Friday, December 23, 2011

Random notes

Christmas is approaching and Monday is a holiday! But I'm not in the mood at all..

Hubby is working on Monday so our shopping trip to Penang is officially cancelled T.T Goodbye mega sales :(

I'm still in my second trimester of pregnancy and to be honest, I'm enjoying all parts of it except for insomnia. The need to run to the bathroom constantly in the midnight is driving me crazy and it has happened since many weeks ago, and people told me it'll get more frequent in the weeks to come =_=

I've tried several methods which I believe will make me sleep better but these days, none of them work anymore. Guess the only thing I can do is, to get used to it....

Anyway, I shall not bored you anymore, here wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas!! ;)


  1. Mummy Hayley, just get used to it! Both of you can always plan to go Penang some other time. Hehehe...

    Merry Christmas ya.

  2. I had insomnia too during my first pregnancy. I have read before, this pregnancy symptom is to train mummy to wake up more frequent at night to nurse the new born baby. Probably, you can drink a cup of warm milk or take some deep breath to relax your mind.

  3. Congrats! and take good care of yourself and the baby :D


  4. Have you tried the yoga corpse pose with mindful breathing? May help.

  5. hmmm, so the trip to penang is cancelled and you continue to get insomnia and frequent toilet visit at home.. wakakakaka!! merry christmas~~ :D

  6. Lol @ SK's comment. He's not helping at all, isn't he?

    Some say the insomnia is due to baby's "behavior". I got to believe it partially because I slept like a pig for my 1st born and my girl also sleeps like a log nowadays. My son on the other hand is a light and fussy sleeper. I got insomnia when I was pregnant with him :s

  7. Oh gosh did you make an announcement earlier? Did I miss that???
    And must take care oh!!! :)

  8. after the few month prenance will be more comfort d i guess ~ heard from my friend said so take care ya

    merry christmas!

  9. ijust want to laugh at your opening statement : Goodbye mega sales :(

    LOL....Haizzz i'm sure your mum, MIL, frens etc can accompany you for shopping, makan etc, right??(2nd best substitute)

    As again, take care in these important time & cheers -it's holidays!

  10. When I was in my last trimester with Chloe, my hubby was sent by his company to US for one whole month... I was very upset too but what to do? Just try to be more understanding lor :)

    Since you are not working, you can always rest during the day to make up for the loss of sleep at night. Just take it easy and don't stress yourself up ok. Take care!

  11. Cheer up ! I'm sure there will always be another chance to enjoy the trip and shopping. You pregnant? Congrats and do take care of yourself.

  12. Angeline, ChrisAu, ya can always go some other time, hehe..

    Daniel, Shirlexia, min~aris, Robinson, thanks!

    Yan, I do take milk before sleep... But sometimes it's not working =_=

    Bananaz, tried too...

    Yvonne, really? Oh no, guess my baby is going to be fussy sleeper in the future....

    ChloeRuoyi, ya I nap in the afternoon too..

  13. Merry Xmas! Wish you and hubby, and little baby inside... A blessed year with all happiness, health, wealth :D

  14. That's so sweet of you YT, thanks and same to you!

  15. Cannot help much with those night toilet routine. Yeap, I also have such problem but I get used to it, and thank god I did have any insomnia. Just frequent wake up at night to the toilet.

    Merry Christmas.

  16. Try not to take too much fluid at night. When you awake to bathroom at night, never ever check the time. Usually checking the time make us get more frustrated. Just blur blur go in bathroom and blur blur get back to bed to sleep keke.

  17. Vicky, yep I agree. I never check what time it is.... Thanks anyway~


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