Thursday, January 19, 2012

Honey Cornflakes Cookies

Finally, I gained myself some mood to utilise the microwave at home.

Baked some honey cornflakes cookies to welcome the CNY!
This is an easy recipe which require no baking skills at all.

1. First, melt a bar of unsalted butter (I use the brand Anchor, 227g) and 3-4 tbsp of honey (or up to your own preference) using the double boiled method.

2. Crush cornflakes (I use Kellogg's, 205g). Then pour the mixture from step 1 into a bowl, add in the crushed cornflakes and stir well.

3. Spoon them into baking cups.

4. Put into microwave at about 125 °C for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can sprinkle some colored rice on top for a nicer finish.

Tada! Ingredients above is able to make about 80-90 cups of cornflakes


  1. Hayley, looks good. I have a lot of cookies at home, otherwise I can try this.

  2. Nice! Too bad this year I'm quite occupied with kids and school and work.... :((

  3. oh... it's so simple.. thanks for sharing this :) Happy CNY Hayley :)
    p/s: do we need to keep them in the fridge after done?

  4. 我这孕妇看到你这个孕妇,我真的很惭愧,你真的好勤力啦!好棒的老婆妈咪^^ 我要吃,哈哈!

  5. he he, sound real easy.....didn't make any cookies this

  6. It is so simple and tasty right! This year I didn't manage to do any cookie baking including my almond london cookie! Busy with Calvin skooling, baby Hebe n work as well!

  7. One of my favourite cookies!! Yummy!

  8. That's nice as finger food for parties...:)

  9. Looks very easy to make. I'm sure it tastes good too! I wonder if it can be baked in an oven cos I don't have a microwave. Btw, your cornflakes look very brown... is it Special K? Special K is actually made of wheat and bran, not corn :)

  10. Wow, these are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family.

  11. Ying Ying, no need, just make sure to close the cover tightly.

    珊姑娘, 哎哟其实没什么大不了啦。。

    ChloeRuoyi, not sure what is Special K.. hehe.

  12. wow, this is kids all time favorite. I will keep this recipe for home parties.

  13. can make for me ar? LOL :X

    The firs photo dun look like butter, looks like some seafood eh!

    Then Cornflakes looks like some crushed Keropok or something LOL

  14. heh, May the Year of Dragon brings for you Happiness,
    Success and filled with peace, hope and togetherness of your family and friends. Xing Nian Kuai Le! !!

  15. Caca, you're welcome!

    Kian Fai, haha can can.. you come Taiping lo..

    Anggie, thanks and same to you ya!


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