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What happened to them?

The above are my wedding albums which are about 2 years old. There're 2 big albums and 1 small album. The big ones are kept inside the super-heavy briefcase while the smaller one, we put it on the display rack in our room.

Well the issue is, there's no issue with the wedding albums. LOL. Usually people would keep their wedding albums underneath the bed after married, but because our mattress lay flat directly on the floor so we cannot store them underneath :D

Well, these albums are now on the label 'for display only' and to be honest, hubby and I hardly touch them now. That's why people say, go for the cheapest wedding photo package because you'll show no interest after few months.. Actually we already chosen the cheapest package, it was the gowns upgrading and extra albums which cost us more.

But these albums are part of the wedding of course we need to keep them, so that I can show them to my kids in the future, LOL!

So, what do you do with your wedding albums? :)


  1. haha, i think few months after the wedding sure the album become "antique" already lah.. keep them and show them to the children and grandchildren lah, will bring good memories.. :)

  2. im choosing the cheapest upgrade gown and album and pages.hope i will still see them after my wedding....hehehehhee...

  3. I actually prefer not too classic geh wedding package if married lor, i like the casual style all the time =)

    And it can be put on the rack of living room with others family album together, so the guest or family members can always refer back if they want =)

  4. My wedding photos are now in the family museum aka storeroom.. Hahaha.. Yup, I went for the cheapest package available eon years ago, no upgrades but I heard some of my frens ended up paying more than RM10k for wedding photography alone!

  5. Mine was hidden somewhere in our guest room :P

    But I really chose the cheapest package and I only have one medium album, that is all ^^

  6. I kept my wedding photos briefcase inside the cupboard high up there. Once a while I only take out the small one to see those photos again. I've shown to my son. He flip through it for quite sometimes. I guess I shall take it out pretty soon. Hebe's turn to see it.

  7. Actually I choose d cheapest package... But d sales ppl always so pushy n ask me to top up d pictures....
    So makes it expensive.....

  8. oh....mine.. well, i actually forgot about it's existence.. hrm.

  9. I keep the smaller one in my study room bookshelf. The bigger and heavier one can't fit in the bookshelf so it's kept in our bedroom wardrobe. I do take them out for viewing every now and then... brings back a lot of sweet memories (plus paid so much for it, must cherish) :)

  10. Aiyo.....mine are collecting dust. Now, I also dunno where my wifey keep it. Lol

  11. Mine is kept in the coffee table :D

  12. My daughters saw our wedding album several times. The worst thing they could only recognise the father. They said "Papa and jie jie." Don't know want to laugh or cry.

  13. 真的,我很支持人家sign便宜的婚纱照配套的,哈哈,因为婚后真的放住生灰尘而已,哈哈哈!我们的婚纱照album放在电视房,会像你一样,待bb长大吼会给他看他daddy mummy的婚纱照^^

  14. My kids(gal especially) love to see our wedding photos, Juan Juan even scan the dress in details,(slap forehead) she claimed one day she will marry her papa too, so tht she can wear the same pretty gowns!

  15. oh yes, mine is gathering dust now too. I also don't believe in paying lots of $$ for the wedding photos. Mine is simple and cheap :P

  16. Talk about it~ I only have 1 medium album, stored far-far inside my wardrobe and most probably my girl would request for it once in a blue moon...

    I had literally asked them to downgrade the rest of the items.

    Alice, your Juan Juan is so cute! Btw, did Ah Xuan say he wanna marry his mommy too?

  17. true. I kept mine inside the wardrobe, untouched! Laughing at Sheoh Yan's comment because my kids said the SAME too !

  18. haha mine keep on top of the wardrobe. Last few months I asked hb to take down to check but till now he yet do it. Now think back feel wasted cause spend lot $$ on that.

  19. Looks like majority of you also keep the albums already ;)


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