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Starring: Chapman To, Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung, Eric Tsang

Winnie (Gigi Leung), in her late twenties, certified as an old maid when she is dumped by her boyfriend and bullied by her colleagues. Koo (Ronald Cheng) is a rich womanizer tycoon ruthless in his business dealings. In his latest take over Koo's action led to death threats by a former employee. For security Koo and his assistant, Ryan (Chapman To) to switch identity. Koo as a commoner met Winnie and falls for her as she is the first true person to like him not for his riches.

*Synopsis taken from GSC, cause I'm too lazy to elaborate, LOL*

To me, whenever a movie has Ronald Cheng (郑中基) or Chapman To (杜文泽), there'll sure be laughter, so as this one. But as for the whole storyline, nothing much to shout about and just plain.

Personal rating: 3/5

Speaking of movies, I've missed John Carter, and not going to watch Wraft of The Titans which is coming soon (though I wish to watch). Reason being is, I'm doubtful about the pantang larang that pregnant women should not watch these kind of monsters-related or alien movies, it's bad for the baby (not sure how true..)

Well I'm not really a superstitious person but on the other hand I'm afraid that I will keep thinking about the monster ugly faces after watch.. So for the sake of my baby, I better don't watch ;)


  1. hmmm, got Ronald Cheng one ah?? then i am totally not interested at all lor.. he's just a crap lah, better go back singing than be a comedian lor, sorry~~ :p

  2. 你还常常去电影院,羡慕,我不知怎么了,最近都很懒惰跑电影院去了>_<错过了很多戏呀!!!
    John Carter及Wraft of The Titans我很想看呢!

  3. Ah, kids would like this....

  4. Hayley, you should aslo avoid those actors which are not so appealing, like Ronald Cheng and Chapman To. You should watch more Louis Koo and Andy Lau. Kekekeke!

  5. Emm... not sure about the pantang-larang too. Maybe if watched too much of kicking and fighting movie will induced early labour?? Release of certain hormone due to excitement?? Hehehe, no scientifically proven :p

    Btw, I watched all sort of movies during my pregnancy, from Star Wars series to LOTR.

  6. I followed those pantang larang too. Did not watch horror movies. Laughing at Sheoh Yan's comments. Ya, you should look at those handsome man. hahaha

  7. As manay people says - 宁可信其有, right?

    Same here when I was pregnant with little Kit boy. Me worst still, not even dare to open up those incoming emails that I received with 'horibble' or 'scary' title as to avoid some 'unforeseen' picture and I'm sure you know what I mean. :)

  8. sounds like kinda a hilarious movie there :) wish to watch too!

    Latest: Authentic Thai Food outside Thailand!

  9. haha ya Ronald & Chapman are funny. But very hard for me to watch comedy or those action movie at Cinema. Cause we have no choose but to suit our children to watch animation. (kkk sooner or later you will be like me)

  10. Cannot find 100 % one lah,,,, I am liek SK, no Ronald Cheng for me

  11. SK, haha I agree, he is quite '废' sometimes...

    珊姑娘,没有常常啊,现在看戏没以前那么自由了,得看是什么戏,好像恐怖片或鬼片就不能看了。。 这套是下载在家看的,嘻嘻。。;)

    Yan, LOL.. :D

    Little Kit Boy, yes I understand.. better be careful..

  12. i hardly get the chance to catch chinese shows coz hubster is such a banana. but if the antics are funny enough, we still will catch it.

  13. I like to watch ronald cheng's movies.. his songs also not bad..

  14. Simple Person, yes his songs are quite nice.

  15. wah! I didnt watch this hehee :P

    if got chance sure watch this geh.

    Anyways, I feel so awkward that 梁咏琪 and 郑中基 is couple in this movie. weird ~.~

  16. Kian Fai, LOL.. it's just a movie la! :P


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