Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After so long...

This post is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine, Eve, who has been working in Singapore for years.

She is my ex school mate and we managed to meet up during CNY after so long. I think the last time I saw her was during my wedding reception in 2010.

Anyway, on the first day of CNY, I followed hubby and in laws to grandma's house for misua breakfast. It has been a trend in the house, misua is a symbol of longevity among the Chinese.

With SIL. Water retention to me seems obvious in the morning =_=

Hubby and I

Yours truly and baby bump, I'll soon enter the 6th month and still feeling good ;)

Then I met up with Eve at night.
She's still fair and skinny as ever. She used to fetch me to school, I think she was the first friend who owns a car back then

Crystal and Annie were there too

Lastly, a group photo before we say good night

Well, CNY is all about reunion, food and gathering. I still have some photos to share, hopefully I won't lose the mood to blog :P


  1. Hayley,

    Still looking great despite puting on some. Another 3 more months and you will be officially mum. Take care.

  2. 22周开始就有水肿的感觉了,手脚都肿, 但是有时却还感觉ok,哈哈!

  3. Pregnant womem have all the privilages to eat. Only during pregnancy I forgot about my life time mission - on diet. I eat all I want and I like.

  4. Good friends are hard to find, like true gems. I cherish my friendships, like you do :)

    Still looking great towards motherhood, Hayley. Ganbatte!

  5. you dedicated this post to Eve?? errr, don't you think there's too much unnecessary "opening talk" to the post, since you only start to mention about her in the end of the post, haha~~ :D

  6. Yes misua is for longevity & good to hear / see you're in superb health

    Take care as always :)

  7. Wallop lah,after the baby comes out,then baru slim down lah...no problem one.

    By the way,I always feel the world's most beautiful woman is a pregnant woman,,no match,they are just so lovely and with that warmth of a mother's TLC and that's the beauty of it.... Hey York Mei,enjoy your pregnancy ya,, we are all waiting to celebrate with you

  8. Hayley you are right. Blog whenever and wherever you are. Just share us the photos if can. I like to blog with photos actually. No other reason than keep the all those sweet memories with family and friends.

    Take care there

  9. 6 months? Wow! Time flies fast right? You have that motherly look already. Congrats!

    And meeting old friend is just amazing. Surely lots of things to catch up.

  10. What a nice way to begin the new Year, by meeting with your old friend :)

  11. Thanks Johnnie, Daniel, Yvonne, Robinson, Eugene, Angeline, Willie, ChloeRuoyi, Indie.Tea.


    Yan, yea I agree ^^

  12. "I'll soon enter the 6th month and still feeling good"

    Not only are you feeling good, you are looking GREAT!

  13. Oh can see your little tummy now. But you still look great in your pregnancy.

  14. Looking great with the baby bump....

  15. haha here got picture more looks like 孕妇像 XD :X

    I remember my elder sis pregnant that time still can walk very fast up and down this and that > . < and now the baby boy run up and down and super active hehe

    take good care aite! :)

  16. Kian Fai, hmm each pregnant ladies are different! Thanks~


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