Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zhong Hwa Hin BKT

BKT (bak kut teh) is one of my favourite dish, but I try not to have it too often as it's quite heaty.
Recently hubby and I tried the newly opened dry BKT located at Zhong Hwa Hin (中华轩) chinese restaurant.
It sells dim sum in the morning and BKT is available at 12pm-3pm and 6pm-9pm.

We ordered one pot of normal soup BKT (lots of ingredients to chose from). The soup is just nice to me as I prefer the not-so-thick type

Must not forget Enoki mushroom, my favourite! But this huge Enoki doesn't taste as good as the smaller ones...

This is the dry version of BKT. I know it looks all black LOL. We chosed pork ribs and it also has dried chili and ladies fingers inside. It taste good but abit too sweet for me

A plate of yao mak to complete the dinner ;)

Complimentary yao zha kuai

Total bill for the above is RM37.70 including chinese tea. Cheap or not, I'll leave to you to judge.....

Service wise, tolerable but of course depends on the numbers of customers too.

Here's the contact if you are interested

Zhong Hwa Hin is the North Chamber Association Taiping (北霹雳中华工商会), located just opposite the famous Taiping lake garden (also beside Restaurant Taman Tasik, 初记小贩中心).

One thing I like about this restaurant is that it's spacious and fully air conditioned ;) Also, you'll see the beautiful lake garden once you walk out from the restaurant.

p/s: Ok, that night, I felt quite guilty as I wallop alot of pork........ =_=


  1. i don't really like BKT one, maybe my dad cooks too much at home!! wakakakaka~~ :D

  2. I haven't tasted it yet. Hubby told me before is not cheap! I would like to try the dry BKT...

    p/s: no worry if you wallop alot of pork...u still looking great.

  3. The soup dont look too dark. These days BKT dont come cheap.But if there are alot of ingredients then it is reasonable. I like both wet and dry type, and that only once in a while.

  4. It sounded really good. I haven't tried it yet! I will keep this in my list.

  5. oh BTW, i have a little token of appreciation for you.. can you email me your postal address here??

  6. So many BKT restaurants opened here. Yan has been tempting me to go to Aulong newly opened BKT too....

    Btw, this is the 1st time I saw dry BKT.... suaku hor

  7. Some BKT have lots of Tong Kwai inside....try not to take too much....not suitable if u r pregnant...

  8. Did you say dried BKT ? but how come got soup one...

    You know,I won't take BKT kalau tak ada Garlice,chili padi and Or tau yu....

  9. 那次回太平有看到了但没时间去吃~ 现在你分享了, 我要找时间去尝尝咯 ^^

  10. Hahaha feel guilty "wallop" BKT? But i feel the price is reasonable & agreed the Enoki mushroom must be smaller to taste better (I'm fan of BKT too)

  11. bak kut teh,我也爱!!

  12. Klang BKT is the best! Miss it badly

  13. em yummy, I love BKT. Yes Klang BKT is the best.

  14. Pete, yep I know. Thanks for reminding!

    Eugene, got soup and dry, 2 different types.

    珊姑娘, 还没吃过正正的巴生肉骨茶!

  15. haha Hak Si Yao BKT :P

    I know there is one dry BKT nice in Klang . . . long time no eat di :)

  16. Kian Fai, I never try Klang BKT before....

  17. ohh.....u making me craving for bkt now. Nowadays, BKT can be quite pricy. So RM37 + for your meal is normal la.

  18. mNhL, yes, BKT is kinda expensive these days...


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