Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shopping loots for my baby

Hubby and I managed to visit the Motherhood Fair at KLCC during our recent trip to KL.

We reached quite early and there were already crowds... and 90% of the ladies that day are pregnant, LOL.
We managed to buy some stuff for our prince.

These rompers are too cute to resist! 2 for RM 25 only!

momma baby bottles and warmer, powder dispenser from Basilic and another baby bottle from MAM. Cloth diapers from lovely world, and a Gro-swaddle cloth wrap

Diaper bag from momma

We also received lots of brochures and free gifts. Saw alot of nice baby strollers, car seats and baby cots but we were thinking perhaps those we can buy a little later.

As for strollers, we are considering either Quinny or Esprit, MacLaren's are even nicer but they are too pricey =_=

I even see some which comes with mini umbrellas but those cost a few thousands bucks =_=" Why are baby stuff so expensive??

As for ourselves, we managed to buy a pair of shoes each from Hush Puppies.....

There was a hole in hubby's purse but overall, we are satisfied with what we've got. I still feel that there are lots of baby stuff yet to buy, but I'm running out of space already, LOL.

On another note, I visited a friend and her baby few days ago.

Here's yours truly with the cute baby Cayden, he is almost 5 mo now~

Cayden and her pretty mummy, Cryst. Cayden is really a cute boy and he smiles alot! I miss him already~

Here's what Cryst given me during the visit. Thank you so much dear! These would save me some money already ^^

Til then, enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. cayden truly a cutie,i feel like cubit ...when look at him, recall the Small J at this months. they r truly adorable and chubby ... Hayley. i cant wait to see ur baby soon :) oh yah... get some hand down from close fren ,not only save money, some hand down cloth and shoes is more comfortable to wear compared to new wan ....

  2. Your little prince is so lucky to have so many nice things waiting for him :) I think MacLaren strollers are the best. Yes, they are quite pricey but at least they are very durable and lasting. I regret not buying one for Chloe last time :p

  3. Baby cayden is very cute....he looks like 6mo to me. Prepare and get those essential stuffs for baby n you first...stroller can get later....

  4. i had a shock when i saw you with the baby, haha!! so it was actually your friend's baby when i read the description~~ :D

  5. oh, can see baby cayden here, cryst long time no update her blog fast 5 mths already..

    now cant wait to see ur baby pulak.. i bet if u live in KL, there more baby things to grab coz the baby expo held few times a year..

  6. the jomper so cute!! I like to see baby wear jomper.. ^^

  7. Greetings Hayley,

    You must be so excited since your baby is coming. I laughed a little when I saw your friend's baby. The baby is really really chubby.

    And the price you mentioned on the baby clothing? I must say that they are cheap. No wonder 90 percent of the shoppers were pregnant ladies including you. HAhaha!

    But anyway, keep on shopping yeah?

  8. I like the rompers. They are cute.

  9. Hayley
    it is big business as far as baby stuff are concern. so just watch out for offers lor.
    Nice baby you are holding. I think you will do fine as a mum. You sure look comfortable there.
    Do you know pregnant woman looks more beautiful?

  10. Well, mothers tend to shop for their babies first. Higher priority mah... That fair is worth every cent, the price is very cheap :)

  11. Ur hubby a read madrid fan?
    so ur son the next Cristiano Ronaldo?

  12. why la real madrid! hahahah Arsenal all the way for me :P

    anyways! Brace yourself! Ur busy time is coming real soon! Bless you :)

  13. the clothes for the kids are so chio! it reminds me of #likeaboss. hahah!

    Latest: Pick The Best from The Rest!

  14. Wah, cute rompers.

    Next time can buy baby stuff online from my fren website. Can get good quality products there. Showroom is in Klang. All kinds of stuff in there Tell them you are Peter's fren....

  15. Hi Hayley, I can imagine the fun you and hubby having now in anticipation of the coming Dragon baby.
    Really cute clothes too.
    Have fun.
    Psssst, what if it's twins or triplets? Arhaaa ha ha.

  16. shopping for the little one is the best huh? there's more to come ...hehehhe. btw, i love your shoes. so pretty! Esprit stroller is a good buy :)

  17. The rompers are indeed cute. You sandals is nice too. Good to have some hand me down items.

  18. Baby stuff are so irresistible eh? I think cos everything in mini size looks cute!

    Have fun shopping!

  19. Glad you had a good outing All the way frim Taiping !!!!!

  20. Simple Person, haha not really.. we bought it simply because it's cute!

    Pete, thanks for the link! Will browse soon~

    Lee, I too hope it's a twins, haha! But not..

    YT, yea, just can't stop buying cause all are so cute! :P

  21. Hayley, hehe, 那rompers我也有买两件,一样价钱,只是字不一样的而已,真的很便宜!然后拿蓝色baby帽子及手套脚套我们买到一样的,嘻嘻。 

  22. 珊姑娘,好多人买哦,因为很便宜又可爱~
    对啊,实在太可爱了!我还想买,不过老公说不用那么多 =_=
    bb车我们也有 budget,大多数都不便宜。。

  23. Yes, buying things for the soon-to-be born baby is really fun and I enjoyed that too last time....can understand how you feel! :-D But a word of caution: once the baby is out already, sometimes you may find that you end up not using a certain baby item at all. What the unused baby item is/are depend(s) on your baby and also your preference and maybe even the babysitter's preference. You won't really know the preference until you are handling your baby yourself. E.g. before my son was born, I planned to use more cloth diapers than disposables to save money. Becos of that, I stocked up on nappy liners. Then when my son was born, I realize I was too tired to keep on washing his cloth diapers stained with shit. SO in the end, I used disposables all the way. My babysitter on the other hand likes to use cloth diapers, but she didn't like using nappy liners. SO in the end, the nappy liners that I bought went unused till today.

  24. Yes it's so nice so get pass down from your friend and relative. Do prepare a list, easier for you to shop for your little one.

  25. Alice Phua, I understand that. But it's always better and safer to get things ready (whether use or not) before the baby's arrival, that's what I think.

    Vicky, yea, already got the list months ago ;)


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