Saturday, December 3, 2011

What to do with them?

Hello on a sunny Saturday morning! ;)

Something has been troubling me for some times, I really dont know what to do with them......

Few DVD folders...

And those in the TV cabinets....

As well as those in the racks....

Used to buy those nice and cute DVD folders and collect DVDs. But since most movies are downloadable these days hehe, hubby and I actually stop buying DVD for some times (except for those original ones to keep).

Now, these folders are collecting dusts and need space, I wonder should I sell them cheap cheap as second-hand DVDs? Or donate to wellfare homes? Hmmm....


  1. Nice saturday morning

    Keep as collectibles or as back-up copies in case softcopies kaput??

    Donation is another option or selling on flea market?? - it's your call!!!

  2. Wow, you do have a huge collection of DVD.....

  3. Forget to ask: What's recommendable free website for free movie download? :)

  4. My hubby also have a vast collection of dvds, and they are also collecting dusts!! But I have keep most of them in a box, sealed. Ready to move into new house once it is ready! hahaha! but hubby has a habit of watching old movies so when he asked about this and that movie, I told him, it is in the box! Lol!

    He stopped buying folders for his dvds since they keep accummulating. He can open a shop for renting dvds, I told him! :p

  5. I don't think u can give them to charity homes if they are not originals. What i did was, i just gave them to my relatives. hehe

  6. Yeah, these also trouble me all this while, don't know how to solve it. My idea is just to throw them away but my hubby stops me to do it.

  7. Hayley,
    you can try posting it here

    this is where they sell all their unwanted things. you will be surprise what you dont want others would want to buy.

  8. Suggest you get a large portable HDD and rip all the movies there and then dispose the DVDs. Im doing that too.

  9. Robinson, usually I just googled..

    Yvonne, yep!

    Rose, haha mine as well.. can open a DvD stall.

    Willie, well never try, never know!

    Shenny's mommy, I've thought of that too.

    Johnnie, thanks!!

    ChrisAu, then I'll need alot of HDD, LOL.

  10. Wow, that's really A LOT! Do you have those classic Disney cartoons like Snow White, Cinderella etc? If yes, I can buy them from you :)

  11. Come post out those DVD see any of my interesting movie?? keke

  12. Donate :D

    You guys are really awesome! Have so many cd collection! nice :D

  13. ChloeRuoyi, opps too bad, I rarely buy cartoons :P Sorry~

    Vicky, oh that's gonna take some times la :P

    Daniel, donate is my first choice, haha.

  14. It's selling openly here in Jkt..cheaper than KL..hehe. We have so many here. My hub's friend gave us all his collection before he moves back to KL..LOL. stored those DVD's so nicely in files. We just chuck it here and there.


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