Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to housekeep

Today is the first day of work after the long weekend, though I'm not working right now but I can certainly understand how it feels going to the office after the long holiday... =_=

Entering the new year, I do have a list of things I wanna do.
Apart of housekeep my room, I also want to housekeep my Facebook friend lists and delete whatever unnecessary applications.

Also, I wish to give my blog a new look but that will takes me some times haha. But one thing I can do now is to housekeep my blog rolls.
There're bloggers whom I support and leave comments on and off but sadly they din't do the same to my blog, so it's time to remove those and keep whoever loyal, LOL. (Sorry in advance....)

Alright, it's tea time and I'm about to indulge in something sweet...

Will keep one for breakfast tomorrow hehe

For those working, hang in there, it's almost time to go home~


  1. La Promise cakes, right? :) I have been there once... hope to go one more time..
    Blog-keeping (housekeeping) hahaa.. yes, I think I got to clean up my blog too!

  2. hahaha, good!! housekeep to send away those unnecessary and welcome the good things~~ :)

  3. Thanks for thoughtfulness, Hayley. Tomorrow school day starts, I can no longer that relax like in school holiday. Envy you, you can live everyday like Sunday :)

  4. Oo, I do housekeeping on and off - physically or virtually. Still need to do some spring cleaning as CNY is approaching soon ^.^

  5. Haha spring cleaning :D

    Have fun doing that!

  6. Claire, yep, La Promise.

    SK, I agree!

    Yan, no need to envy la~ CNY is coming, can have a long rest ;)

    Yvonne, yep. I need to do spring cleaning as well.

    Daniel, thanks.

  7. Your opening statement did not diminish my "lousy feeling" but life goes on LOL (jz back from my hometown)

    Yeah do what u think u need to for 2012 is still fresh :-)

  8. First of all, a Happy New Year and I must say that the cake looks delicious. I would love to eat it.


  9. Hi Hayley,

    Happy house keeping. Hope mind dont get deleted. (fingers crossed)
    I does mine on fb from time to time, trying to keep my friends list to the minimum and those active ones only, but people keep on adding me. sometimes don't know wheather to confirm them or not. But I have to be firm and do what might not be polite and decline most of them which I find does not have connection or share my interests.

  10. Yes, emo-ing after long weekend @@
    how wish someone can treat me sweet to clean away my emo?? hehe ^^

  11. Robinson, yea life goes on..

    Filip, thank you.

    Johnnie, yours will be here, dont worry ;)
    Ya, it's better to only accept people we know.

    Evelyn, haha, I cant send it to you... :P

  12. It is good to do some housekeeping. Sorry for late visiting ur blog. Busy with closing...

  13. You have sweet tooth ar? I love cake also leh. So await for your blog new look lah.

  14. Angeline, no problem, I understand....

    Vicky, yep I have sweet tooth all the while, hehehe :P

  15. At first! I would like to drop you a little wish! Happy New Year to you! :)

    Smile always ok XD

  16. hahah I am not a loyal 1 :( because I am busy with games and some stuff already XD

    by the way my disqus cannot detect your google profile lol . . . kind of trolled me upside down already

  17. and you making me wanna go buy cake already, feel like buying 3 slice and go to cyber cafe eat and play later wtf

  18. Linked your link to my blog already . . . so it will be easy for me . . .

    I know it is simple click but my broadband run very slow last few days. today was fast and very free, so I linked u already XD

  19. Kian Fai, LOL.. suddenly so many comments...
    Yep I realise that but dint know how to fix it :(
    Anyway thank you.. Happy new year to you too!

  20. Is that green tea cake? I like :)

    I don't do housekeeping for my blogroll. All the blogs in my bloglist are the ones that I like and I will still read them even if I don't receive any comments from them :)

  21. ChloeRuoyi, yep that's green tea cake! Yumz..

  22. I springclean my FB list on and off, I cannot stand too much spam on my fb hahaha.

    Happy 2012...

    and I want the greentea cake!!!

  23. YT, haha, and I want that macaroons in your latest blog post :P

  24. i'm so lazy to srping clean. The most important things to do now is to spring cleaning my bedroom before the CNY but I'm just not motivated to do it. aiii.....


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