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To use or not?

A friend of mine, Jackie, actually gave us a bottle of this some times ago.... It has been sitting nicely on my book rack for few weeks already, sealed. Until one day when I was spring cleaning, I (suddenly) recall about it. According to Jackie, this is something like 火山泥 (lahar in English?) he got during his recent trip to some mountain at Sabah. And can be used as mud mask, no kidding.

Now the question is, is this safe enough to be applied on our bare face? As a person who cares very much about her skin, I really don't have the confident to use... Any idea?

Hmmm, perhaps I can ask hubby to be my guinea pig, muahahahaha :D

Farewell my friend

I was invited to join a colleague's farewell dinner at Raintree cafe, Flemington Hotel last week. She's Khor, from Costing department.

1st, some food we had were Flemington fried rice, grilled black pepper chicken chop, grilled fish fillet and fish & chip.
the food were presentable, but the grilled fish fillet was too salty =_=

more photos now.....
group photo, taken by the cafe's waiter
colleagues from Finance and Costing department

After dinner, we went to Sky Bar, situated at the roof top of the hotel.
this group of ladies love taking photos, haha :P
self timer
by the pool side
no customers when we were there, so we actually occupied the whole area, LOL
are you bored already? haha...
last but not least, yours truly with Khor, the sweet girl who's going to leave the company and helping her husband in their home business. We wished her all the best and promised to keep in touch!

The Sky Bar did not really improve after my 1st visit, the drinks are still v…

Mission accomplished

Hey folks, how's your weekend? As mentioned I had a mission over the weekend, something which I abandoned for some times, sorry for letting you guessing but actually it's not really a big deal, LOL :D

I sharpened my baking skill once more, ever since the last time which was about 6 months ago =_= Sometimes I think I'm not a good wife/daughter as I rarely cook :P There're times which I really wanna cook/bake something but too bad there's always this lazy bug inside me.. ok enough excuses, now shall we move on? :P

But first, I'd like thank Kristy from My Little Space for guiding me on waterbath method. Thanks again! Not going to elaborate on the steps but you can view it here. I followed the exact same steps.

in the making..

nicely done~

the close up... it was my 1st attempt in cheesecake. Din't really look nice, but tasted not bad! Only thing is, the base wasn't as good as expected (though I thought it's the easiest part)

But no worries, more chances i…

Signing off for now

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up naturally in the morning (without the alarm clock), haha. Was on first half day leave this morning and I only worked for 4 hours, and now welcoming the weekend! :D
(How I wish everyday is like this :P)

Anyway, I have a mission this weekend which I've abandoned for quite some times. Hopefully I manage to complete it and share with you next week!

Til then, please have a safe weekend and enjoy yourself!!

Handbag for guys

The other day, colleagues and I were discussing about men carrying handbag/purse for their girlfriend/wife (well, something like that). Actually before this, I read about the similar topic posted by a gal friend of mine in her FB status, which triggers alot of comments ;)

I know there're guys who will carry handbag for their partner when going shopping, and some won't. And some people actually say this act is too 'sissy' for a guy. To me, if the guy is helping the partner to carry for a while while she's busy taking care of the kids/busy browsing for something/going to the ladies, I think it's acceptable. But if carry all the way throughout the whole outing, then I guess it's not too appropriate. Anyway all these are just my personal opinion and no offend to anybody.

image from here

What do you think? And I know I have male readers, your opinions are much appreciated (just for the sake of sharing)

Of miscellaneous on a Tuesday

Just wanna post something to make my blog not so dead :P

Thanks for the previous comments and my dear brother touched down KL (safely) early yesterday morning (Thank GOD!). Radiation screening is there at the airport and he's fine =)

By the way did anyone of you donate/help the Japanese? I did. Though it was only a small amount of money, but imagine if everybody also donate some money, it sure means alot to them. You can visit this website for more infor.

Homecoming (笑着回家) 2011

image from here
Anyway, I've just watched this movie. It was a CNY movie from Singapore back in January. Too bad it was not showing in cinema Taiping so I could only wait for the DvD. Not going to elaborate much, but I can tell you this movie is all about reunion and togetherness within the family members, especially during Chinese New Year.
rate: 3/5 Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (2011)

image from here

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ramon Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez, Neyo
Have been hearing several positive reviews about this new released movie, definetely no hesitation whether to watch or not. haha.

The movie is about a Marine staff sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) leading his new platoon team in a battle with a large powerful group of unknown creatures, and trying to save Los Angeles.
It's very action packed (something like Transformer) with lots of shooting and bombing, certainly a movie worth to watch!
I watched the 2D version and the graphic and everything certainly looks much more clearer and better! With additional RM1 for the movie ticket, I think its very reasonable too! Rating: 4/5

p/s: And by the way, have an awesome weekend!

Esther & Sean's house warming party

Initially, I planned to meet up with the girls for a yumcha session at KL during my recent visit. Coincidentally, Esther's bf was having a house warming party on Saturday night and we were invited!

some party food Esther prepared for us

a group photo 1st! I like the living hall, especially the big mirror, certainly makes the whole house looks more spacious

From here onwards, you'll see the similar faces in all the photos, LOL :D we did what we do best, photographing!! :P

in Esther's room, I love the wall paper wordings, Live Every Moment, Laugh Everyday, Love Beyond Words

sorry for messing up your bed Esther! :D

love this shot! Luckily we had a good camera man that night!

at the living hall

the kitchen area (we took photos at almost every corner of their apartment)

opps caught on camera! (I was chatting with hubby that time)

moving on, the balcony. l-r: Sam, Esther, Cat, Yean, yours truly, Annie. If you notice, thats KL tower and KLCC at the back. Next time we dont have to sque…

9 hours at Seremban

As promised, updates on my short trip last weekend.
Attended my ex school mate, Yee Hooi's wedding reception at Seremban (approximately 4 hours from Taiping).
I went with Annie and her hubby and we stayed at her cousin house at Cheras (yep, I was their 'lamp post' thru the whole trip, wakakak :D)

Anyway, we arrived at Royal Bintang Hotel, Seremban early Saturday morning....

the bride with her parents

the bride's sisters, and yes I made new friends! :D

us at the lobby, welcoming the groom and his brothers

more photos of us ^^

Annie and I
A few simple games were prepared for the groom and his 2 brothers before he was allowed to meet his wife ;)

Leaving the hotel, we followed the crowd to the groom's uncle house for their tea ceremony....
yours truly with YH

with the bride again and Annie, we 3 were best friends during Form 6
Wedding luncheon was held at restaurant Min Kok. While waiting for the luncheon to start (which was quite late =_=), we took more photos ;)

love …

1st Anniversary part II

Thanks for the anniversary wishes and I'm here to continue blogging about the same thing, LOL (Hope you wont get bored :P)

There's not much choices here in Taiping for us to celebrate. End up we chosed La Promise cafe which is situated at Jalan Panggung Wayang. I like this cafe actually because of it's environment and nice food (especially the cakes).

yours truly

cheese and ham omelette (we are both omelette lover)

I ordered chicken Cordon Bleu (taste nice, but too fattening, LOL)

dear's all time favourite, black pepper lamb shoulder
Thats how we celebrated our 1st anniversary, very simple, and no gifts or whatsoever. Well nevermind, as long as we remembered this date, right? Do you remember how you celebrated your 1st anniversary?