Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinner at Jin Yu Man Tang

It's been a while since 'the gang' had dinner together. Most of us are busy with own things or taking care of babies...

Since CNY is approaching, hubby organized a reunion dinner at Jin Yu Man Tang (金玉满堂) restaurant.

As usual, I'm the one doing the 'homeworks' (means taking photos).

Here's what we ordered:

Overall, the food taste nice! But do very specific with the number of pax eating because the portion of dishes may not be enough.

We waited for about 25 mins even though we already reserved a table and ordered the dishes in advance..... So my advice is to not go there during weekends, LOL.

This is the contact number and address

Total bill is RM192.40 including drinks for 12 adults, which I think quite reasonable.

Looking forward to our next dinner gathering!


  1. Oh... I see there's a lot of patrons in this restaurant everytime I pass by.

    Guess the food is good with reasonable price :)

  2. Eat all you can now, Hayley! :p The price is reasonable, cos of fish and prawns.

    last night we had dinner and cost us around RM150 including of drinks for 5. We have fish fillet, tiger prawns, fried rice, cangkuk manis and salted pork belly

  3. I never been there yet leh..the foods look so yummy...

  4. Haha always nice to have group of friend for makan-makan

  5. nice to meet up with the gang before CNY.. and then during CNY to gamble, and lou sang!! haha, isn't that the plan?? :D

  6. Hayley,
    looks like everybody is already in cny mood already and had a head start to have your pre cny dinner. I have not done anything yet.Nice food.

  7. Mmm... good food always make me hungry! I've been busy celebrating my "pre" bday, so I've been eating quite a lot lately :P

  8. 7 dish and its rm170 for a seafood restaurant? very cheap wor.

    Thanks for sharing ^^

    Happy CNY in advance :D

  9. RM170 quite reasonable. Since they move to the new place, I've never been there yet..

  10. Quite reasonable price. So fast already having reunion gathering. Mine would be next week and during CNY :)

  11. Yea, the price is reasonable and taste good.
    But have to be abit patient!

  12. The curry fish head looks good!

  13. Wow! reunion dinner! i loike...your photo taking skill is good. Keep up the good work and i love the pork and the fish. Hehe...

    p/s: tell the cook to cook more...

  14. Hi Hayley, can see you all live to eat, ha ha.
    Have fun and you keep well.
    Best regards.

  15. Willie, haha thanks. Still learning actually ^^

  16. Chicken BBQ sauce? looks like Marmite Chicken more to me lol :X

  17. such gathering with friends and nice food are the best. haha

  18. Kian Fai, look can be deceiving :P

    mNhL, yea :D


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