Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prune juice

Read about this Sunsweet Prune Juice through a magazine and says it's good for pregnant lady (READ HERE). So I bought a bottle to try.

946ml and if I'm not mistaken, it's about RM12 per bottle. The color is exactly like the dried prunes and looks like the Chinese 'koh teh' (苦茶)....

This juice is made from plump with no sugar or artificial preservatives added and is rich in iron and potassium.

Other benefits are:-
-Helps in digestive system
-Lower cholesterol level
-Rich in fiber and helps in constipation issue
-Beneficial to skin cell and brain cell membranes

*More benefits HERE*

The label says it's best enjoyed with ice, blend into fruit drinks or mix with bran muffin recipe. At this point I do not want too much icy stuff so I just drink it in room temperature.

The taste? Well to be honest, I prefer the dried prunes than drinking this juice. It is sour and weird, especially when I'm not drinking it cold. But overall still tolerable to me.

Have you try this?


  1. for your baby's good sake, I think whatever claimed robe good but so untasty you will also eat/drink without hasitation lor, hehe.. :)

  2. Good source of fibre....iron and folic acid supplements make the stools hard....

  3. I'm no fan of sourish drink, but it mentioned about lowering cholesterol level... I think I'm gonna get one bottle then.

  4. Like "ko teh" , if it taste "bad", it must be good LOL..Bon apetit

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  6. I do not like prune juice but I know it helps when have constipation. I did not know it is good for pregnant mothers:D Yes, this is the time to really get nourishment my dear for the sake of a healthy baby.

  7. Hayey,
    I have tried and I like both version.

  8. Prunes is always good... I think cold will taste better but ice is definitely not good for health :P

  9. Hi hayley,

    i'm not a fan of prune and i hope your baby dragon is in top condition. Time passes so fast right? you are already 5 months pregnant.

    Hows your blogroll cleaning up? don't be upset yeah? because not all have easy access to internet. I'm doing the same too because by doing so, it helps me to focus on serious readers. saves time too...haha!

    have a nice day.

  10. hayley,谢谢你的咨询分享,我要去买来喝了!嘻嘻!之前只知道prune对排泄方面有很好的帮助,原来对孕妇也是好的,我要喝了,哈哈。

  11. Thank you for the comments! Hope you guys enjoy the prune juice, hehe.

    珊姑娘, 是的。孕妇难免会有便秘,所以不妨喝喝这个。。

  12. good for constipation, I must try then and eat less XD

  13. need to mix water to drink it like rebina? because it looks thick for me LOL

    u brought from where? hehehe

  14. Prune juice is quite nice actually. I used to buy this for Chloe when she was younger cos she often had constipation problem. I've never tried Sunsweet brand though... I bought the Del Monte one but for the dried prunes, I always buy Sunsweet :)

  15. Kian Fai, no need add water ;)
    I got it from Tesco..

    ChloeRuoyi, may be you should try this one...

  16. I took this only after I delivered, because that time very fear to go toilet. So, it is good to make my poo poo softer.

  17. Yan, I see..
    Ya, it makes toilet trip easier, hehe.

  18. hey, did you drink a lot? Did it give you diarrhea? I only give it to ashley when she has constipation and it works really fast :)

  19. Barb, I drink a little bit everyday, cant really tahan the taste, LOL.

  20. ohh....this works for my kids when they have constipation. I've tried too but don't really like it. I prefer Ribena. ahah


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