Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All the way to Kuala Selangor

As mentioned, hubby and I went South last weekend to attend my ex unimate's wedding dinner, which is at Stadium Kuala Selangor. I never been to this place before, nor I heard much about it.

Thank God for GPS, without it, we would surely lost......

Camwhoring in the car.. hehe

Caught syok sendiri, haha. 6pm was the time as written on the wedding invitation card, we worried that we might not find the place smoothly, and I thought may be wedding dinner here start sharp, so we left Damansara very early

We reached the place on time, but there were only a few guests there =_=

These are my ex coursemates, from different majors. Nice to meet them again after we graduated 5 years ago!

We waited from 6pm to 8pm til dinner started can you imagine? My prince is hungry so do I, luckily I brought some snacks with me..........

Finally the newly wed arrived!! Here's Swee Kean and her husband and me, Swee Kean is my ex coursemate as well as ex room mate during Year 1

Luckily the food served continuosly, otherwise I think the whole dinner would end at 11pm =_=

1st dish was the hot 'phoon choy' . Taste ok!

Next is pork legs, not my favourite though

Chicken soup with sea cucumber, quite nice~

Assam fish, which is not so fresh.....

Deep fried prawns with salad, so so....

Only 6 dishes, including the last one, longan with white fungus

*Food served by Kuang Wah restaurant situated at Sungai Besar*

Not much photos taken that night, we were rushing back to Damansara as hubby had another appointment with his 'kaki beer'. Moreover, the journey back to Damansara was about 1 hour and the road is dark...

Anyway, it was nice meeting my ex coursemates, and I wish Swee Kean and her hubby a blessed marriage! ;)


  1. You make me miss poon choy so much.

  2. Nice looking dish.I dont remember if I had eaten phoon choy beofe. I remember there was once with all the mixed stuff in a pot. that could be it?

  3. I always love to have such gathering, firstly can meet up with 'old' friends and chat everything under the sky mostly on 'history', secondly, when attending wedding dinners, everyone will be dressed up in their best and last but not least, with all the yummylicious food served.

    Despite only 6 dishes, but every one was so tempting especially the 'poon choy'

  4. That poon choy looks soooo good :D

    You are looking good by the way ^^

  5. d poon choy is big....i guess that everyone is full after the first dish ya..

  6. wah, all the way to KS.. but all meat without any vege leh, haha~~

  7. The food looks diff from usual wedding dinner. The chicken soup looks good ^^

  8. all the way to Kuala Selangor for your fren wedding huh, ic :)

    hahaha Kuala Selangor not near my place oso :P

    happy feasting and take care always~

  9. 真的与一般的婚宴菜色不同,蛮特别的。
    美丽孕妇 =)

  10. 6 dishes only? Normally got 8 one.... 8 = fatt! Kekeke

  11. wah, drove down all the way to Kuala Selangor.....didn't go see the famous firefly there kah?

  12. Johnnie, 'phoon choy' is actually mixed stuff in a hot pot!

    Yvonne, yep we were surprised too!

    Pete, no time.. Plus, we can see the fireflies at Kuala Sepetang too, which is 15 mins away from my place ;)

  13. I've never had Phoon Choy during a wedding yet. I'm so eager to try but none that I went for have that :(

  14. Merryn, frankly it was my first time eating 'phoon choy' in a wedding reception!


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