Monday, February 13, 2012

From lovers to husbands and wives

Not only is the year of Dragon suits to get a baby, it's a good year to get married too! :D

2 friends got engaged yesterday, 12-02-2012.

First couple, Yao & Cindy

Second couple, Boy & Karen

ROM took place at Taiping Buddhist Temple

It was a Sunday so most of us were free to attend...

Here's Karen & I. Her chinese wedding ceremony will held this October

The ladies...

Ceremony started at 11am but we were already there at 10am, how supporting we were! :P

A total of 12 couples got engaged yesterday

And guess what? I counted, among the 12 couples, 5 are parents-to-be! ^^

Hubby and I, while waiting for the ceremony to end

The couples received their marriage certificates

Lastly, a group photo before we went for lunch together~

A big congratulations to both couples! ;)


  1. congratulations to both couples ^^

  2. Wedding such a very happy ocassion..

  3. luckily both couples chose the same place so you don't have to worry which one to attend, haha.. :p

  4. At last 2 gal "prettier" than you but the "consolation" is your hubby is still the tallest LOL

    Jz joke...nice hor wedding in dragon year & some more near V day

  5. Interesting. all your friends are getting married one by one?

  6. These two years many of our friends are getting married/giving birth too! I guess we are already in the "settled down" phase :)

    Congrats to ur friends~

  7. 5 parents to be!!!!!! Let me count properly again. Anyway, congratulations to all the parents to be.

  8. Congrats to both couples. Meaning you've got 2 more wedding to attend :) - One in October, another in?? Busy busy~

  9. Hey York Mei,a great Valentine ya

  10. Gosh! Busy year to get married and have babies huh? hahaha!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Hayley.

  11. 恭喜你的朋友!今年真的很多喜事,很多朋友结婚,怀孕等等,开心呀!

  12. Congrats to your friends. So today their will celebrate V day in husband and wife jor.

  13. Johnnie, you're right! 'Queueing up' already ;)

    Yvonne, another one in... Not sure yet! :P


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