Thursday, January 5, 2012

In point forms

1. Many of you were asking me about my dragon baby boy/baby girl. Frankly speaking I have no idea yet :P
I'm now 5 months plus and still enjoy every single moment of it.
I know baby gender can be easily determined at this stage but the gynea doctor din't tell me during my last check up, and I also din't ask, LOL.
Anyway, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl as long as I know he/she is healthy.
But I'm planning to go for a 3D ultrasound next week and I hope by then, my baby won't be too shy to show his/her___ to me ^^

Also, I started to feel some light baby kicks since few weeks ago and the feeling is, more than amazing ;)

2. Chinese New Year is approaching in another 2 weeks plus and apart from spring cleaning and shopping, it's time for me to prepare some red packets.
Speaking about red packet, our Black Dog Society (BDS) has come out with own red packets this year :D

Though it's not red, I think yellow packet is pretty cool too, right! What important is the logo at the back which says 'Find us on Facebook', hahaha :D Just follow trend~

I also wanna do some CNY decorations to kill time.......

I have new and used red packets but just too lazy to get it started.......... =_=

What about you? What have you done so far to welcome the Chinese New Year?


  1. Hayley, i have done nothing except spring cleaning. Too busy with the kids back to school stuff, propably will find time to do some CNY decor this weekend. You stay easy and happy.

  2. Oh can feel the baby movement already, really amazing right.

  3. I normally have very minimal CNY decors at home, all I want is clean & tidy :-) Yeah, I remember my 1st experience on baby move/kick ard 16 weeks & that's touching!


  4. Hi Hayley,

    So your little one is doing some aerobics inside you. Try talking to him./her. You will be surprise when they are born they will response to your voice much quicker and sharp, just like my little grand daughter. My son and daughter have been using talk box even before she was born and always include her in the conversation. Last week she response with ok. when they were talking to her. of course both parent was excited. I was excited too when my son played back the recording of that conversation.
    have not done anything for cny yet. This year I think I will have to dish out more for my angpows. Even my staff are expecting something from me again. This is my 2nd year here in kulai.

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy, babe! You're gonna have lil a baby dragon! I so envy you lar... Take good care of yourself and happy pregnancy!!^^

  6. still haven't recover from xmas and new year, so fast preparing for CNY already ah??

  7. I like to read about your baby updates. Post more, ya :)

    I still haven't done anything for CNY yet... like no mood to do anything at the moment :p

  8. 真的,宝宝健康就好,男的女的都ok!哈哈。
    很幸福的感觉,你可以感觉到baby踢动了哦,这感觉真好! 大约18~19周了,还没感觉到踢动。

  9. he he, baby starting to feel the gentle kicks leh...

    Wah, yellow packet....eeerrr, I want also...with money inside!

  10. Be prepared for the name now. Most parents will wait till the last minute and some only after birth to choose the name for the baby. BDS logo pretty cute, yellow packet? Bananaz always love to be different too but then our ancestors must have a reason to choose red hahaha.

  11. Johnnie, yep I know. Baby can somehow hear what we say so my hubby and I have been talking to our baby daily, hehe.. Thanks!

    SK, LOL. But I already recover from Xmas and NY la!!


    Bananaz, yellow packets suit you, yellow. haha. Yep, we already have a few names in mind...

  12. Not much done except shopping for clothing and shoes. I got many unused ang pow from last year, so will use them. But I am tempted to buy those Angry Bird red packets to be given away to kids. I am sure kids will love them. Everyone into Angry Birds now! hahahah!

    Relax and take your time, as you are bigger now. As for the baby, boy or girl, as long as he or she is healthy, nothing matter.

  13. The BDS packet looks really nice. Can I have one? haha

    Take care of the baby ^^ Wish you all the best in this prosperous chinese new year :D

    Hi baby... *baby wave* xD

  14. Yellow packet? Isn't it gold in color? Like golden dragon, kekeke!

    The most important isn't the gender of the baby, but health :) Take care~

  15. I bet it is baby boy? LOL!

    anyways Nothing really special for me and my family . . . cleaning and I hope for 4 days Holiday and enjoy with my friends . . . first 2 day would be makan with relative . . .

  16. no decoration for me too . . . haha why la so lazy la me > . <

  17. Rose, yea, everybody loves Angry Birds.. haha.

    Daniel, come Taiping and I'll give you the ang pao, haha..

    Yvonne, yellow + gold actually..

    Kian Fai, not surprise.. guys wont do the CNY decorations, normally ;)

  18. show us more of ur baby to see preggy photo of you..hehe.. ya, u should do the 4d scan , coz if baby is guai inside, can see very clearly geh...

  19. Iyson, haha I will. Thanks anyway!

  20. May the dragon boy or girl not do too much "KUNG FU" (kicking) inside LOL

  21. Robinson, haha well sometimes kick is good :D

  22. I have done nothing much except lots of Ang Bao decor. Planned to do some baking but no time.. or just too lazy..

  23. Merryn, good job! I havent started CNY decor, LOL..

  24. what no surprise! LOL!

    Me from creative field okays! haha if I got gal friend and ask me do for her I will do it okays :P

  25. Kian Fai, LOL, okok I trust you.

  26. Not matter is a boy or girl,as long as they are healthy, and the more important things is take good care on urself.
    congrats and cheers=)

  27. i've been eating lots of CNY cookies even it is not CNY yet. So guilty. haha

    That BDS CNY packets are very nice.


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