Saturday, December 10, 2011

For a good change

Was doing some spring cleaning to welcome CNY and I realise I actually keep alot of plastic shopping bags/paper bags and recycle bags.

Few years ago when recycle bags are not so popular, most people use the typical kinda plastic shopping bags (with their brands on it) and whenever I go shopping, I actually requested the sales person to give me one, haha. But now, they are something too much for me, as they're not so environment friendly.

So I think I'll just throw the extra ones away, and keep those recycle bags

But these one is ok. I collect these pretty mini gift bags as they come in handy whenever I go travel, can use to keep my jewelleries/make up cotton and so on

Do you collect these kinda bags like me? I bet you do.. :P

Now, to be more environmental friendly, I bring my own shopping bags to shopping and my own tupperwares to tapao. Also, cut down on tapao time and dine outside instead.


  1. It's nice that you have green earth on mind

    Have few recycle bag but for man too lazy to bring for shopping LOL

    BUT will not ask for plastic bag or cut down where necessary (need some to throw rubbish!!)

  2. It's a good effort to en(reach) the earth. Let's save mother earth!

  3. Hahah...I'm definitely not green! Use lots of plastics!

  4. Definitely a good change! I prepared 1-2 recycles bag in the car in case i need it...but alwiz forgot to bring down. Tsk Tsk Tsk

  5. the mini gift bags are so colorful ! i love keeping them too, in my collection now


  6. Hayley,

    I bet after spring cleaning, when the new year is year till next spring cleaning, you will be collection those "rubbish' I think those bags will be useful to collect rubbish in the car. I use them to throw rubbish in the car and when they are full or spoilt, will replace a new one. I prefer those smaller ones which some shops provide.

  7. i do collect those nice nice paper bag from boutiques last time lor.. but not now, have got too many of them laying there collecting dust..

  8. I try to use recycle bag when I go shopping or buying things. I have to make this as a habit now.

  9. Thank you for being know it is not easy to say that we are green and another thing to practice doing green,,,

    good on ya York Mei

  10. SURprise , surprise...

    i collect all kinds of shopping bags. But i used them until they are worn out. i like Parkson's initiative to use recycle bags.

    have a nice day yeah?

  11. too collected alot of paper bags. are so good bring your own tupperware to tapao. Must learn from you. :)

  12. Thanks all ;)

    If everyone also go green, mother earth is protected for sure ^^


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