Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little note to myself (Part II)

*Part I is here*

Just a little recent updates in case you miss me ;)

1. They say hair glows during pregnancy. I do feel my hair grows faster and thicker, but definetely not smoother. I see split ends and my hair ends are dry.

2. Doctor check up has changed from once every month to once every 2 weeks. Besides, I went to the government clinic for the first time last week. Spent 3 hours there, did twice the urine tests and twice the blood test, and the nurse left 3 holes on both my arms >.<

Having said this, I'm terrified going to the government clinic.

3. Baby bump is getting bigger and bathroom trip is becoming more and more frequent too. But I still manage to go here and there, just to be extra careful for my own safety. Instead of people making ways to pregnant ladies like me, I chose to give way, cause I realise Taiping people are harsh. And I keep reminding myself 'Don't expect people to give ways even though you're pregnant!'

4. Life these days is mostly about eat and sleep. Hubby restrict certain activities like doing house chores or going anywhere alone. But, I still carry on like usual. LOL.

5. But I listen to the elderly, like don't use scissors on the bed, don't simply carry other babies, no lifting heavy stuffs or climbing and etc. I even heard other weird pantang larang like don't change bedsheets on my own (which I don't know why). Actually I think there're lots of chinese do's and don'ts during pregnany, but it's impossible to follow all of them, right?

6. Last but not least, I'm entering 3rd trimester (30 weeks to be exact) and have gained about 12kg so far. Baby is practising his kung fu kicks everyday, even now while I'm blogging this, and I'm enjoying every single moments ^^


  1. Yeah.. do miss u a lot. ^^ Glad that everything were fine and I felt excited for the "kung fu kick" too LOL.

  2. yeah, i think it's wise to give way rather than to wait for people to give you way, this is safer.. and why cannot change bedsheet?? OMG, then it will be very dirty and smelly!! @_@

  3. Well, Hayley mummy enjoy your pregnancy while you can!

  4. My, my, you are enjoying your siu nai-nai life to the fullest XD

    That's all you need to grow a happy baby.

  5. Is it true that you needed to give way instead of others? I still remember mine did have a lot of privileges. When I queued up for food, I was given higher priority by the hawker. I guess it is depended of the maturity of people and not the place.

  6. Hi Hayley, so sorry for not keeping up with your blog for quite some time.....been very caught up with work thus leaving very little time for blogging activities.

    Wow, when I realize you are now 30 weeks pregnant, then do I realize how time flies becos the last time I visited your blog, you were not yet pregnant. Congratulations to know about the good news! Have you already known whether it's a boy or girl? Stay careful of your surroundings ya since your baby bump is big already. I agree with you about giving way to others especially when moving around in places with a lot of people becos of this philosophy - "you can't change others, but you can change yourself". But I do agree with Sheoh Yan when it comes to queuing up....pregnant ladies 'always' have the 'right' to demand to have their turns first! ^_^ Anyway, people will usually give in to a pregnant lady becos they are afraid to be seen as an inconsiderate person. ^_^

  7. 30 weeks of pregnant, sound so fast wor. 10 more weeks to go to meet your dragon prince. Wish you smooth pregnancy and delivery.

  8. It's nice to record all these tiny things.

    I went to Taiping on Sunday with my friends, jus to visit the zoo hahaha.

  9. Hahahah, about 10 weeks to go before the wonderful baby comes out,, just relax,chill,stay away from smokers,keep calm, do some breathing exercises,, (breathe in thru nose,hold it for a while then exhale)keep humming your favorite songs (the happy ones, not the sad sad ones)keep stroking your baby and keep visualizing that this "child" will be great and wonderful,,

    most of all,just enjoy your pregnancy ya,,,,, happy for ya,,, must give me ang ku kueh in due time ya?

  10. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your pregnancy. Doing some light exercises daily is good for your overall health too... like walking.

  11. Congratulations, Hayley! Great to hear that you enjoy your pregnancy. Do try to relax more. Try to eat lady fingers before delivery because I heard people said this will help in smooth delivery and also reduce chances your baby to get jaundice. I am so happy for you going to be mother soon. :)

  12. 啊!好感动,都是我的感想我的感觉,妈咪万岁,hayley你要加油 =)
    你照顾得很好,我慢你两个星期, 肚子比拟的大了,哈哈。现在重10~11kg,要好好control >__<

  13. wow seems like . . . you are more stress than me :X

    take care aite :)

    And I believe lots of March Baby coz one of my friend is end of this month, yours coming soon? :)

  14. SK, LOL... it's not to change bedsheet on my own (meaning asking someone else to help), not that I can't change it forever! :P

    Yan, I don't always wait for people to give ways, though some people actually do that.

    Alice Phua, it's a boy ;)

    YT, oh really! Hope you enjoyed the trip.

    Eugene, haha ok, but I don't deliver to Penang *blek*

    珊姑娘, 谢谢!你也要加油哦!
    嗯,你的肚子的确很大了,而且*ehem*还很丰满呢 :P

    Kian Fai, my EDD is end of May ^^

  15. The last trimester, getting everything ready for the arrival of baby. heheh! You never know when he is going to come out. ;p

    I been to government and private during my 1st pregnancy, but for 2nd baby, i just go to private clinic. Suppose to go for natural in my 1st pregnancy but ended up go for caesarian.

    And I like it when I was pregnant that people gave way to me and also help to pump the petrol for me instead of me doing those pumping. ;p

  16. Ahhh.. u making me miss the kung fu kicking days in my tummy! Time to get pregnant again! haha..

  17. Rose, yep! Getting things ready for my prince is exciting! ;)

    Merryn, haha ya, time to get Ethan a brother/sister ^^

  18. Hi Hayley, I'm glad to hear that you are doing fine. Do enjoy your pregnancy and remember to take good care of yourself.

  19. So charm... 3 holes on ur arm...
    But I tot those nurses in gov hospital is very professional..

  20. Pregnancy moments is always the best....I miss that moments whereby baby kicking my tummy.

  21. Simple Person, depends, some are just trainees...


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