, now just one more to go next week. Guess people are rushing to produce a dragon baby next year? hehehe :P

It was my ex uni mate's wedding last Saturday night, as well as hubby's friend's wedding. So we went to the wedding receptions separately.

First, a picture taken about 5 years ago, during my university life.

They're my closest buddies back then~ The bride is at second right at the back

With Perng Ling who came all the way from KL (top), and Vinnie from Ipoh (bottom). The rest couldn't make it due to some personal reasons

Do we change alot compare to the first photo? hehe...

With the newly wed. The bride is from Sabah and her hubby is my ex school mate, it's a small world huh! ;)

Wishing them a blessed marriage! Guess they're now enjoying their honeymoon at Turkey!

Left the dinner earlier and joined hubby instead....

Some of us..

With the other newly wed

The next morning, hubby and the Black Dog Society (BDS) g…

Petaling Street Warriors 2011

Image source

Starring: Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Namewee

It's about life of a married couple set at Petaling Street background, mee seller (Mark Lee) and his wife (Yeo Yann Yann) and how they struggle through the colonial government and some chinese gangsters. Later he was told that he is the missing Emperor of Ming Dynasty and then gain some real kung fu and manage to protect himself and his loved ones.

To me, the whole storyline is just so so. Some parts of kung fu fighting, and not forgetting some hilarious parts. But I do see alot of new faces featured in this movie.
Anyway, Namewee is making positive progress and that's why I support this movie. LOL.

Personal rating: 3/5

What to do with them?

Hello on a sunny Saturday morning! ;)

Something has been troubling me for some times, I really dont know what to do with them......

Few DVD folders...

And those in the TV cabinets....

As well as those in the racks....

Used to buy those nice and cute DVD folders and collect DVDs. But since most movies are downloadable these days hehe, hubby and I actually stop buying DVD for some times (except for those original ones to keep).

Now, these folders are collecting dusts and need space, I wonder should I sell them cheap cheap as second-hand DVDs? Or donate to wellfare homes? Hmmm....

Half a day at Puchong

Spent almost half a day at Puchong last Saturday for KY's wedding morning ceremony. I've blogged about the dinner HERE (just in case if you're wondering who).

Firstly, a photo with the wedding car

Reached the bride's house early in the morning

The pretty KY just came back from make up and hairdo

It's all about photos now hehe. Here, a kiss for the bride ;)

Obviously, the theme color is RED. When 'the leader' told us about this, we were cracking our head where to find a red dress cause girls at our age rarely wear red! Well, may be for the first day of Chinese New Year... But luckily, I have one I bought for CNY 2 years ago ;)

So in the mood of CNY already haha

Single shot with the bride before the groom and heng dais arrived...

The leader prepared so many games for the bridegroom and heng dais! My part was just to help out whenever possible

Overall, they were quite sporting and cooperative ^^

The bridegroom wrote his own love agreement on the spot

And finally!