Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another married couple

So hubby and I attended my ex colleague's wedding reception last Sunday. This is supposed to be the last wedding reception we attended for this year, but hubby received another ad-hoc wedding invitation (verbally) from a not-so-close friend last week (another hole in hubby's pocket, LOL).

So that means we have another wedding reception to attend this coming Sunday..... =_=

Just to share some photos we took that night.

It was nice to meet and catch up with some of my ex colleagues

Here's with Yvonne, Celine and Cherry (my former lunch mates). Yan wasn't there as I heard she wasn't feeling well....

And this is the newly wed couple, Yu Ching and Yew. Yew is my ex colleague and he has resigned from the company earlier than me, hehe

With Karen

And Cherry

The food served that night were nice and dinner ended at around 10.30pm. Not sure when we are going to meet again, but the newly wed certainly have my best wishes! ;)


  1. Soon York Mei,you will be attending children birthday party pulak,, this only shows how time flies.....

    you have the most memorable remaining days of 2011 ya and all the best to come in 2012 as well and thank you for being my friend here in blogger space,, thank you

  2. fuulaoooweh... you are really not joking about the abundance of wedding that you are going to attend.. haha

  3. These are the good times for weddings! You guys seems have a great time!

  4. 2011 is just way too auspicious, congratulations to all the newly wed :D

  5. So Mum to be has been kept busy with wedding dinner after wedding dinner. This goes to shows you have a very big circle of friends.

  6. haha, i think you soon can be come a very professional wedding dinner attender~~ :p

  7. U seems glowing now - they said with it came along with pregnancy??

    Haha it depends if you're a "wedding-party-fond" person :)

    Take care

  8. it is nice to attend wedding dinner, dam I should attend often last time because last time when I was high schooler my dad and mum use to get invitation from my relative and far far relative lol, can eat HOH Liao :P

  9. Yes, I miss it. Coming back from vacation with kids, means I need another vacation for myself, just feel like want to rest at home to recharge my body batteries which have gone totally flat. You ladies look great.

  10. Yeap, always good to meet up with old friends. I also attended one wedding (should be the last one, unless last minute invitations) yesterday.

  11. Congrats to your fren. You look great.

  12. Phew dig deeper into pocket and putting on more weight hahaha

  13. Eugene, nice to meet you too!

    SK, LOL. I wonder is there an award for this? :P

    Robinson, really? Haha I guess that's the help of make up :P

    Yan, thanks and miss you...

  14. This is my last wedding of the year, too ^.^ and it was a good one - with great company and delicious food.

    We hardly get together because everyone is busy. Only on special occasion like wedding or CNY party we meet and catch up.

    Looking forward for more outing to meeting you, Hayley~

  15. You ladies looked great that night. I tot this is the last wedding dinner..hehe..oh got one last red bomb ah.

  16. Yvonne, me too!

    Mummy Gwen, I hope that will be the last, tired already...


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