Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All the way to Kuala Selangor

As mentioned, hubby and I went South last weekend to attend my ex unimate's wedding dinner, which is at Stadium Kuala Selangor. I never been to this place before, nor I heard much about it.

Thank God for GPS, without it, we would surely lost......

Camwhoring in the car.. hehe

Caught syok sendiri, haha. 6pm was the time as written on the wedding invitation card, we worried that we might not find the place smoothly, and I thought may be wedding dinner here start sharp, so we left Damansara very early

We reached the place on time, but there were only a few guests there =_=

These are my ex coursemates, from different majors. Nice to meet them again after we graduated 5 years ago!

We waited from 6pm to 8pm til dinner started can you imagine? My prince is hungry so do I, luckily I brought some snacks with me..........

Finally the newly wed arrived!! Here's Swee Kean and her husband and me, Swee Kean is my ex coursemate as well as ex room mate during Year 1

Luckily the food served continuosly, otherwise I think the whole dinner would end at 11pm =_=

1st dish was the hot 'phoon choy' . Taste ok!

Next is pork legs, not my favourite though

Chicken soup with sea cucumber, quite nice~

Assam fish, which is not so fresh.....

Deep fried prawns with salad, so so....

Only 6 dishes, including the last one, longan with white fungus

*Food served by Kuang Wah restaurant situated at Sungai Besar*

Not much photos taken that night, we were rushing back to Damansara as hubby had another appointment with his 'kaki beer'. Moreover, the journey back to Damansara was about 1 hour and the road is dark...

Anyway, it was nice meeting my ex coursemates, and I wish Swee Kean and her hubby a blessed marriage! ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Osaka Cakes

I saw one local bakery promoting their Osaka cake recently, bought a box to try today.

6 pieces for RM 13.80, which is quite reasonable...

Very fluffy sponge cakes!

Inside were very sweet cream filling. I love this cake!

Basically I love all kinds of cakes and used to bake quite often. But ever since pregnant, the baking mojo dissappear =_=

Anyway I heard that it's a no no for pregnant lady to approach the microwave/owen due to radiation. So this actually makes me even lazier to touch the microwave :P

I hope the baking mojo will be back after my prince is here ^^

Til then, have a pleasant evening!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Have a fabulous weekend~

Weekend is here again! ;)

Received the wedding invitation card few days ago, it's my ex Unimate's big day tomorrow! Hubby and I will be heading South and also take this opportunity to shop for our prince ;)

Whatever you're doing, enjoy and have a great weekend! ^^

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Those changes....

Apparently, things changed ever since I'm pregnant. Here's a post dedicated to myself ;)

My high heels are collecting dust for months already. Sandals and flats are my best friends these days. In fact, I'm worried will I still know how to walk (elegantly) in high heels after I give birth? Will I still love them after that?

Feeding myself lots of fruits everyday. People said certain fruits are to be avoided but basically I eat all kinda fruits like I used to, cause doctor said so, LOL. Besides, I'm consuming red dates tea/soya milk/red bean soup about once or twice a week.

Housekeep my wardrobe and arrange those maternity and loose clothes in the front. And when I'm at home, I wear hubby's t-shirts most of the times, they are much bigger in size and more comfy too! Also giving away certain unwanted clothes to make way for my baby's clothes ;)

Stopped jogging/yoga-ing since months ago, but I'm walking at the lake about 3-4 times a week (depending on the weather and mood too), about 30 mins per time. Well, sometimes people give me a weird stare and the first thing is to look at my belly. Why? Never see pregnant lady walk alone ar?!!

I can no longer shop for 8 hours like I did last time, now even an hour shopping at Tesco kills my legs =_=

I hardly nap in the afternoon before this. But now thanks to pregnancy I actually nap for 30 mins or so everyday. One thing which has never changed though, I'm still very light sleep. I still need total silence and total darkness =_=

That's all for today. This post will be continued and I hope it won't bore you all... ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What happened to them?

The above are my wedding albums which are about 2 years old. There're 2 big albums and 1 small album. The big ones are kept inside the super-heavy briefcase while the smaller one, we put it on the display rack in our room.

Well the issue is, there's no issue with the wedding albums. LOL. Usually people would keep their wedding albums underneath the bed after married, but because our mattress lay flat directly on the floor so we cannot store them underneath :D

Well, these albums are now on the label 'for display only' and to be honest, hubby and I hardly touch them now. That's why people say, go for the cheapest wedding photo package because you'll show no interest after few months.. Actually we already chosen the cheapest package, it was the gowns upgrading and extra albums which cost us more.

But these albums are part of the wedding of course we need to keep them, so that I can show them to my kids in the future, LOL!

So, what do you do with your wedding albums? :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

A little note to myself

Weather is very unpredictable these days, but it's more hot than cold at my place and I sweat more than usual. And thanks to pregnancy and all that hormones changes, my temper worsen (sometimes). Mood swings easily and now that I recall, kesian my hubby, cause he is the victim most of the times :P

But thank God hubby understands, and everytime after I calm down, I apologised, so things ended fine.

Thanks for the understanding and tolerance hubby! I love you my darling~

And I become very emotional too, little thing is enough to make me shed my tears :(
I googled all these and luckily, these are some common changes during pregnancy (though not for all pregnant ladies), at least I know I'm not the strange ones ;)

I know keeping a happy mood during pregnancy is important so I am doing my best. Whenever I feel down, I'll either eat or sing, or simply talk to my baby, and he'll somehow react by kicking/strenching hard ^^

Backache has become my visitor these days, and my hip bones hurt whenever I sit too long =_= At this moment I really wish for a long relaxing massage session....... Haha.

Ok, off to kitchen for supper now :D

-to be continued-

Friday, February 17, 2012

Counting down....

It's mid February now and guess what, there's about 3 months plus to my EDD! Can't believe time flies!! I've been carrying a baby boy in me for 6 months plus already ;)

Went for another 3D scan the other day and had been talking to my prince the night before, to ask him to show his full face when doctor is scanning, and I'll promise to take more pictures for him to see in the future.

Looks like my prince is frowning here, LOL. He's very active these days and kicks me harder and more frequent, especially at night. Also react whenever hubby or I call his name ;) Sometimes the kicks actually 'hurt' and I feel like he kicks my bladder, makes me wanna pee.

Cursor showing his little 'bird', LOL

My prince is having Babyplus lesson twice a day. He's at lesson 7 so far, which means only 9 more lessons to go! ;)

Look how tiny my feets are. Almost can't see my feet now.. :P

I've gained about 10KGs so far. Appetite is good, dinner can never be enough for me, haha

My round belly. Linea nigra is getting obvious ;)

I still experience sleeping disturbance on and off. Midnight bathroom trip is becoming more and more frequent til I feel like I never sleep at all :(

Baby bump at 26 weeks. I know, baby bump looks small somehow. But I already feel heavy and can't sleep flat on my back, have to sleep on the side for better blood and oxygen flow to my baby, as what I read from books.

One more week to go before I enter the 3rd trimester. I'll have to say, 2nd trimester is my most enjoyable period (as many are saying). Though I cannot wait to hold my baby in my arms, I enjoy every single moments from day 1 til now. I'm sure I'm gonna miss the feeling later.

Counting down, 14 weeks to go!! ^^

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple, we like

I was clueless on how to celebrate V day this year, til I saw the Valentine set dinner promotion at La Promise Bakery & Cafe through FB. Made a reservation and reached there early.

There were already lots of customers when we arrived, we got the seats upstair.

First a photo of us ;)

As my baby bump is getting bigger, I can feel the weight already and kind of slow down in most things I do

Our drinks

Appertizers: mushroom soup & garden salad

Main courses: Original chicken chop...

.. and mint sauce grilled lamb

Desserts: Banana chocolate cake.....

.. and baked cheese cake

It was a simple celebration and we were satisfied, no expensive pressie or high class cuisines. But I'm thankful to be able to celebrate with the one I love. Thank you lao gong for the treat! <3

I bought hubby a wallet in return to replace his existing ones..

Lastly, a stalk of red rose from the cafe, as a free gift :D

La Promise Bakery & Cafe

7, Jalan Panggung Wayang,

34000 Taiping.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another V-Day

Lovely bouquets, right? (Photo taken from an online source)

I think the last time I received flowers was 3-4 years ago. Though I don't mind to receive them again, I still prefer cash if you ask me, LOL :P

But seriously, everyday is a V-day when you're with the right ones!

Today's Valentine's Day, hubby and I will probably dine outside, simple. Still have no idea where/how to really celebrate, but my baby has been kicking me real hard! Seems like he is more excited than us, haha :D

Anyway, here I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy Valentine's Day! Go enjoy even though if you're single!

By the way, check out Google's homepage today, so cute!

Monday, February 13, 2012

From lovers to husbands and wives

Not only is the year of Dragon suits to get a baby, it's a good year to get married too! :D

2 friends got engaged yesterday, 12-02-2012.

First couple, Yao & Cindy

Second couple, Boy & Karen

ROM took place at Taiping Buddhist Temple

It was a Sunday so most of us were free to attend...

Here's Karen & I. Her chinese wedding ceremony will held this October

The ladies...

Ceremony started at 11am but we were already there at 10am, how supporting we were! :P

A total of 12 couples got engaged yesterday

And guess what? I counted, among the 12 couples, 5 are parents-to-be! ^^

Hubby and I, while waiting for the ceremony to end

The couples received their marriage certificates

Lastly, a group photo before we went for lunch together~

A big congratulations to both couples! ;)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't test my patience

I was at Maybank the other night, trying to bank in some money to a friend.

Image source

As usual, Maybank ATMs and Cash Deposit machines are always full with long queues (not sure about other places, but Taiping ones always pack with people). I personally do not have a MBB account so I cannot do any transactions online.

The man in front of me was already there when I arrived. I took a peep, he was going to bank in quite alot of RM 50 notes. Some notes couldn't go through and he kept on trying and trying. I stood behind him long enough but he just din't give up. Duh... uncle, din't you notice a queue behind? If the same notes couldn't go through means couldn't go through no matter how many times you try! Please be more considerate la!

The other Indian guy behind me also shaked head and switched lines. Finally, perhaps that man sensed my impatience and finished his business.

I know sometimes those machines are sensitive, I know the money is important to that someone, but please be considerate. Unless there's no one else behind you, otherwise, you might just need to think of other solutions. Hello, you do not own that machine alone!

*Sorry la, pregnant lady very impatient one!*

Have you encounter such situations?