Thursday, December 1, 2011

Half a day at Puchong

Spent almost half a day at Puchong last Saturday for KY's wedding morning ceremony. I've blogged about the dinner HERE (just in case if you're wondering who).

Firstly, a photo with the wedding car

Reached the bride's house early in the morning

The pretty KY just came back from make up and hairdo

It's all about photos now hehe. Here, a kiss for the bride ;)

Obviously, the theme color is RED. When 'the leader' told us about this, we were cracking our head where to find a red dress cause girls at our age rarely wear red! Well, may be for the first day of Chinese New Year... But luckily, I have one I bought for CNY 2 years ago ;)

So in the mood of CNY already haha

Single shot with the bride before the groom and heng dais arrived...

The leader prepared so many games for the bridegroom and heng dais! My part was just to help out whenever possible

Overall, they were quite sporting and cooperative ^^

The bridegroom wrote his own love agreement on the spot

And finally!

Group photo!

Leaving the bride's house and headed towards the groom's house (which is just 5 mins away)

It was Jocelyn's birthday too so we sang her a birthday song and had a small cake cutting session

Lastly, the bride in her pretty white qi pao and us the ji muis. Fyi we were from the same secondary school ^^

It was a hot morning, and I was so tired cause I din't sleep well the previous night. Nonetheless I was glad to be there to share my friend's happiness. Here I wish them happy blessed marriage and fast fast make a dragon baby hehe :P

Another 2 wedding dinners to attend this Saturday night, guess I'll have to split myself into two then haha.


  1. Red color as the bridemaids' theme is very nice too. Everyone looks so cheerful and bright that day.

  2. Yes, agreed here, I love red too....and nit is nice too meeting old friends.

  3. I am too agree on the red theme as bridemaids,,, you girls look so "ong' on this special day.

    Happy ever after to your friend KY

  4. It has been ages since I last attended a wedding dinner.. during my time, no fun one.. serious and sombre too..

  5. Wow...all the chi muis are in red..nice color. That was a great wedding ceremony.

    Huh 2 wedding dinner in one night?

  6. I agree too, that red is a very vibrant colour for the ji-muis to wear :) Looks like you're enjoy every moment of your wedding marathon!

  7. All the red roses & Hayley's hobby to attend weddings (popular of coz- so red rose kena red bomb lah)

  8. wow, that's a very huge sisters troop!! haha.. and ooopss, those cruel games played on the brothers.. :D

  9. I've never came across "red themed" ji-muis and now I know this color is very bold and attractive.

  10. Yeah can recall..two dinners one wedding. Woh pity those guys being ragged, as long as its not too physical Bananaz can accept the challenges. Heard from a friend during his friend's wedding all the groom's brothers 'boycott' the ragging and games. Gee they should have compromised it before the wedding and not to create an awkward scene with the chi muis on the wedding day.

  11. Thanks all... Red is indeed a nice color~ Can keep for future reference!

    Mummy Gwen, two friends getting married tomorrow.. So I need to split myself into two to attend, hahaa :D

  12. Hayley,

    I must say the photos you took were nice. Especially with red as a theme.


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