Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Met up with some lovely people

Besides reunion, CNY is about gathering, food and drinks too. This water Dragon year I managed to meet up with my friends who is working and staying at KL.

On the 3rd day of CNY, a lovely blogger friend came to Taiping with her family. You probably knew it already if you followed Yan's blog.

It was Barbara and her husband, together with their little missy, Ashley

The meeting was organized by Angeline, the food also ordered by her. Thanks!

Lucheon took place at Saujana Curry House at Kamunting

The food we had

Barbara was thoughtful enough to bring each of us some gift. I got these cookies and nuts as well as a cute pair of baby shoes from her. Thank you so much Barb, it was a pleasure meeting you and family!

There was also a surprise visit by my senior, Evelyn.

Evelyn in the middle, and Crystal on the right

It has been years since I last saw Evelyn, she is my senior during Form 6. It was only a short chat because I got another gathering to attend, nonetheless we catched up quite alot ^^

Carment, my former Form 6 friend was in town too. We had been waiting for this meeting for months ;) She is still that pretty and slim, really made me envious....

My friend's cute boy, Yan Wii

Gathering at Bee's house.
l-r: Bee, Esther, Suan & her son and yours truly

There was also a dinner treat by my cousin on 2nd day of CNY, since most of her brothers were back in town. A family photo, minus my elder brother who was occupied by some business =_=

Some of my aunties and cousins from father's side. Dinner was at Jin Yu Man Tang. No photos of the food though. All eatery place was packed with people during CNY, food served quite slow and not all tasted good..........

I have no idea when will we meet again after these gatherings. Perhaps during the next gathering, I'll bring my baby boy along~ haha :D


  1. Holidays and celebrations are great opportunities to rekindle lost ties. I recently visited my aunt & uncle who took care of me when I was young. They had an unsettled dispute with my parents some 12 years and we kind of drifted apart. This year, after so many years, I gathered the courage to visit them and apologised for taking so long to get in touch with them again.

  2. nice family n friends reunion... good cacth up n remind back all the d good fond memories...

  3. Nice that u still have gathering with old school mates...That's what CNY gathering's about...friends & family

    5 days more to go :)

  4. I caught up with some old classmates too this CNY. It was always nice to meet old buddies whom reminded us of our old time, right? Those were the days.

  5. Oh dear the world is so so small. You know Evelyn eh? I never meet with her again after her parents move to KL. Accept her grandma is still staying at Taiping. Evelyn is my old time neighbour. we played together all the time. her grandparents is my father godparents too .

  6. so nice you gotta meetup with so many bloggers and friends during CNY.. :)

  7. Treasure those who treasure you,,,, now I am convinced that you are a such a nice person by looking at those pictures of yours,,,,,

  8. Wow so many gatherings. THis CNY is a short short holiday for me so not having much chance to meet up or get together with too many ppl.

  9. Your CNY was eventful, ya! Every day catching up with friends and family, plus food.

  10. 哇~ 看来你也渡过了一个很忙却很开心的新年哦 ^^

  11. u having great gathering & CNY!!! ^^ is sweet!

  12. Hayley,
    So nice of you to be able to catch up with your class mate. I have lost contact with most of my class mate and only had one whom I met regulary until his demise some years ago.

  13. So many nice gatherings to keep you busy this festive season :)

  14. Wow, so many photos..hhahahha. It was great to meet all of you pretty ladies. We felt like celebrities lah *shy* Hope to meet all of you more often. Thanks again for everything :)

  15. jamie, glad to hear that!

    Yan, yes. Nice to meet up with old buddies~

    Angeline, yes she was my senior in K.E school.

    Barbara, thank you too!

  16. is that your brother (last second photo) so dam look alike with u hahaha :P

  17. Kian Fai, yep! He's my second brother ^^

  18. wah so many gathering you have during CNY. Haha I love that photo, all girls showing their long nice legs kkk.


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