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Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon is approaching and according to the Chinese, it's an auspicious year for many happy events such as marriage and getting a baby ;)

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And speaking of getting a baby, as at today, I was told many of my friends are going to become mummies and daddies next year! Wow is that so auspicious?

And in case you're wondering, I'm one of them :)))

But hubby and I din't really plan for a Dragon baby in purpose, we just let things natural and not thinking too much. I'm now in second trimester and to be honest, pregnancy so far has been very kind to me. Apart from the common symptoms like feeling nauseous, fatigue, sore breasts and heartburn (occasionally), the rest to me were all tolerable (I've heard even the worse!) Thank God!

Baby bump at 16 weeks. I've gained about 1.5kg so far ;)

I know pregnancy is an exciting yet nerve-racking journey and I'm not sure what's installed for me, but I think I'm ready ;)

Best of luck to me! ^^


  1. wow Dragon baby. congrats Hayley. You will enjoy motherhood,once the baby comes out.
    take care and eat well ok?

  2. Hey congrats Hayley :)

    Gong hey ah Gong hey....

    Finally a dragon baby after so many postings on other's marriage & baby..

    Take care in this important period

  3. My crystal ball gazing oso foresee: your frequency of blogging might be reduced in future as priority shift (but normal & healthy trend)

    Do share some of your cute BB pics later

  4. oh, congratulations, happy for you.. finally you can announce to the world after three months of keeping it a secret yeah?? :p

  5. hey Hayley..congratulations on adding a new member to the family!!

  6. congrats, congrats, actually from ur last few post, i wanna ask already, coz when taking pics, u keep on hiding behind, like got something to hide from us...hehe

  7. This is a terrific news, Hayley~ Congrats!! You are going to enjoy pregnancy and motherhood.

    Hey, I'm looking forward to nasi kunyit ^0^ *glutton*

  8. This is the best news that I ever heard this month. Congrats. Just like what the rest have mentioned here, take good care of your diet and rest well.

  9. Hayley, OMG, congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!我很开心很开心,很替你开心!!!!我们都一起怀孕了,哈哈。但是你已经2nd trimester了哦!肚子也大了,很爽,我还在期待肚子变大呢,哈哈。你真的很幸运,我就害喜到了现在三个月半了还在害喜,呕吐得很辛苦!再次恭喜你及你老公^^

  10. Congrats Hayley! You'll be the cutest Mommy with the cutest baby around :D

  11. Congrats Hayley! I'm so happy for you. Take care ya.

  12. Thank you everyone!! I will take good care of myself and bb ;)

    Robinson, yes so smart ya!! I can foresee that my posts in the future will drop....

    Wyson, LOL... did I?

    珊姑娘, 谢谢~我读到你的部落时也替你开心哦! 你的害喜还蛮厉害的,不过再忍耐一下下吧,会慢慢好转的!祝我们俩有个难忘健康的孕程~ ;)

    Merryn, LOL, cutest mommy ya? haha you're so cute!

  13. hey , congrat and so happy for u and ur hub :)ya wor.. so so many babies coming soon for the year of dragon :)

  14. Once again, big big congrats to u both! I really happy for you =D
    Wish you all the best, and enjoy these most memorable period.. ;)

  15. I am looking for kia nui, must be as beautiful as the mother,, so kia kia ,also good lah, if baby girl,, cannot kia,then DIL also chun lah,,

    Hey York Mei, tahniah diucapkan,please enjoy every minute of the pregnancy,though it may be hard at times,just enjoy it ya..

    take care, no stress, no stress, cos you deserve nothing but the best

  16. wah congrats Hayley, so happy for you.

  17. Thank you once again! ^^

    Eugene, very paiseh, I'm a little lost at the first sentence..... :P

  18. Congrats, Hayley! Feel so happy and excited for you! Actually I suspected too but dared not ask ;) You have so many mummy friends to give you tips on parenting so should be no problem for you. Take care and enjoy your pregnancy! :)

  19. Hi Hayley, Dragon baby coming up. Glad you feeling okay,
    Best regards.

  20. CONGRATS pretty mummy!

    And I have to say, you are one of those super duper lucky ones that don't put on any pregnancy weight except the baby bump! Super duper jealous!

    Anyway, congrats again and take good care eh!

  21. GongXi GongXi! Reminds me of my old lost poster 'Pregnant is Beautiful' with the lady standing just like you fully naked.

  22. YT, thanks!

    Lucky? Hmmm, perhaps it's just the beginning... haha :P
    Looking forward to your 'good news' too!

    Cheahsan, thank you~

  23. COngrats! Rest well and take care!

  24. Congrats once again, Hayley! Wow, a dragon baby, sounds cool to me. Take care and eat more healthy and nutritious food. :)

  25. hey, i am so late!! congratulations to you. so very happy for you :D take good care and may you have a smooth pregnancy :)

  26. Ok, thanks Inspired Momx1 and Barbara!

  27. Me even late to hear that, congrats Mei, take good care of urself ya and bb.

  28. Just found your blog and CONGRATULATIONS! We hope to have a Dragon baby too. And my sister is getting married next year. We can only hope everything lucky will come our way!

    xx Vivian @

  29. I am late but still I wish to say Congratulation!!


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