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Those changes....

Apparently, things changed ever since I'm pregnant. Here's a post dedicated to myself ;)

My high heels are collecting dust for months already. Sandals and flats are my best friends these days. In fact, I'm worried will I still know how to walk (elegantly) in high heels after I give birth? Will I still love them after that?

Feeding myself lots of fruits everyday. People said certain fruits are to be avoided but basically I eat all kinda fruits like I used to, cause doctor said so, LOL. Besides, I'm consuming red dates tea/soya milk/red bean soup about once or twice a week.

Housekeep my wardrobe and arrange those maternity and loose clothes in the front. And when I'm at home, I wear hubby's t-shirts most of the times, they are much bigger in size and more comfy too! Also giving away certain unwanted clothes to make way for my baby's clothes ;)

Stopped jogging/yoga-ing since months ago, but I'm walking at the lake about 3-4 times a week (depending on the weather and mood too), about 30 mins per time. Well, sometimes people give me a weird stare and the first thing is to look at my belly. Why? Never see pregnant lady walk alone ar?!!

I can no longer shop for 8 hours like I did last time, now even an hour shopping at Tesco kills my legs =_=

I hardly nap in the afternoon before this. But now thanks to pregnancy I actually nap for 30 mins or so everyday. One thing which has never changed though, I'm still very light sleep. I still need total silence and total darkness =_=

That's all for today. This post will be continued and I hope it won't bore you all... ;)


  1. Hey York Mei,temporarily forget about those that "you can't do that you used to do" you know what, cos nothing beats being a mom ya.

    And I am very sure that you will soon "go back in style" after baby come out, so hang in there ya, hang in there.....

  2. I sure i must sleep whole day like a pig if i really get pregnant hahaha!!!
    bcoz no pregnant i ard sleep like this~lol!

    high heel is girls best friends, couldn't agree anymore!=)But guess a mummy wont wear it as u need to hug ur baby every time. However, heels there waiting for u always !

  3. Love this update of you. Wait till your baby comes to the world. Then, you will see the biggest change in you and your partner life. I can see you adjust to the new life well. Take care.

  4. 很喜欢读你的怀孕期间日记,哈哈,因为都是我的心声!其实我也在想以后我还会不会穿高跟鞋>_< 但是还好我之前就很少穿了的,加上以后我们有baby如果不是什么function应该都会穿平底鞋。
    你很勤力,我到现在还没有做什么运动,倒是走楼梯就一天走很多。加油! =)

  5. wow, ur high heels really HIGH lor, how many inch er? me the highest pun 0.5cm...wahaha...wa tak boleh jalan oh if wear high heels...

  6. Welcome to the mummy world...Isn't it worth for all those changes? BTW, wearing his t-shirts during at home is so comfty rite...cos i also does the same thing. save $$ too.

  7. hmmm, i guess there will still be changes to your lifestyle after your baby is delivered also~~ :p

  8. Walk @ d park is really good...
    Mayb they r staring a pretty mum to b lo..
    Pee wiittttttttt

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. soon u will get back to style and in shape , no worry !! If not , then u will always hv reason to shopping again for new cloths .. hahah

  11. I scarifies my long hair, high heels and short skirts after giving birth. Now, long pants/shorts are my best friend coz wearing them are easier to manage the hyperactive kids. haha

  12. Those changes are for better future :p

    No worries as you would get back into your 'old shopping' habit and style once your child is more independent :)

  13. Guess the changes are transient, soon after your prince grow older, it would resume!;D

    p/s:if u plan to try the pancake, it's 1/4 tsp bicard. Instead of 1 1/4 tsp, typo error!

  14. Hayley,
    You need to sacrifice some to gain much happiness later on. I was told Pineapple is a no no. wonder if it is still true even at a latter stage of pregnancy?

  15. hi Hayley, i think you can create a post about what you can do when you're pregnant. Like being prioritized in a family or you have the rights to say something that everyone else must listen because you're now pregnant.

    Latest: Lovely Taste at 6

  16. A lot of changes eh? But I guess it's all worth it cause u will have a little angel soon :)

    No worries lar, I don wear heels often but I can still strut comfortably in them. It's something that comes naturally one!

  17. Iyson, I think 4-5 inch? LOL..

    Alice, thanks for reminding!

    Johnnie, ya thats what I heard too!

  18. Hayley, after you delivered, probably most of those sandals and heels you cannot wear. I grow one size bigger after I delivered my 1st kid. Luckily I did not grow another size when I was pregnant with 2nd one. From size 5 to 6. Sometimes need to get 6 1/2.


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