Thursday, March 22, 2012

Honey honey...

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I read a beauty tip from a local newspaper the other day, by using honey and facial cleanser and it would prevent the annoying blackheads! This is so easy and cheap!
I've been doing it for the passed few days and though no significant results are shown, I do feel my nose is smoother than before. Will continue this method and share with you guys if it works! (Just rub a little bit of honey and facial cleanser on the nose every morning and night)

I also googled other benefits of honey and here are some:
-It is a natural energy of carbohydrates.
-It is a natural moisturisers to our skin in general.
-It is a natural cough suppressant and sooth the throat.
-It ease the mind after a night of excessive alcohol.

*More information H.E.R.E*


  1. oh yes. i use honey n sugar to exfoliate my lips and face :)

  2. love honey. am afraid if i use it on my nose...i will probably end up licking it somehow or another:D

  3. yeah, honey got lots of super goodness in it.. :)

  4. Hayley,
    one thing for sure you will be extra sweet after this.
    But beware of ants crossing .lol.
    Happy experimenting.

  5. Thanks for sharing! 要开始喝蜜糖水了,哈哈。

  6. I've never used honey on my skin... I only know how to eat/drink it :p

  7. Yeah, I only use honey for drinking and no other purpose.

  8. Now that we all know honey is not only good to drink/eat! ^_*


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