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A last minute decision

Since hubby got off from work a little earlier than expected, we made a last minute decision to Penang a day after Christmas ^^

Reached Queensbay Mall late in the evening and the traffic and crowd were still horrible!

Anyway, we settled our dinner at Sakae Sushi.

Had some sushis and I ordered a set of Katsudon while hubby had Tomi (with beef)

We managed to grab some clothes since it's mega sales. I din't really buy maternity clothing yet except for those maternity pants since I hardly fit into my short pants now. I opt for loose type of tees/dresses so that I can still wear them after I give birth ;)

Also bought a set of MAM baby bottles and Medela breastpump and sterilizer. Thats what we got so far for our 'coming soon' baby since I have the discount vouchers which will expires this 31st

Hubby and I are the first to get married and have kids among our siblings. It means there'll be no hand-me-downs and we have to buy all the baby necesseties on our own (unless friends volunteer hehehe).


  1. Yeah read in newspaper Penang always jammed during the holidays

    Ermm some people may not like hand-me-down babies necessities ??(though it's true that baby always outgrow those things very fast & hence opt for hands-down to save cost!!)

    Cheers & good day as always

  2. Not bad Hayley, still managed to grab what you wanted. Great loots and it is good to prepared with some baby stuffs before its too near. *_^

  3. Ah.. I noticed pink color milk bottles XD Any hints on baby gender? *wink*

  4. Agree with Yvonne.. I noticed the pinky too~ *exciting*
    do you need bb clothing? I can pass u some if u want..

  5. I have given all the baby stuffs away when I decided not to have 3rd baby, otherwise I can give you some hand down items. I know you won't mind to get all new stuffs for your new born.

  6. Robinson, Yan, well I dont mind if people were to 'sponsor' me some second-hand baby items, hehe.

    Angeline, ya a little bit at a time...

    Yvonne, haha sharp eyes! Dont know if it's a boy or gal yet, but my hubby fancy pink so... hahaha..

    Evelyn, haha sure if you dont mind~

  7. Please do enjoy every moment of your pregnancy,keep a happy heart always ya... don't talk about the sex yet lah, let it be......and I am sure you are going to be one pretty pregnant lady, my sincere congrate to you and your hub.

    I was there in Queensbay too,was there the same time, how i wish I could bump into you and have a glass of beer with your hub,, next time many be ya

  8. Ahh, long time didn't blog hop liao...didn't know that you are expecting....Congrats!

  9. See, you still made it to Penang after all... how nice!

    The Medela breast-pump is a good buy. I had one too and it worked like magic :)

  10. Hayley,
    There will be lots of stuff to buy since it's your first.
    Ya Mum need to buy some of her own stuff too.
    Take care.

  11. Now is the time to "eat all you can" without feeling guilty, Hayley!! :)

  12. i'm all excited looking at your buys! missing those moment anticipating for the new arrival and buying the entire store back, haha! don't buy too many newborn clothes, they'll outgrow those very fast. but it's surely tempting innit? i myself kept buying and most rompers worn once or twice only.. some never wear before -_-" if u dun mind, i can pass u some of it.. any news on the gender, yet?

  13. One good thing about west malaysia is a good road or highway and travelling is made easy. I have been to Penang and i agree that the traffic is bad.

  14. I think it's exciting to buy new baby's stuffs even if there's hand-me-downs :-)


  15. sometimes those spontaneous last minute decision can bring more fun right?? hehe~~ :)

  16. Eugene, thanks.. Haha nvm, may be next time!

    Pete, yep you've been MIA so long, thanks!

    Chloe Ruoyi, thats what I heard too!

    Johnnie, thank you.

    Claire, haha I think so, LOL :P

    Cryst, yes those clothes are way too cute to resist!
    Sure if you dont mind, but no ideas on the gender yet =_=

    WIllie, ya moreover their land is smaller..

    DOra, SK, I agree~

  17. So nice last minute able to celebrate with hb for Xmas. Any friend or relative can "kausa" you for those baby thing?? keke

  18. All the malls in Penang are jammed with people during weekends/holidays... cos no where else to go :P

  19. Vicky, erm have to ask around.. haha.

    YT, right. Plus everyone is rushing for CNY shopping!

  20. 你还是很瘦,还是很漂亮!真的是美丽孕妇^^'

  21. Congrats! I am sure you and your hubby had fun buying all the baby stuff. I like pink too! Boy or girl is still a bundle of joy. Who said boys cannot wear pink? Enjoy your pregnancy my dear. Hugs

  22. hmm, i saw some pink milk bottles lei ... guess must be a princess :)
    Heh, enjoy ur pregnancy journey and happy new year !!

  23. 珊姑娘, 哪有瘦!只不过是衣服掩饰罢了。。呵呵。。

    Quay Po Cooks, thank you! Haha ya, boys look good in pink too :P

    Anggie, not sure yet.. hehe..
    Thanks and happy new year to you too!

  24. Hello Hayley,

    Firs of all, congrates upon your pregnancy! Its definitely great news for you and the family :)
    Have a great new year :)

    Cheers, June.

  25. June, thank you dear~

    Kian Fai, haha of course :P

  26. shopping for baby stuffs are so fun ya. haha.....

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