Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple, we like

I was clueless on how to celebrate V day this year, til I saw the Valentine set dinner promotion at La Promise Bakery & Cafe through FB. Made a reservation and reached there early.

There were already lots of customers when we arrived, we got the seats upstair.

First a photo of us ;)

As my baby bump is getting bigger, I can feel the weight already and kind of slow down in most things I do

Our drinks

Appertizers: mushroom soup & garden salad

Main courses: Original chicken chop...

.. and mint sauce grilled lamb

Desserts: Banana chocolate cake.....

.. and baked cheese cake

It was a simple celebration and we were satisfied, no expensive pressie or high class cuisines. But I'm thankful to be able to celebrate with the one I love. Thank you lao gong for the treat! <3

I bought hubby a wallet in return to replace his existing ones..

Lastly, a stalk of red rose from the cafe, as a free gift :D

La Promise Bakery & Cafe

7, Jalan Panggung Wayang,

34000 Taiping.



  1. Next year you will have another person to celebrate with! Lol!

    Nice dinner.

  2. 很sweet的一个晚餐,还有玫瑰花 =)

    *我的肚子也越来越大了,而且这个星期开始感觉胎动了^^ 你呢?很奇妙的感觉。

  3. Ours was even simpler... we just stayed at home and enjoyed a wholesome homecooked meal. Ya, agree with you that what matters most is that we get to be together with our loved ones and be thankful for that :)

  4. hehehe, you bought him wallet but he didn't get you anything?? yeah, next year got another person joining lu~~

  5. Everything must do slow slow and careful, dun rush up and down ok!

    Hehe dun eat too sweet la! (I like the baked cheese cake)

  6. wow! simple but sweet thru~~
    Ur belly so big d, hope I can meet u again before u give birth ^^

  7. nice celebration :) you are looking good Hayley.

  8. Ah, baby bump is very obvious now ;)

    I wonder how much is the valentines' set. The Gate cafe is offering RM19.90 per set (read, per head).

    And let me guess, banana chocolate cake is yours, correct? Read that chocolate is good for preggie women, as the babies born would be happy babies :)

  9. Nice and simple celebration. Aw.. next year gonna bring your little one to celebrate V together, can't wait hor kkk

  10. Nice sweet gesture of gift exchange for each other

  11. Simple and sweet Valentine's day dinner. Next year even more joyful when the lil one tag along. :)

  12. Nice celebration, i believe that special day, everywhere also alot of people wan ....
    Anyway, u look good and pretty :)oh, when is ur due date ar ??

  13. Yap,next year one more addition to celebrate V day lol,,

  14. Very nice dinner....
    D most important is bith of u enjoy it.....
    Hope d wallet tat u gave ur hubby will bring more wealth...

  15. it does not matter how grand the celebration. It may be simple, but to be able to celebrate with the one you love matter most.
    Glad you had a good time.

  16. Simple is good :)

    Sometimes it's not the extravagance that warms the heart, it's about finding happiness in simplicity.

  17. A simple dining like this is a very wonderful celebration that you may remember for life.

  18. Thank you all! Yep, my baby boy will be joining us next Valentine's ^_*

    珊姑娘, 嗯,早在大概18周已经感觉到了。。我很enjoy呢!;)

    Yvonne, it's about RM32.90 per set. Erm, actually we shared the cakes, so both also were mine, LOL.

    Anggie, EDD is end of May.

  19. A simple and lovely Valentine's celebration. Next year, will be an even more exciting celebration, your lil Prince will be joining you guys :D


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