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Just can't hide the feeling

You know, there're always more choices and stuff to buy for a baby girl compare to a baby boy. And stuff for baby girl is always cuter and prettier!

I've seen so many cute and pretty baby dresses, hair accesories, shoes and etc etc. But for boy, choices are always limited.

But, thinking at the bright side, having a baby boy means save more money and less headaches on which one to choose, LOL.
My friend said to me 'Nevermind, aim for a baby girl next ;)' LOL, I'm not thinking that further yet!

Just to share what I've got for my prince lately:

Cute new born socks! The bottom 2 are actually gifts from a friend. The lady selling this runs a stall at nearby morning market, as well as online. You may find her by searching 'Taiping Kids' in FB

Speaking of this, hubby and I have also bought playpen, bedding set and baby crib last week. And I realise most of the things we bought are blue ;) I guess blue represents boy and pink is for girl, most of the time.

With things ready, I'm feeling more and more excited to welcome my little prince! Only 10 more weeks to go!! :0


  1. cute socks.....I like the mickey!

  2. 10 more weeks and i can feel how excited you're there :) your princess would be grateful to have such a good mum

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  3. hahahaha, very cute shoes!! so another 10 more weeks to go and they are ready to be put on your baby's feet.. exciting~~ :)

  4. Wow, so fast... U must be very excited counting down to the arrival of your first newborn!

    Yea, baby stuff are cute and I think baby girls do have more to "play with". But, who says u can dress up ur little prince?

  5. Yeah, having a baby gal definitely will go crazy for shopping. Hebe now have lots of clothes to wear. I can't imagine when she grows bigger, I think I'll get her a closet.LoL

    As for my baby boy, spend lesser on accessories items but I still shop for clothings and toys too.

    The new born socks are cute (even I can't resist it), but I never bought any for my babies cos I felt it is tight and uncomfortable.

  6. Oh, cute socks there XOXO

    For baby clothing, I used to buy neutral colors for my girl - white, green, yellow. Because I wanna 'recycle' them for my 2nd born, in case different gender.

    Baby grows up very fast and some of the clothes have low turn-over rate - still new to be used for 2nd baby :)

  7. Hayley,
    Having mummy blues? I guess that's quite normal. You have boy , you wish you had girl and vice versa.
    Yes, girls got more things to buy and of course are more cute. girl ma.
    Yvonne got a good point on the color choice. It won't go to waste. Baby do grows fast.Always buy slightly bigger size.

  8. 好可爱的袜子!!!!
    哈哈哈哈,这是真的,我么次也是被baby gal的东西吸引住!真的是有baby boy比较省钱!哈哈!加油!我还有12week to go ︿︿

  9. I can imagine how excited you are. Keep talking to your prince, he will recognise your voice when he is born. Cute socks!

  10. ya, indeed baby boy can save a lot money!! LOL but I still can spend alot for my Ethan, just cant tahan those cute and handsome stuffs.. hehe!!
    wow! so fast 10wks to go only.. kampateh!! ^^

  11. Yes. somehow you tend to spend more for girls. hehehe! Cos I have a pair, so I know who more expensive. ;p Happy Friday and take care, dear.

  12. Thank you all!

    Have a great weekend ya!

  13. I alaways have problems finding things for my boys. It's true what you said. More things for girls in the market.

  14. now they are so many cute stuff for baby.. i look back my baby pic and everything is so plain ...aihhh..

  15. Simple Person, yea lots of cute stuff!

  16. Ai Seh Man York Mei,, reading this post entry of yours really got me very jelos lol,, long time ago, me also wanted to have a big girl,, but Tuhan tak bagi,,,,,

    Girls are always very close to the parents one,,,,,, till the big day enjoy every moment of it ya

    keep the spirit and the mood happy all the time ya

  17. Thank you Eugene!
    Nvm la, as long as your children are healthy!

  18. the socks are so colourful and cute. i guess when there are less choices of clothing for boys, parents may just get them more toys...hahahahah

  19. The socks are so cute! I didn't buy a lot of stuff for Chloe in her first year because she grew too fast! I only started some serious shopping when she was a toddler :)

  20. Barbara, yea right too! I'll leave this to my hubby, akakaka :P

    ChloeRuoyi, thanks for sharing!

  21. Cute socks. Yes baby boy stuffs are quite bored haha and yes save $$ like what you said.

  22. Vicky, yep definetely save more money compare to baby girl ;)

  23. Enjoy your pregnancy and welcome to motherhood life.

  24. Hayley, honestly I think you're over excited with your first child! haha... No need to buy too many clothing for your new born cause they'll grow very fast. Still the best to wear used baby clothing etc. It's more comfortable for their delicate skin and they'll sleep well. Of coz, less crying too (what we always headache about). haha...
    Just a little personal tips from me. Hope you won't mind.

  25. And yeah, you can start buying more clothing when the baby reached 8 months old cause a lot of crawling around & saliva all over, where wearable items get dirty faster. lol!


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