Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BDS annual dinner

Second day of CNY! Hope you're having fun!

Black Dog Society (BDS) held it's annual dinner last Saturday at Hu Jing Ge restaurant (湖景阁), Flemington Hotel. Well, actually not really a formal annual dinner, just an excuse for us to have fun to welcome the year of dragon ^^

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The guys in their white BDS uniforms

The ladies.. Guess how many mum-to-be(s) are in this picture? 5!

And here's the food we had:

Of course, Yee Sang is a must have in this festive season~ (RM 48)

And the main star, 'phoon choy' (盘菜) for 10 pax (RM 538)

Note: Need advance booking

Also ordered fried rice with mandarin sauseges (RM 25)

And dessert was this, pancakes with kaya filling (RM 10)

Total bill for all 21 of us is RM 1248, the guys brought their own liquor so no charges for drinks.
The food were great and best of all, we all had fun that night, no other disturbance as we were sitting in the VIP room.

I reckon that was a great start to welcome the Dragon year~


Hu Jing Ge restaurant

1, Jalan Samanea Saman,

34000 Taiping.

Tel: 05-8207777


  1. That's nice! Have a group of friends to enjoy the CNY!

  2. so joyful and happy to have dinner with the gang.. nice food too!! :)

  3. For 21 persons.. very cheap already.. around RM70 each.. or less than that... :) Most important is the gathering!

  4. LOU AR! Huat AR! lol Happy CNY to you :D

    and eat good! stay good! :X

  5. Wow, it seems u had fun :) - Nice!

    5 mums-to-be in that photo?? Baby-BOOOOM era...(can "fight" Hong kong)

    Lastly, Huat ah !!

  6. I din have much time to gather with my friends this year but it's always good to be back in hometown, meeting some old pals ^^

    Happy CNY. A great dragon year ahead with your dragon baby!

  7. Oh, now you made me drool by looking at the poon choy~

    5 dragon babies on the way, huat ah!

  8. Thank you all. It's great able to meet up with friends~

    Yep, dragon babies on the way ^^

  9. So many pretty girls and yummy mummies in the group. You guys really know how to enjoy life :)


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