Friday, February 3, 2012

Dinner at Matang

A friend's sister runs a restaurant at Matang and we were invited to a dinner there during CNY.

Evelyn and her baby boy, Ethan

Hubby and I weren't the only 'lucky' ones, Evelyn too invited a few more friends over ;)

Some of the pictures we took

And here's what Evelyn ordered for us that night:

Overall, the food were great. But due to the hot weather this CNY, we were sweating while eating, LOL. Bill was unknown cause it was a treat from Evelyn ^^

Thank you dear for the dinner treat!

Though the restaurant is slightly far from Taiping town, at least we have a varieties of restaurants to choose (Sometimes I really have no idea where else to eat at Taiping town)

Here's the address:

Jin Jing Restaurant (金井茶餐室)
1, Jalan Matang Utama,
Taman Matang Utama,

34700 Taiping.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I will try when I go matang.

  2. The food looks nice n simple...
    Well u always can travel to ipoh for some other varities...
    I haven't been to Taiping for quite some time ..
    is the Taiping popiah still as good?

  3. wow so nice being invited by "si tau poh" herself, so this is considered blogger food review session?? hehe, I like the 2nd soup with seaweed, nice!!

  4. Pictures are showing not only (tonnes of) food but it's also overloaded with babies.

    Such nice treat from your friend. Btw, is it air-conditioned?

  5. 我喜欢spicy foods,第一第二很吸引我。

    你看起来肚子还不会很大哦!我的肚子就很大了!希望可以看到你的全身look ^^

  6. why show me 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉! 咕噜肉!

    hahah jk jk

    I prefer something abit salty and the soup sauce is creamy :P


  7. Yeah sometimes I also have no idea where to settle our dinner in weekend. For me, blog-hop will help :-)

  8. Wow! A delicious treat. Such a good friend of yours.

  9. Simple Person, yea but depends on which stall also.. hehe.

    Yvonne, nope it's not air conditioned, thats why we were sweating, LOL.

    珊姑娘, 呵呵,有人说我的肚子不像六个月大,还是很‘优秀’,不过我不介意啦,最重要是知道自己和宝宝都健康,那就足够了 ;)
    不过我很会吃哦,哈哈 :D

    Kian Fai, LOL, ku lou yok must be your favourite la!

  10. Don't mention dear ^^
    谢谢你帮忙宣传哦。。 =)

  11. Sweating while eating is part of the dining experience in M'sia, I personally kinda miss that :D

    The foods look super delicious. Wishing your friend 生意兴隆!(Your friend's sis is your friend too right? :p)

  12. Beverly's Secret, haha ya! I thank you on behalf of my friend ;)

  13. At first I thought you were in Kuching because there is place called Matang here. Lol! The food look yummy. Good luck to your friend's sister.

  14. Rose, LOL really? Matang here is situate around 15 mins from town area~

  15. Oh ya pregnant lady easily sweat, can't believe carry a little one inside could be so HOT kkk

  16. Vicky, yea, I sweat even after a shower =_=


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