Monday, February 6, 2012

Of another gathering and Ti Kong prayer

I got a last-minute call from an ex colleague on the 6th day of CNY, asking me to visit her in the evening.
Actually it was for a short gathering ;)

The host in pink, Amy

Must thank Amy for the yummy homemade soya milk, specially made for these 2 pregnant ladies.......

... Lee See and myself ;) I had a total of 3 glasses that day, how glutton! :P

Lastly a group photo. Went there for a short while only, but it was a nice gathering.

I am thankful because these ladies still remember me and call me out whenever they have gathering, and shared with me lots of gossips and news from the ex company, hehe. They are from Finance and Costing department, by the way ;)

And during the 8th night of CNY, the Hokkien celebrated the Jade Emperor's birthday.

Camwhoring before dinner :P

Poor Fifi and Walley were locked at the back to avoid unnecessary barking cause relatives were coming over

Must have the roasted pig!

And other offerings

This was the second year I joined the prayer at in laws house

SIL and I

Burning the incense papers to Ti Kong. Dear Ti Kong, please bless us with health and luck this year of Dragon ;)

After the prayer, all of us got busy eating and drinking and I went to bed with my battery flat, but tummy fully loaded :)

Last but not least, I wish all my readers a Happy Chap Goh Meh! 元宵情人节快乐


  1. Bo pian - last day

    Happy chap goh mei 2 u & family

    Pai ti kong =another hokkien tradition

  2. 终于看到你全身look了,美美的孕妇。

  3. happy chp goh meh... (or happy chinese valentine...)..
    Wow d tin kong prayers is very grand .. Seems u all enjoy very much...
    Btw how much is a whole roast pig?

  4. Happy Chap Goh Meh, Hayley~

    I see some familiar faces in the group photo above. Amy hosted the gathering? How sweet of her :)

  5. HeLLo Hayley,

    Nice and simple gathering. It's the presence that counts and your friends must like you a lot since they still remember you. So you had 3 glasses of home made soya? That's still too little. I usually had 5 glasses. Ahaks!

    And wowo! Were those two Rottweilers? Garang oo...I'm scared of them u know? Hehehe!

    p/s: hopefully your stomach has digested all the food already.

  6. Hayley, you are always remembered all of us here. Happy Chap Goh Meh to you.

  7. Happy Chap Goh Mei Hayley!


  8. haha don't feel embarrassed la, one out of the three cups is for you baby.. oh, the tin gung dan looks so grand!!

  9. Hi Hayley, I bet you all had a lot of fun too. You have really very attractive friends too.
    You keep well.

  10. Good for you Hayley. You need all the protein and soy for now! :0 And people said, the baby will be fair if pregnant mummy takes lot of soy milk during pregnancy.

  11. so fast... new year is over!! Let's counting for next CNY =P
    Happy Chap Goh Meh!!

  12. 珊姑娘,是啊,我有六个好友都怀龙仔/龙女呢!

    Simple Person, sorry I din't know how much! But it's yummy! :P

    Willie, yep there are Rottweilers ;)

  13. Only can see tummy bigger, but your arms & legs still slim geh, very nice :).

  14. Vicky, haha, but not sure how for the coming months....

  15. Hi Hayley, missed u gals! Wow, it's how amazing u still look fit while u are preggy!

  16. The food taste really good too!;D Take care!^^

  17. Alice, thank you and welcome back! ;)

  18. Seriously admire at how gorgeous you are during pregnancy. Nothing else is gaining except the tummy! How do you do that?

  19. Merryn, not really. Actually all the 'fats' go to my hips and thighs =_=

  20. Huat ar! :X

    so many "materials" for Ti Kong, Ti Kong must be very happy and bless u all :)


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