Monday, January 2, 2012

The Darkest Hour 2011

Hello peeps!! Hope you're having a great 2012! ^^

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Starring: Emile Hirsh, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella, Racheal Taylor

This is the first movie I watched in the cinema in the year 2012. Of course, I definetely don't hope the story of the movie would happen to the real world, LOL.

The main focus in the movie is about how 5 young people survive themselves after a serious unknown 'alien' attack in Moscow. It isn't an easy ones as those 'aliens' are somehow invisible to bare eyes. In the end, only 2 survive among the 5 of them......

To me, the whole storyline is plain and easy to understand. Nothing very exciting to shout about but it's good to watch.

Anyway, I realise that Moscow becomes a favourite spot for movie shooting. Well, I hope to visit it one day but then again, it's in Russia....... =_=

Personal rating: 3.5/5


  1. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE - If u set your heart on moscow, thus "moscow here i come" LOL

    Yeah agreed - the movie is "nothing-to-shout-about" but an ok watch only

  2. Hehehe, watched it on New Year day just to kill the time. Maybe our (adults) expectation is higher, my kids both love it very much - simple story line with lots of aliens chasing and 'eating' humans.

    I'm waiting for more interesting movies in this year :)

  3. I love to watch aliens, thrilling type of shows.. nothing too complicating.. dont have to use the brain too much ma.. hahhaa...

  4. The actors not famous eh. Hehe...will give it a miss lah.

  5. Saw the trailer when I was watching other movie. Tomolo is Wed, meaning... MOVIE DAY! Yay~

    I think I am watching Sherlock Holmes tomolo, hope it's good.

  6. Robinson, haha ok, I believe what you said :P

    Yvonne, me too, awaiting more blockbusters this year.

    Claire, then you'll like this..

    Mummy Gwen, haha, true, not so famous actors/actresses..

    YT, heard some positive comments about Sherlock, enjoy your movie date!

  7. They run out of ideas, now everything about aliens movie. *Yawn* But I look forward to a lot of sequel movie this year, like Avengers, MIB, Clash of the Titans

  8. Was suppose to watch last evening with my son, but after hearing one of our friend saying it's not so nice. So did not go , instead end up at the video stall to grab some dvd to watch at home.

  9. 我最近才踏回进去电影院,看来需要一些时间才能消化完,你很快呢!这部我还没看。新年快乐^^

  10. haven't been watching movies lately, must catch up already..

  11. My friend asked me if I wanted to watch and I quickly remembered that you made a review about this movie, so hurried up and read...

    after reading, i told my friend you all go ahead if you want to. im not going to watch it. haha

    Thanks a bunch :D

  12. My wife told me this show sucked big time,,hahahhaha

  13. haha I thought this movie is quite thriller, so bored ar...luckily I didn't go for that. But mother for 2 hardly can choose movie, mostly we go for animation, sigh...

  14. Rose, haha, aliens attack movies can be nice too.

    Johnnie, Daniel, Eugene, well, it depends on individual I guess..


    Vicky, I understand that..

  15. Moscow? MI4 also shoot in MOSCOW WEI :P

    did you watch MI4? heheh anyways this movie Darkest Hour is bad rated from one of my friend lol . . . .

  16. Kian Fai, yes I watched MI4 and it was nice~


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