Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little note to myself (Part IV)

Sorry for the lack of updates!
I've lost the mood to blog (again), plus internet line these few days is bad I really lost the patience!

I'm doing great so far, will be going for another check up this coming Friday and hopefully to receive good news from the doctor!
By the way, I apologise, this is another pregnancy updates of mine cause nothing else is more interesting in my life so far, haha. Hope you won't feel boring! :P

I've been having alot of weird and funny dreams lately, probably about 3 dreams per night? Every dream is short cause I just need to wake up for bathroom trip. People say dreams represent something in real life, I've try googling for dream analysis but it doesn't explain much, guess my kind of dreams are just too weird, LOL.

I am planning for a maternity photo shooting probably within these 2 weeks, since my friend who is a freelance photographer is available. Cannot wait for the photo shooting cause it's my favourite thing to do! But not for hubby, he is not into camera but he promised to accompany me for the whole process. Thank you love! ;)

I have frequent leg cramps at night recently and sometimes it really wakes me up. The calves muscle feels pain the next day, and takes about 2 days to 'recover' :(

As mentioned, my baby is kicking and rolling hard and sometimes he strenches so hard I have to sit down and bend my waist. Also I can see a bulge when I'm lucky ;) He is getting super active at night, I think he will be the same when he comes to this world...

Many have been asking me, natural birth or C-sec? Well of course everyone prefer natural birth including me! I wanna go for natural birth but that also depends on alot of factors. Just not thinking too much first, time will tell....

-to be continued-


  1. Never bored of reading your pregnancy updates. They reminded me of my own! ;p

    Oh, a photo shoot. Good! Hope to see it over here when it is done.

  2. I will always vote for natural birth, Hayley. You take care.

  3. Try putting ur legs up on a pillow while sleeping at night. That helps with my leg cramps last time :)

  4. Different ppl encounter different symptoms of pregnancy.

    Rest more :)

  5. 哇!!!好期待你的摄影照!记得分享!


  6. I am lacking of updates too :D

    maybe drown myself into game too much hehe

    finally I am standing up and update again!

    You jia you ok? :D have a nice day to you!

  7. Your pregnancy stories are not boring at all. It's a good journal that you can read again a few years down the road and say to yourself "Oh, I actually went through all that". :)

  8. Rose, I will blog about it, for sure!

    Thanks Yan, Merryn, Yvonne, Kian Fai and ChloeRuoyi!

    你还好,老公帮你松松脚。。我的老公就睡到像猪。。不用想叫醒他,哈哈 :P

  9. maternity photoshooting! :) that should be a good one, to be part of the happy memories in the process of giving birth

    Latest: Of LocaL Spiciness

  10. a lot ppl is option for c-sec..
    it depends le ..
    cost will be higher if go for c-sec..

  11. Can't wait to see ur pregnancy photographs. Should be fun :)

  12. Simple Person, definetely C-sec is more expensive..

  13. Reminds me of my wife's!

  14. Eat more bananas, it will help your cramp. If now I were to choose, I will opt for c-sec. I opted for natural but my son's head was too big and my pelvis did not open wide enough so after sufferkng tremendous pain for 12 hours, I had to go for c-sec. In the end, paid for both labor room and c-sec, make it more expensive.

  15. Quay Po Cooks, thanks for the tip.
    Yep thats what I heard from several friends too... =_=

  16. Frankly, natural post-natal is the best experience ever and we also can moved faster after gave birth but not C-section. It hurts a lot. U even having a hard time moving around on the bed or going to bathroom or toilet. Most of them don't bath if they're under C/S. It took about 2 weeks time for complete healing. Well, except you have no other choice then you have to go through C/S!


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