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A little note to myself

Weather is very unpredictable these days, but it's more hot than cold at my place and I sweat more than usual. And thanks to pregnancy and all that hormones changes, my temper worsen (sometimes). Mood swings easily and now that I recall, kesian my hubby, cause he is the victim most of the times :P

But thank God hubby understands, and everytime after I calm down, I apologised, so things ended fine.

Thanks for the understanding and tolerance hubby! I love you my darling~

And I become very emotional too, little thing is enough to make me shed my tears :(
I googled all these and luckily, these are some common changes during pregnancy (though not for all pregnant ladies), at least I know I'm not the strange ones ;)

I know keeping a happy mood during pregnancy is important so I am doing my best. Whenever I feel down, I'll either eat or sing, or simply talk to my baby, and he'll somehow react by kicking/strenching hard ^^

Backache has become my visitor these days, and my hip bones hurt whenever I sit too long =_= At this moment I really wish for a long relaxing massage session....... Haha.

Ok, off to kitchen for supper now :D

-to be continued-


  1. hmmm, good that you still are able to realise your temper worsens after you calm down.. be more happy lah, so that your baby won't always frown in the future~~ :p

  2. yeah, glad that you realize it is due to the hormones and you can control it. If not, it may lead to depression :( good to stay happy during your pregnancy.

  3. My first pregnancy, i was a bit emotional too. Burst out with tears alone at night. But somehow, learn thru experience, my second pregnancy is the best i can say. Take a deep breath dear...inhale and exhale.

  4. You look great together.


  5. 对,怀孕期很情绪化的。所以尽量做你开心的事,那么就不会伤感了。你将进入第三期,belly也会越来越大, 所以也会辛苦点了~ 拿个小枕头来垫着肚子、背部和脚吧~ 要找对舒服的姿势,那么就不会辛苦了。。加油!!

  6. Almost every mom-to-be expect these changes, just stay positive and be happy. Don't take things too seriously and continue to grow a beautiful baby.

    Preggie women tends to show temper and get emotional. Cheers!

  7. Glad that your hubby is an understanding people :) How sweet. Hope your back pain will be getting better soon.

  8. 孕妇就是很情绪化的,正常正常,但老公的体谅真的很重要,感恩呀!

  9. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey and even with some glitches in between, I am sure it's still an amazing feeling, to have a baby growing inside you!

    Enjoy the remaining few months :)

  10. Pregnancy will make our body very hot. Maybe due to the vit and herbal stuffs we took during that period. Take care....and glad that u have an understanding hubby.

  11. It's very common pregnant lady have swing mood. Good that your hubby is very understanding. Enjoy your pregnancy.

  12. Always think that your hubby will be there for you no matter what. You Family too okays! Take Care and cant wait :)

  13. Hayley,

    Come to think of it, yea I was at the receceing end once,but then again even now, thought hormones are not the cause.ha ha.
    You take it easy ok.Save more kissses for hubby that will make him forget everthing.

  14. You are not that bad, at least you are awared of your mood swing and temper. I can understand pregnant women, and give pregnant women a lot of benefit of doubt. You will be your normal self after the delivery. You take care.

  15. It is normal when you are pregnant, dear. You will have change of temperature (warmer) and the mood swing. As long as you know you are normal and everything will be okay. And of course with your hubby's support and understanding, it will be a great pregnancy term for you.

  16. Thank you all for the support and tips!
    Have a pleasant evening~

  17. Just keep relax all the time . Pamper yourself always!

  18. Hi Hayley, ha ha, very true, when women in the family way, they naik angin often, ha ha.
    And get cravings want to eat pickled mango or oh chien late at nights.
    Have fun, and be happy.

  19. Hormonal changes is inevitable during and after pregnancy, just stay happy and most important to hv a supportive hubby like yous, take care!

  20. Thanks again all!

    I'll stay positive and happy :D

  21. aiya, sometime marah, sometime cry......kesian!

  22. Stay positive and be as happy as you can. Very soon your pregnancy will be over and you will then face another new set of challenges... caring for a baby :)

  23. ChloeRuoyi, ya I can't wait too!!


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