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After so long...

This post is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine, Eve, who has been working in Singapore for years.

She is my ex school mate and we managed to meet up during CNY after so long. I think the last time I saw her was during my wedding reception in 2010.

Anyway, on the first day of CNY, I followed hubby and in laws to grandma's house for misua breakfast. It has been a trend in the house, misua is a symbol of longevity among the Chinese.

With SIL. Water retention to me seems obvious in the morning =_=

Hubby and I

Yours truly and baby bump, I'll soon enter the 6th month and still feeling good ;)

Then I met up with Eve at night.
She's still fair and skinny as ever. She used to fetch me to school, I think she was the first friend who owns a car back then

Crystal and Annie were there too

Lastly, a group photo before we say good night

Well, CNY is all about reunion, food and gathering. I still have some photos to share, hopefully I won't lose the mood to blog :P

Gals only

Met up with my gal friends and had a great dinner together on the 3rd day of CNY.

Table number 8, which means 'huat ar!!' ^^

Dinner at Hu Jing Ge restaurant, Flemington Hotel

All of us~ Most of them are working at KL so we could only meet up like this during CNY, or during someone's wedding

With Crystal (left) and Angeline (right)

And here are the 8 course meal we had:

I had Yee Sang several times already this year.....

Package is RM 538. I think it's slightly expensive but I think this is the CNY price. Food were ok, nothing to shout about.

Dinner ended early and we went to a friend's house for some gambling session. They say pregnant lady has good luck, but not for me this time, I actually lost some money, LOL.

The 4th day of CNY

Holiday comes and ends fast, it's already the 4th day of CNY and I believe many people have started working already.

So how was your CNY?

-I was able to meet up with my friends and had a good time catching up with each other. (Will blog about it soon)
-Ate and drink a lot too haha.
-And because of that I was kinda tired these few days, plus weather is freakingly hot too!!
-Hubby and I went for a very last minute shopping on CNY eve and he got me a new camera woohoo~

The new Nikon 1. We too bought another pancake lens and an external flash. Ain't my new toy handsome? ^^

-Met up with relatives too and many commented that I don't look like 6 months preggie cause my baby bump is still quite 'small'. But my face did 'changed' and I did put on some weight.
-Baby moves and kicks more frequently now! Will go for my 5th check-up tomorrow and I can't wait to see my baby boy again! ;)

I know it's boring to start work this early but hey, Friday is here and that means w…

BDS annual dinner

Second day of CNY! Hope you're having fun!

Black Dog Society (BDS) held it's annual dinner last Saturday at Hu Jing Ge restaurant (湖景阁), Flemington Hotel. Well, actually not really a formal annual dinner, just an excuse for us to have fun to welcome the year of dragon ^^

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The guys in their white BDS uniforms

The ladies.. Guess how many mum-to-be(s) are in this picture? 5!

And here's the food we had:

Of course, Yee Sang is a must have in this festive season~ (RM 48)

And the main star, 'phoon choy' (盘菜) for 10 pax (RM 538)

Note: Need advance booking

Also ordered fried rice with mandarin sauseges (RM 25)

And dessert was this, pancakes with kaya filling (RM 10)

Total bill for all 21 of us is RM 1248, the guys brought their own liquor so no charges for drinks.
The food were great and best of all, we all had fun that night, no other disturbance as we were sitting in the VIP room.

I reckon that was a great start to welcome the Dragon year~

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Image from HERE

Taking a break from the blogsphere for a few days, perhaps. Here wishing all of you who are celebrating, a prosperous year of Dragon! And to the rest of you, happy holidays!

Take care and see you soon~

Vegetarian kind of reunion

My ex colleagues from Costing department still remember to call me out for dinner even after I resigned from the company 5 months ago.

With those lovely ladies, and an colleague's daughters

We had advance CNY reunion dinner at one of the vegetarian restaurant in town

A mum-to-be and the lovely twins sisters

Nice catching up with them, lots of gossiping and laughter

And these are the food we ordered:

Total bill is RM120 including a jug of sugar cane juice. Vegetarian dishes really don't come cheap huh! Luckily, the food taste good!

Honey Cornflakes Cookies

Finally, I gained myself some mood to utilise the microwave at home.

Baked some honey cornflakes cookies to welcome the CNY!
This is an easy recipe which require no baking skills at all.

1. First, melt a bar of unsalted butter (I use the brand Anchor, 227g) and 3-4 tbsp of honey (or up to your own preference) using the double boiled method.

2. Crush cornflakes (I use Kellogg's, 205g). Then pour the mixture from step 1 into a bowl, add in the crushed cornflakes and stir well.

3. Spoon them into baking cups.

4. Put into microwave at about 125 °C for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some colored rice on top for a nicer finish.

Tada! Ingredients above is able to make about 80-90 cups of cornflakes

Random updates

1. Well, CNY is less than a week away and by now, I've:
-Spring cleaning the room
-Put on CNY decorations at my mum's place
-Shopped enough clothing for myself

Guess there's nothing much left now except for preparing red packets as I haven't got new notes yet, and also bake some CNY cookies (if I'm still in the mood). Otherwise, might just buy from outside.

2. Bought some nga ku last weekend and finished them all by myself within 2 days =_=
I know I know, I'm not suppose to eat too much of this stuff right now but it's super addictive la!

I have very good appetite these days and besides the basic 3 meals, I snack in between meal times. I can still eat right after a proper dinner. I'm a glutton mum-to-be now!!
According to my own records, I've gained about 6kg so far. Hubby never comment on my diet pattern but now he does.... =_="

3. Not sure if it's the pregnancy thingy but I've become super forgetful these days....... So I have the habit to wri…

Sushi King Yee Sang

Friends and I tried the Sushi King Yee Sang last Friday night.

Ordered the big one for 8 of us, RM38.88, with RM8 ang pao voucher

Well, didn't taste very good, actually I felt that the smaller ones taste better, LOL

Also ordered salmon set and piri piri chicken set to share

These days, I felt that my look changed everytime I look at my own photos... LOL

Friends and their babies

Total bill for 8 of us was RM165 that night =_=

Anyway, I'm going to have another yee sang session tomorrow with my ex colleagues, haha :D