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Baby gender

During the 3rd month of pregnancy, I had a sudden instinct that I'm carrying a baby boy in me. It's hard to explain but just a pure 'mother instinct' I guess.
But I din't wanna think too much cause all I pray is that the baby is fine and healthy.

So now that I'm about 21 weeks preggie, it's time to find out the gender so that hubby and I can start to shop for appropriate baby necessities! ^^

Went for a 3D ultrasound yesterday and....................

Ain't this BOY so adorable?? ;) (Image from HERE)

Yep, I'm having a baby boy! ^^

Called hubby right after the check up and though he wants a baby girl more, he wasn't disappointed as well, knowing that the baby is healthy and everything else is good in me (That's all we asking for). Doctor also said he has a strong heartbeat ^^

The moment I saw his face through the ultrandsound, I almost cried T.T

The feeling is simply amazing!

I still remember he was this tiny back in October....

Anyway, now that we know it's a boy, it's time to think of a name too! Hubby says he'll leave this difficult important task to me since I'm so free..................... =_=


  1. Congrats Hayley! Can't wait for your prince to arrive in this world. Stay well and take care.

  2. First baby, boy or girl also nevermind. Like you say, as long as the baby is healhty. Congratulations once a gain.

  3. hahah I was right then! Baby boy would be very notty and active now a days in zaman tahun dua ribu dua belas :P

    so . . . name your boy as Hensem? :P

  4. I am a boy, I dunno whats the feeling of a girl having a baby now. Maybe I should feel it once I married lol :X

  5. this is your first baby right?? first one boy or girl doesn't matter, following one(s) you only go and figure out lah, haha~~ congrats BTW.. :)

  6. 妈咪的知觉很准哦^^
    可以开始给你的little boy想名字买点东西了。我差不多慢你一个星期,我也期待下一个产检了 =)

  7. You're going to have a little prince! Feel happy for you :) During my early pregnancy with Chloe, I had a feeling I was carrying a boy too and people around me also said the shape of my tummy looked like I was having a boy... they all turned out to be wrong haha!

  8. Hey York Mei,

    Just to share something with you here,you might not believe it but I am into it....

    I read somewhere many years ago,something about determining the sex of the baby before it is confirmed, caution us that it is important not to pre-determine the sex of the baby,because the baby in the womb,may get the message very clear,, something like this,if the baby turns out to be a girl and you are hoping it to be the born or sense it was going to be a boy,then they baby girl would says something like this," ha, so my mother wants me to be a boy,so I think I should be a boy" bla bla bla.then my mother would be happy about me."

    Please forgive me,I am only sharing this, hope you don't mine ya

  9. A dragon boy, Congrats! As long as the baby is healthy, a boy or a girl doesn't really matter, right, mommy? :)

  10. Wah ultra 3D scan - face almost like visible...naturally mum like boy & father like gal better & congrats again

  11. Haha I always think a boy will save you a lot of money! Imagine you don't need to buy her cosmetic, beauty products, hairbands, hair clips, 100 pairs of shoes, sanitary pads, etc etc...
    Anywayz, very happy for you and by reading your post it feels so touching already!!! :)

  12. the 3D scan is amazing, right?? hey, shop for bb boy nothing much lah, can save a lot of $$..kekeke... but last time when i shop for my bb boy, i buy mostly pinky clothings for

  13. 3 months can see gender already? wow.. modern technology is so geng! During my time doc only could see around 5 to 6 months... sometimes also not sure too! hahaha...
    Congratulations to both of you!!

  14. Congrats Hayley! So happy for you. I never had the 3D ultrasound before.'s amazing. All the best on your pregnancy dear.

  15. omg congrats! haha mummy's instinct is always accurate ;) i'm missing the feeling of waiting to see him every mth thru ultrasound scan already. each time before the scan i'll talk to him all night, asking him to show his face... which he never did at all throughout his stay inside my tummy! LOL! very fast u can carry yr dragon prince in your arms already, are u excited yet??? ;) enjoy yr pregnancy!

  16. See the photo more often then baby will be cute also.....
    Congrats, congrats....

  17. Hayley,
    congrats. I am sure you will enjoyed your mother hood. You will even have greater joy once he is born and your advernture with him will begins.

  18. wao, congratulations! U can start buy all the baby accessories for ur baby boy~ enjoy yr pregnancy ya!

  19. Congratulations !!! A 'long bao bao'. I'm feeling very happy for you.

    Will be back soon to read the others post. So many things to catch up!

  20. Most ppl are okay with any gender for first born :) As long as the baby is healthy, that's the most important one.

    Congrats once again!

  21. 哇!!!龙仔哦, 替你开心哦..哈哈^^
    Congrats once again =D

  22. congrats Hayley, you are going to be a mother soon.. :)
    dragon baby boy wei :)

    will be reading more posts from your blog later :) so many things i missed la ... >.<

  23. Hi Hayley,

    I guess this sounds like a happy mom! 3D ultrasound is indeed very good. We can see our baby clearly and thank goodness, we have the machine in Kuching.

    Shopping? Good. But I think it's better to buy general baby items first. when the baby is seven to eight months old, then you could buy specific items according to the gender. Hehehe...

    Finally, it's crucial to take care of your health for a healthy baby.

    Have a nice day Hayley.


    Link above : Andy lau's baby is a boy too!!

  25. Get ready the cigars for the black dog gang..haha.

  26. Yippee. Congratulations to you and your hubby! It is always better to shop after you know the baby's gender eh?

  27. Yes, knowing baby is healthy is most important. Well, I guess you gotta prepared physically to take care of a boy. You'll know what I mean later, hehehe :-)


  28. Thank you all! <3

    Kian Fai, LOL, Hensem? =_="

    SK, yep first baby ;)

    Claire, I'm not 3 months anymore, I'm 5 months plus ^^

    Cryst, yea, getting excited each day ;)

  29. Oh really lah, mother instinct very accurate. I dream of the gender of my 2nd child. When gynea scanned and announced it's a boy, I dun feel very surprise cause I knew it, how come?? Mother instinct like you too keke. Wish you have a smooth pregnancy with your "little man".

  30. Vicky, haha ya, mother's instinct ya? Don't play play.. hehe, thanks!

  31. A dragon boy. Yeay! Congrats Hayley. Now I faster faster go make a baby girl to match with ur boy :D

  32. Merryn, LOL. Ok waiting for your good news~


    OOOps - blunder from the website: it's a baby gal for andy lau

  34. Hi, I was wondering where did you do the scanning? my wife actually want's to get a 3d scanning but not sure which clinic to go :D


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